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Maybe I could cut back on sleep

Posted in Random with tags , , on February 14, 2010 by zarigar

The Lunar Festival started today. Which is good, except I am still working on the Fool For Love achievements. Which wouldn’t be a problem except I ignored both holidays last year. Which still wouldn’t be a problem except I have been doing some non-WoW things.

What should I be learning from this? Time to cut down on non-WoW activities, obviously.

(I kid, I kid…)

I got a kick-ass new desk the other night. The desk it was replacing wasn’t so much a desk as it was a breakfast table. Really sophisticated set-up I had going on there.

But this new desk is huge. It is like 3 times the size of the old table. I think I could hide some refugees underneath it and still have room to stretch out my legs.

I ended up missing Thursday’s raid waiting for it to get delivered and set-up (by the awesomest deliver crew ever!) I work from home, so once it was set-up I had a dilemma: use this awesome new desk for working or use it for WoW?

I hope you know which one I chose…

Last night I was enticed by ShrekJr with soup and cake (not at the same time). Then booze got involved. Then Pictionary made an appearance and it didn’t end well. (HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT WAS A MUFFIN!!!!?????) Damn game is rigged…

Also, the Olympics started this weekend. Secret confession: I love the Olympics. I will sit and watch obscure sports in which I usually have no interest. Go for the gold! Drink Coke! Eat McDonald’s! USA! USA! USA!

So in case I miss a raid ready check, I am most likely watching a skier tumble down a snowy mountain…