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Things to be thankful for

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Or “Things for which to be thankful”. Proper English. Whatever. A recap of recent things that made me happy:

Licensed to Drive

Raid weekly is Flame Loot Leviathan. Bring in like 15 or 16 guildies (who actually brings 25 people to a 25-man raid?), hop into assorted vehicles and collect emblems. I got into a chopper–vroom, vroom–, sprayed oil all over the place and picked up the 3 Car Garage achievement when it was all over.

Zarigar: Redemption

Neither Lady Deathwhisper nor her fanatic got to eat my face last night. I had a score to settle with her and I would only be satisfied if I was the one alive at the end. You and me, bitch, you and me.

Oh, she tried. She threw the death and decay nonsense on me. I took a few ticks but GTFO. A fanatic tried to make its way over. An earthbind slowed it down, but some handy roots stopped it in its tracks. Some ghosts tried to take me down, but I weaved and dodged like a prizefighter. (Unfortunately I think I got Arioch’s dress all dirty running back and forth over her corpse…)

Screw you, Lady D! You can kiss my totems!

CoS: now with 90% less downtime!

Thank you [deity of choice] for getting rid of all of that obnoxious roleplay in Culling of Stratholme. Apparently if you complain and complain and complain people finally listen and make changes. The funny thing now is how fast the instance starts. As soon as someone talks to Chromie you get the message that wave 1 has spawned. Like some pissed off designer who loved all the RP was like: “you want it to start fast, fuckers, well here you go”.

Flying high

My draenei priest finally hit 77, meaning she can now fly. Like Zarigar, she had to learn to fly on her own merits. She wasn’t spoiled like my undead priest and have flying literally handed to her. Both of my priests have the pokey, slow flying but neither of them have a gathering profession so I don’t really feel the need to upgrade them just yet.

When I say, I am ok with them being “slow”, I am talking speed-wise, not this:

For me: slow flying > epic land mount.

Enough happy. I’m sure I’ll find something to complain about tomorrow.


When good blogs go bad

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Occasionally I will get a random thought that I think would make an interesting blog topic. At any waking moment, I usually have at least one computer on so I will write the thoughts down and save it as a draft for later. Sometimes the thought is nothing more than a phrase that I put into the title: “when to delete an unplayed toon”. Then, when I get back to it, I will flesh out the thought some more, give it a proper title and publish it.

That’s the plan, but what I’ve usually found is if I don’t write things in the moment, I don’t really feel the need to finish them. A lot of drafts sit languishing and are rarely touched again. Some I work on over several periods of time but, for some reason, never get published. Yesterday’s “Blurbs from trade chat” is one of the few that made it through several revisions and ended up getting published.

The point of the above is that the entries that do get published are often things I’ve written in one sitting. Some of them may read like meandering thoughts because, honestly, that’s what they are.

When I recently remarked upon an issue with a guildie, the intent wasn’t to confront him or call him out or demand some kind of apology. It was simply the thought I was feeling at the time, so that’s what got written. I left it purposely vague for that reason; it was a moment of frustration that has since passed.

I will admit it was a bit amusing to get apologies from people who were not the targets of that issue. Soth, Tir–I appreciate the thoughts, but really, you guys are innocent….this time.

But, at the same time, it leaves me with questions: How do I deal with this in the future? How effective is the blog as an outlet if I’m worried that the target of my issues might read it? If I vague everything up to protect the guilty, does that mean people aren’t getting the whole story? (Or worse, jumping to conclusions on who the involved parties are?)

I’ve noticed that you can’t always control what a reader takes away from a piece. I’ve seen comments sections of a blog devoted to a throwaway line in the post, sometimes missing the bigger picture of the post entirely. Not that it’s always a bad thing; a stray thought could lead to an interesting new topic of discussion.

I don’t think “ooh look at me, I made a blog, I can write about whatever I want and not worry about the repercussions”. I just have to get my random, sometimes odd thoughts out there. It’s not revenge, it’s not to place blame and I never want it to come across mean spirited. But I will take it as a wake-up call to be more careful in the future.

/serious post

Random blurbs from trade chat

Posted in Random on March 29, 2010 by zarigar

From the place that brings you Murloc Movie Titles and the always clever [Anal] series, I present some WTF comments from trade chat:

“I wish I went back in time and gave Jesus some pizza.”

delivery within 30 minutes or it's free

As far as I could tell, there was nothing previously said in chat that would have provoked that comment. That just makes it funnier. Sadly there weren’t any follow-up remarks to it. I guess a time traveler who used his abilities to feed Jesus a meat lover’s delight on a thin crust is just not remarkable enough for the people in trade.


