Someone’s getting a second 80 soon.

Hint: it’s me.

**It’s going to get very alliance-y in here now, so anyone not interested in alliance talk can leave. See you next week, ShrekJr.**

If anyone had asked me a month ago who my second 80 would be, I would have answered: “easy…that’s going to be my forsaken priest”. Outside of Zarigar, he was the only other character I played with any kind of regularity.

The other altys haven’t been on in a while, though, so I’ve had to shelve him for a bit so that I don’t “cheat” and get ahead. I was trying to run just one random a day for the emblems, but I realized that even that was leveling him up pretty substantially. The BoA bonus plus the rest XP was shooting him through the levels.

In theory, I could have turned off my XP gain and just ran it for the emblems and drops, but I could not do it. Not when he was so close to 80. I would have sooner slit my own results than intentionally gimped him that XP.

So, on to the alliance priest. Stuck on the RP server since we all made the exodus to the PVP Horde side, she hadn’t seen any play in months. But all the work I did with my horde priest helped as I transferred all the experience that I’d picked up to her.

Initially, I tried to level her via quests and such. But the BoA and the flying I had on my horde priest spoiled me. Doing quests the old-fashioned way, on a land mount? *shudder* No thanks.

I decided to try to pug her through some instances. Dip her draenei hoof into the waters and see how it was when I didn’t have my altys at my back. I did chicken out and do them as dps. She respecced to shadow from holy (goodbye lolsmite) when I was questing and I haven’t yet picked up the dualspec for her.

I have done these instances so many times with Zarigar, and have even seen the shadow priest side with my horde, so it wasn’t a total shock, but I still had to get used to some things.

For starters, without any BoA, I was going into these things with basically green quest gear. I was used to seeing certain numbers with my horde priest, and it was disconcerting at first that I wasn’t able to replicate those with my ally priest. Then I realized that it didn’t really matter.

I had mentioned in another post that the attitude of the people in the normal instances is much different than those in heroics. (At least in my experience, your experiences may vary.) People said hello to each other when they zoned it; something that seems to be dying out more and more among the heroic randoms. People shared quests with each other. People were able to speak up and say they were unfamiliar with an encounter and get a response back that didn’t include the word noob.

It was also refreshing to be placed in level appropriate instances and have the drops be level appropriate upgrades. There was a definite progression from level 70, when I got UK and Nexus a lot, to mid-70s, lots of Gundrak and OK. Now, in late 80’s, I have finally opened access to UP , CoS and Oculus. Once you hit 80 and queue for heroics, you could get UK or you could get UP.  

And, once she started getting those instance upgrades, I realized that I am not terrible. I watched those DPS numbers rise. Not for epeen, but as proof that I was making actual progression. The people in the alt group all know that they are doing. You have to be on your “A game” to beat a Soth; slacking just a bit will put you below the tank, even.

But, on the alliance side, sometimes *I* was the Soth. Doing 40% of the overall damage for an instance? Rawr.

Oddly, what sometimes is annoying is when an 80 gets placed into the group. Most of the time they are there with a guildie or a friend helping them out. But I still kind of resent the intrusion. Go back to your heroics, 80! There are some sub-80’s who need the spot. (Unless they are tanking, then they can stay. And I squee–in a manly way–because that means I can unleash to my heart’s content.)

Now the DPS isn’t 2K. But I am slowly inching towards the mindset that it’s possible for a fresh 80 to hit that. Will I be able to? I don’t know, but I kind of hope so.

When she hits 80, I know that everything will change. To move up to heroics will be no joke. It will be the “big fish in a little pond” becoming the “little fish in a big pond” scenario. And will I stay with shadow, or try my hand at one of the healing specs?

Decisions, decisions…


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