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Have orb, will ninja

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on January 31, 2010 by zarigar

Trade chat is full of interesting things; some funny, some annoying. Ok, scratch the funny, make that lots of annoying. The murloc movie game? Anal [Pound]? The occassional gold farmer?

Ugh, and sometimes people try to sell good and services in trade. What’s up with that?

One comment made in trade about a week ago made me laugh. There was some general complaining about how long the LFG queue is for DPS. (Hey it was what started me on my first guest blog!) One “helpful” person piped up that, to paraphrase: maybe one of the reasons they were waiting so long to get put into a group was that they were on many ignore lists across several servers for ninjaing frozen orbs.

I thought it was just a random, smart-ass remark from an anonymous player, but I forgot that trade chat can’t let things go. All of a sudden, the chat was full of comments, pro and con regarding those damn orb ninjas.

Hahaha. What? Really? People are taking this seriously?

Those stupid little blue orbs that drop in every heroic and have little value are being fought over? They vendor for a few gold a piece and are barely worth more than that on the auction house.

When I run a heroic, I just normally hit greed. The majority of people will also hit greed. Every 3rd run or so someone will hit need and take it.

Sometimes, someone will hit need then apologize and say they didn’t mean to do it. Hey, who cares, enjoy your orb. The stealthy ones will wait until everyone else has hit greed then grab it with a need roll and log out. Again, enjoy.

The ones who haven’t yet mastered the ninja will immediately roll need before others have rolled and will wait for it to be deposited into their bag. If I am feeling nice I will pass and let them have it. If I am in an evil mood I will not do anything and make them wait until the timer runs out on the roll.

I’ve been tempted to roll need as well to outninja the ninja, but if I win it, so what? It will sit in my bank with the other stacks of orbs. And the others in the group will probably then think me a ninja as well.

I’ve heard that rolling need is just “how it’s done on other servers”. And maybe it is. If someone really wants/needs it bad enough they can have it.

Putting someone on ignore for that just seems silly to me. There are so many asshats around and I have limited ignore space. If I tried to fill it up with “orb ninjas” I would run out of room very fast.

I need to reserve that room for those Anal [Spammers].


Does the world need another WoW blog?

Posted in Random with tags , on January 30, 2010 by zarigar

Or course not.

Is it going to get one anyway?


But this one has a troll. With a mohawk. And sarcasm galore.

Arioch was kind enough to let me guest post at her site and I’ve decided to spin-off my guest appearance into my own series. (Like most spin-offs, this will most likely be inferior to the original series, so you are being warned now!)

I slaved on that guest post for weeks. Arioch was patient in not asking “where’s my guest post, bitch?” I added stuff in; I took stuff out. I tried to keep it related to My First Heal. There were all these tangents I wanted to explore, but would have made that post even more bloated than it was.

So I’ll post here until I get bored. There will be smartassery and general ramblings. There will be dirty words banned by nannyphones. If you are offended by any of that I’m sure you can find a nice blog somewhere about Hello Kitty Island Adventure.