Drak’Tharon squared

“I’m 5.3, bitch. Nobody carries me!”

More on this later…


Last night I put Zarigar into the random queue for his 2 emblems of frost. What do you know– I get DTK. I get that instance about 3 times a week. I wish I was exaggerating, but I feel like I know every corner of that place by now. It’s a quick and easy instance, I’m just tired of getting it constantly.

The night before, I queued with Soth and we got HoR. Not my favorite, but it’s one I get so rarely that I enjoyed the run. They made Oculus into nothing more than a glorified loot pinata–and people don’t ditch it seconds after loading in anymore–but do I ever get it? No.

But back to DTK. It was a boring run. Kill bosses, get emblems, call it a day. What made the run so memorable, though, was this:

"the 3 best friends that anyone ever had"

a rear view of sweet troll booty

In case you can’t tell, that pic is showing 3 trolls there. 3 in one group! The funny thing is we were all casters, too: my ele shammy, plus a mage and a priest. I was the only one rocking a kickass mohawk, though.

Usually Zarigar is the only thing keeping a group of blood elves from being racially pure. It’s such a rarity to see one other troll in a group, much less 2. Darkspear majority FTW, mon!


After collecting Zar’s EoF for the day, it was alty time. Not everyone was on yet, so some of us were just hanging out in Dalaran. Arioch’s priest was amusing himself by occassionally dropping a Lightwell to the bewilderment of the people around him. “What is this thing? Can I, can I touch it?”

I notice that Arioch and Soth’s alts were alternately LOLing and /facepalming to something in trade chat. (Where else?)

Apparently someone was trying to recruit others to his pug ToC10 with the stipulation that their gearscore be above 5k for consideration. At the same time that an ICC25 pug was pulling others with the same gearscore requirement.

Some people tried to tell him that 5k was a bit high for ToC1o, and Soth even chided him for wanting others to be so highly geared so that the pug leader could be carried through. To which the spammer replied:

“I’m 5.3, bitch. Nobody carries me!”


This is why children should not be allowed to handle such grown-up toys as gearscore. I guess the message got through, though, since he “lowered” his gearscore requirement to around 4.5. I don’t know if he ever got his raid together, since the rest of the alts were ready to go.

But, bless him, I now have a new macro to spam at inappropriate moments.


After bitching about DTK on Zarigar, I should have been happy that the alts got Old Kingdom as their regular daily. It was a pretty uneventful run. I actually enjoy fighting Herald Volazj on my priest. A psychic scream to send the bitches running and then some dots and mind blasts to put them in their place. Since I can’t normally use psychic scream for fear of pulling more mobs, it’s nice to be able to use that spell to scatter the dark alts.

Once OK was done, we put ourselves in a “semi-random” queue: DTK or VH.

So off we went to DTK. 😀

As much as I complain about Zarigar having to run it 5 times a week, it becomes a new experience playing it through a different character’s eyes. Everything was going well until after Novos, when we went into the room full of bats.

Time to throw down a Magma Totem and cast Fire Nova. Oh, wait, wrong toon. And wrong everything. I had barely taken a step into the room when there were bats everwhere. I was momentarily stunned to see health drops dropping quickly and I tried to throw a shield onto myself.

But it was too late.

When the dust had settled and the bats were dead, there was a dead shadow priest on the ground. What did I learn? Next time be faster on the defensive cooldowns, mon.

After DTK, we did some quest in Grizzly Hills. The only thing I will say about that is drop quests make Baby Jesus cry. Especially when you are trying to get them completed for 5 people simultaneously.

Oh well….“I’m 5.3, bitch. Nobody carries me!”

6 Responses to “Drak’Tharon squared”

  1. Squeeeee! Troll booty!!!! Man, I really should play with my troll(s) once in awhile. Maybe I’ll finish leveling the DK or something…someday.

  2. The death is fine. With Fanta in our group, we’ve gotten used to just steamrolling through everything. A death is a necessary humbling moment.

    Yes, repgrind! Moar trolls!

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  4. Drak

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