“LFM Pizza Hut Citadel, Bosses downed up to Lord Papa John, Need Two Dough Rollers and One Pepperoni Chef. Must have at least 6K Pizzascore. PST”

"I wonder if Jesus would like a slice?"

Surprisingly, not a response to the time traveler who wanted to feed Jesus. I’m not even going to try to break this down. Gamers love pizza.
“he said FFXIII is more important than her”
Of course it is.
“marijuana wouldn’t be illegal if it wasn’t dangerous like Heroine”
Yes, the H was capitalized. What a difference an e makes:
heroin: a white, crystalline, narcotic powder, C21H23NO5, derived from morphine, formerly used as an analgesic and sedative: manufacture and importation of heroin are now controlled by federal law in the U.S. because of the danger of addiction.
heroine: a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities.
I know some people have a problem with women gamers, but to blame them for marijuana being illegal….?
“gingers don’t have souls everyone knows that”

Send in your donations today.

However, you should still probably be nice to them or they will steal your children in the middle of the night and sacrifice them in the conference room of the Ramada by the airport. Ginger kids can be pretty damn creepy.

Last night

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I was apparently struck by the same boredom curse as Arioch, but where she decided to take the opportunity to kill and destroy, I went ahead and made new life. Or something cheesy like that.

Currently I have a pretty belf DK stuck in outland, but I decided to make a new one just to do the starter DK quests again. It’s a draenei (sorry, shrek) but I really like how their voices sound all DK-ey.

I’m not a lore person at all, and the first time I did this I basically just ran her through the starter quests as quick as I could. Now, I’m amusing myself with the storyline. Yay, Lich King! Boo, humanity! And hey, it’s Gothik the Harvester–didn’t I kill you already?

But the best part of the DK starter quests is the merciless slaughter of townspeople who are not used to fighting just sit there and don’t fight back, but this is a bit disturbing:

stay classy

Hopefully their helms come with some kind of filter to block the stench of feces…

But I already did a filler post yesterday

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Oh well, everyone knows filler posts have 75% less calories than the more substantial, meaty ones.Yeah that’s it. That will totally justify another rambly post. Or maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that they will all be fillers.

Coming soon: Filler Troll (um, ok, nevermind that sounds weird…and a little dirty)

If you follow the rest of the Shadow Rising blogosphere, you know last night was 25 VoA and ICC. Because I am egotistical, we are going to talk about it from the Zar perspective:

The Good

I got a new ring last night. Woot! Yes, yes I know it’s not all about the lewtz, but I likes my new ring. It was just sitting in the chest after the gunship battle and SR just eked out the pre-roll over the pugs with us, then EPGP kicked in and it was mine.  I was a bit surprised to win it, but pleasantly so.

Random confession: last night was the first time I had ever actually used my jetpack to hop to the other ship. I’ve usually just focused on the sergeants/marines on our boat then went to the edge and casted at things on the other side. But this time specific people were called to stay on the side and nuke and everyone else was supposed to go over. So off I went. I had a moment of panic the first time I tried to hop back when I kept misclicking that little green circle and I was afraid I would not make it back over and die and be trapped in a hull.

Thankfully I lived, and my new shiny looks great on my grubby troll hand. I wanted to equip it right away but it has a gem socket. I was tempted to be that guy who asks in a raid if someone is randomly carrying a specific gem I needed. But I refrained–because nobody wants to be that guy.

The Bad

The first time I did the Lady Deathwhisper fight I did not know what was going on. Now that I’ve done it a few more times, it makes so much more sense. Burn down shield, kill fanatics when they spawn, stay out of green shit, turn people into little froggies when they get mind controlled.

Even knowing the mechanics, it can still be a pretty chaotic fight. Especially when there are 25 little kittens wandering about. Usually people are pretty good about keeping vent clear for the raid leader, but last night someone kept screeching “move out of the green shit, move out of the green shit”.

And then I hear what suspiciously sounds like “zari, that means you.”

Wait…what? I’m not in any green shit. Granted, I do have my settings turned down as low as I can get away with, so it’s possible I’m standing on the fringe of a cloud that I can’t fully see. But my toon is not green and I’m not taking any damage.

