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Ninja, please

Posted in heroic with tags , , , , , , , on April 3, 2010 by zarigar

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a dirty ninja.

I can try to justify the reasons and the rationale, but in the end I ganked something from another player and took it for myself.

This story starts with me on my alliance priest. I was running some chain instances, doing some questing while I waited between queues.

I get Culling of Stratholme, which is good because I haven’t gotten to do that instance on any of my priests yet. Of course, since this is her first time, she has the RP nonsense to get through, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

I zone in and there is a druid healer in party (he has the + by his name) and 2 dps priests. Weird. I’ve almost never been in a party with a priest healer and this is the first time I’ve seen another shadow priest.

“Yes!” the druid says. “2 priests!” Kind of an odd thing to be excited about–unless he’s being sarcastic–but I soon find out why:

“Which one of you wants to heal?”

Excuse me?

“I’m not really the healer. I just pick it so I don’t wait in cue [queue] for an hour.”

Um, ok.

Nobody responds to him. Me, because if he is being serious he can go to hell. Or Die. In. A. Fire. I assume the other priest feels the same.

So then I get the whisper: “can you heal?”


I respond in party “no dual spec”. And even if I did, I would not switch out because you thought you be cute and bypass the wait time by selecting a role that you were not really prepared to do. I guess the other priest gets the same whisper but it’s the tank who pipes up:

“If you queued for heal, then you need to heal. Otherwise you need to go.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll heal.”

So we get underway and it’s clear that he really doesn’t want to heal. I see that little moonfire spell and some wraths get thrown out. Half the time he’s not even in tree form.

It’s an 80 tank, though, so he’s not in desperate need of heals, and 2 shadow priests is 2 sources of vampiric embrace healing. But the other shadow priest is much lower on the chart. Like a good 1/3 total damage and dps than what I’m doing.

A quick hover over recount shows only dots being used. 100% of his damage is coming from Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague. Interesting. He and the tank are from the same server, so I wonder if there was some kind of dualboxing scenario going on there.

Regardless, the first boss goes down and drops a spellpower ring. It’s a nice upgrade, but pretty generic. Not healer, not dps…just good for any caster. The druid and both priests roll and the druid wins it. Excellent roll. Grats. Enjoy your new ring.

We get to the final gauntlet phase of the instance and the druid has apparently decided that he’s not even going to pretend to heal anymore. Oh hai, boomkin, where did you come from?

Fuck it, whatever. We are almost done. I slip out of shadowform to throw heals on the tank and then get back into it to dps. Neither the dk nor the other weird bot of a priest is doing any substantial dps so I have to alternate my roles to keep up.

The druid doesn’t get any heals. He can keep his own damn self up.

Except he doesn’t. His Awesomeness pulls an abom and down he goes. As my final act of mercy, I decide I will rez him only if he does not ask for it while we are still in combat.

By some minor grace he keeps his mouth shut until there is a lull in combat. I’m in the middle of rezzing him when the dk decided to be cute and does some weird Raise Ally thing. Somehow it borks up my inital rez and I have to re-rez (the other priest is just standing around)¬†and, in the middle of this, Arthas apparently goes running off and promptly gets himself killed.

Druid back up and we go until I notice Arthas is not with us. I ask where he is.

DK: “he died lol”

Um, ok. Then we need to go back to the entrance and grab him again.

DK: “no let’s just keep going forward”


Thankfully the tank is not as functionally retarded so he heads back with me.

DK: “why are we going back?”

Druid: “can we hurry? my laptop only has 10 minutes of battery left”

OMFG. I am so tired of these people. I can’t believe I posted yesterday how awesome I found these low level pugs lately and how it was all sunshine and rainbows and puppies.

We retireve Arthas, start back through the gauntlet and take down Mal’Ganis without any incident.

And then it drops. It’s an obvious healer trinket. But I don’t care. The spellpower alone is better than anything I currently have. And it would be a nice start for when I try healing.

And I will admit, the experience with this group made me not care. I wanted to win it. I wanted to snatch it from the druid’s grasp. I would have considered it a victory if the failpriest won it (but not by much). So I roll Need.

The druid and the other priest also roll Need.

And I win it.


Druid: “can I have that?”

Me: “no, you weren’t even healing half the time”

Druid: “ninja”

So be it. I guess I’m a ninja.

But it felt so good.