Random randomness

Read in trade:

LF 5 more Naxx 10, need 2 tanks 2 heals 1 dps

So except for tanks and healers, you have a raid ready to go? We haz 5 dps, let’s go raid. There is just something so obnoxious about this that I can’t really put my finger on.

I guess, in theory, it’s possible they were going to 3-heal Naxx and one of the five already in raid was a healer.

But I kind of doubt it. I’m going with 5 dps that wanted people to carry them through.

Why do I think the worst of people? What has this game done to my innocence and faith in human nature?



Non-WoW related WTF:

So many commercials for the Cop Out movie. Why? Why? A buddy cop movie? How refreshing. Look! One is white and one is black! I believe hilarity will ensue!

I’m actually more offended that someone somewhere thinks that we are still stuck in the late 80’s/early 90’s and both Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan are somehow relevant.


Just no.

(Though now that I’ve bitched about it, it will probably make a billion dollars.)


Wait for me, bitchez!

Somehow, my poor little shadow priest got left behind in the leveling game. For last night’s alty time, I was the only one still at level 72. The others were at 73 or 74 and some dinged 74 during last night’s run.


The sad thing is I’m usually the one that is out in front of everyone and has to be told to slow down.

A couple of them are jewelcrafters, so the daily JC xp has been nicely accummulating for them. They probably also worked on some of the recent holiday quests & dailies that I all but ignored them on my priest (Zarigar just barely finished them before the holiday ran out).

Oh well. If there’s something I know how to do, it’s powerlevel a toon up. I might have been a little brash in proclaiming I will be level 75 by Wednesday night, but I’m hoping for 74 at least.

Let me into Violet Hold!


3 Responses to “Random randomness”

  1. Do you wanna go see Cop Out with me?

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