In my confusion, I throw off a random spell that grabs the attention of a fanatic who proceeds to beeline for me and roflstomp my face. Oh, fml. I had used my ankh in the previous attempt, so now I was dead dead dead.

Before friggin Phase 2.

While I was lying there dead (looky-loo!) I did check to see my damage taken and, for that fight, there was no green shit damage. Which is small comfort in the end: fail is fail. Regardless of the source of the damage, I let my focus slip for a moment and now I was lying facedown on the floor, probably flattening my mohawk.

She did go down in that attempt, but it’s a terrible feeling to be taken out so early in a fight and have nothing to do but watch.

The Ugly

I guess I’m just an old stick in the mud, but if I don’t know you all that well, the retort “suck me bitch” is not going to come across as anything but an insult. (I’m still trying to process “eat me raw” as a term of endearment.) So enjoy the ignore list; there might still be some stray gold farmers there to keep you company. Ni hao!

Filler time

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Aack! Last entry was a week ago. When I started this, I knew that I wasn’t going to be doing 5-posts-a-week like Arioch or Koala (though I love that *they* do), but I was at least figuring on getting 2 or 3 posts out a week.

I think my problem is I keep too many drafts pending, then never get around to finishing them. Either the moment has passed or something else has changed and I don’t feel like finishing & publishing it. But since I’ve put some work into the drafts, it feels like I’ve done something and written a bit.

For me, it’s probably better if I pound something out (teehee) in the moment and then publish it. As long as it’s not an angry, hateful rant that I would regret posting about 3 minutes after I hit Publish.

(I actually wrote spewed a bitter post about another player with whom I had gotten fed up. It was actually pretty nasty and angry and was never intended to see the light of day; thankfully Arioch talked me from the ledge and warned me that keeping it as a draft was just asking for it to be accidentally published so it has since been deleted. It actually felt good to write it down–blog therapy–but I would have felt bad if it got read by the person who was the target of that rant.)


Switching gears to actual WoW stuff:

A certain ex-orc threatened to stop reading Mohawk Troll if it became “Adventures of an Alliance Priest”, so just a quick mention that space goat priest is progressing nicely through the random dungeons. I would still kill for some BoA or some flying, but doing the majority of leveling through dungeons instead of grinding quests is a nice change.

Back to the horde side, my undead shadow priest is also starting to rock. (Yes, I am concurrently leveling 2 priests. Yes, I probably have issues.) Even though it apparently makes me a “cheater”, I am trying to run the random dungeon each day to pick up my emblems. I’d like to be able to buy myself something pretty when I hit 80.

What I’ve noticed in running these pugs at this level, is the people tend to be more patient. You still get your “gogo” dickheads and people who stand in the bad, but there seems to be more overall tolerance for people learning the game and their character. Our normal alt group blasts through instances, but they are still a challenge for most pugs.

It’s also nice to see the loot being actual upgrades, instead of just looking at the blues as pre-shards. And no ninja-orbing for regulars. Yay, clap it up for appropriate level instances.

I hate daylight savings

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I was going to post something yesterday, but I went to bed instead. Getting up early the day after daylight savings to go into the office again sucks. Once I finally got home, I barely had the energy to get my random frosts for the day.

DTK again, yay. I was too tired to muster up any real outrage over the supposed “randomness” of the random dungeon. Thankfully I got the tank that likes to pull every mob from one room into the next to kill them there. I just blindly followed along, killing things when I finally caught up to them.

The only other memorable part was watching someone die on the Prophet Tharon’ja fight. I honestly didn’t even know that was possible. Kudos to you, hunter, for whatever odd thing you did that killed you.


Afterwards I switched over to my alliance priest for a bit. She lost her sweet holyness and picked up a nice effective shadow spec for killing. I just leveled my forsaken priest through these zones so it’s interesting to see some of it from the other side.

What’s not so interesting, though, is how little support this toon gets. She is the highest level character I have on that server at 71. So, she doesn’t get all the nifty little toys that my horde priest got. No BoA for her and, worse, no flying.

I still don’t know yet what I will do with her when she’s leveled up. One of the good things about playing her is she’s not on a PVP server. So I don’t have to quest with one eye while keeping the other out for red.

I can even go AFK and not come back to a dead toon. Which happened to Zarigar recently. What? You mean Wintergrasp is not a safe place to wander away from the keyboard?