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Gogogo…onward to 80.

Forsaken shadow priest got taken out of the box and dusted off last night. He was halfway through 78 last night and when the night was over he was 79. He actually got his XP turned off for most of the runs last night, though it broke my heart to do so.

Actually he was at 78.9999999 when the night ended. My XP bar said I was at 100% but it was a filthy liar. I hopped on my flier, “discovered” something and dinged.

He’s still going to get beat by my draenei priest, though. She is now less than a bar to 80. The next instance she does will ding her (…giggity). When she hit 79, I got impatient with the wait times for instances. So, to reduce her queue times–in the spirit of Zarigar–she finally picked up a healing dual spec.

Woot! Suck it, 20 minute queue times! So many new nifty healing toys to play with. I’ve had to be careful not to go OOM as I play around with spells and see how each one works. I think I like it better than shaman healing. Priest healing seems much more easier and instinctive for some reason.

I don’t know if it’s due to Zarigar’s limited healing experience, the fact that I’ve only healed pugs or that my gear is still low (or maybe all three)–but I’ve found myself much more ruthless when it comes to healing. I’m not going to waste my limited mana keeping someone up that insists on standing in the bad. (The boomkin in Oculus who sat in the energy blast for one boss and then again in the ice patch for another learned this the hard way.)

Waiting until virtually the last seconds of my leveling time to learn healing means my rotation of instances is HoL, Occ and UP. They are challenging, but they aren’t as crazy hard as I thought they would be. The thought of trying to heal a posion-heavy instance like AN or OK with my mana-challenged priest makes me twitch uncontrollaby. Where’s mah cleansing totem?!?

So both priests are dual specced and on their way to 80. It looks like my forsaken will be mostly shadow while my draenei will focus on holy. Of course, this could all change on a whim, but those seem to be their tentative fates.


Like throwing a hot dog down a hallway

While doing the alty run, as is normal, there were several guildies on vent keeping each other entertained as they did their various activities. Naturally talk comes up regarding Kate Gosselin and her participation on Dancing With the Stars. If you are like some of the people on vent, you might be saying “Who?”

It was explained that she’s basically famous for having a litter of children, which of course, leads to speculation on the status of…”lady flower”. (Why yes, that is the clinical term for it.)

What does this have to do with WoW or alts or mohawed trolls?


But it gives me an excuse to post this: