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Alty time is fun time

Posted in Random with tags , , on February 18, 2010 by zarigar

Playing Zarigar is pretty much routine at this point. If there is no raid scheduled, he starts the cooking daily, does a heroic for his frost emblems, then spends the rest of the time working on other dailies. It’s predictable and a bit boring, but it’s easy gold.

The same holiday achievements I mocked last year and chose not to do are now fun diversions. (Even if they require flying all over the world meeting 5241 elders.)

Otherwise–when I get tired of the same-old, same-old– it becomes alty time! Time to bust out the other toon, the one not at 80, not decked out in shiny epics, the one who’ll pick up some achivements in his path but not a whole lot more, the redheaded stepchild to my main.

My “main” alt (oxymoron?) is a shadow priest who runs mostly with the alts of other Shadow Rising mains. We didn’t really plan the “B Team” layout very well, so the group has 2 pallys, 2 priests and a hunter. From about Outland on, the group has been leveling mostly via the random dungeon tool. Utgarde Keep looks a lot different when you are at the appropriate level for it, and not overpowering the heroic version in raid gear.

I have some other alts on the server, including–cover your ears, people–Alliance toons. Yes, I know. Shut up!

Beyond Zarigar and my shadow priest, my other alts don’t really get played all that often. I have a bank alt that may one day venture out into the world. Maybe not. In the meantime she is working the sewers of Undercity making gold. (Not like that!)

My problem with alts is I tend to get bored with them fairly quickly and then ruthlessly kill them off. I’ll create a character, play around with it for a few levels and try to get a feel for them. If I like them, they get to live. If not, it’s the DELETE key for you!

My poor DK sits in a city, abandoned and alone. Only the fact that I’ve pumped a bit of gold into her blacksmithing skill is keeping her alive. I logged onto her the other day and noticed she was wielding the floral bouquet from Noblegarden. The one you use to sprinkle petals or crap onto different class combinations. How that mighty DK has fallen…

I’ve probably killed about 3 different warrior atempts by now. I keep thinking they will be fun, then I level them up, and I cry because I can’t heal myself.  I’ve found that I tend to gravitate to the classes that have some kind of heal, even if I don’t want to necessarily play them as healers.

Rogues have gotten dumped. Warlocks down the drain. I’m hesitant to try a mage, because other people do them so well and I would have to listen to their suggestions and know that they were right. 😛

Still, it’s nice to be able to play something new and different, if only just for a few levels. When my shadow priest hits 80, I’ll probably look again to see what I’d like to play next. I am keeping an eye toward Cataclysm and the new race/class options that will be coming out.

Maybe I’ll join the army of 154,135,127 new tauren pallys that is sure to rise up…