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Bunnies & trolls

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Moar dashboard lolz

What searches have directed people over lately?

macros to troll trade chat wow

Great. We’ve got a wannabe Zapple lurking around somewhere.

Well, ok. If you want to troll trade it’s quite easy:

  • If you are in trade chat and neither buying nor selling goods/services, chances are you are trolling.
  • If what you say contains the words “anal” or “your mom” [gross if you use them both at the same time], then you are trolling.
  • If you use lots of caps, then you are trolling.
  • If you make Peter Griffin’s face out of symbols, you are trolling but I will laugh.

If you need a macro to troll for the first 3 above, then you are sad. Kids these days are so lazy. They need a macro to do their trolling? When I was a kid we used to troll trade chat with a stick and a bit of string.

Ermm, where am I going with this?


I thought you died

Yay, Zarigar got to do more than just one random instance last night. Sadly he has been pushed aside a bit while the priests work their way up to 80, but he is never forgotten.

Yesterday was weekly (ToC) + ICC 25 and–yeah–those were not very fun for me. I don’t know who made the comment on which blog about low frames per second giving you the WoW equivalent of a slide show, but that was my experience for most of last night.

(I blame the 4000 bunnies that overran ToC last night before that raid began. There is no logic to that except my assertion that bunnies don’t belong in an arena. Unless they are fighting each other to the death. Then they can duel each other with little carrots and…omg…how adorable would that be!)

CUTE!!! *-*

Ahem..anyway, my quest for a cloak upgrade for my current ilevel213 continues. I’ve now lost out on the same cloak under loot council (someone’s ilevel200 meant it was a better upgrade for them) and EPGP (spending all my points to take things Arioch wants comes back to haunt me). So I probably won’t upgrade until I collect more frost emblems and just buy one.

It’s fine, though. I’m still debating if I want to save up the mats for some pretty new shoes. Even though, as a troll, all anyone ever sees is my bare feet. The trinkets look kind of meh, though I haven’t done all that much research on them yet.

I did end up picking up a healer cloak for my offspec that no one else wanted. I sobbed at the irony and threw the cloak into the bag designated for my healer gear. I could probably wear it now, but I don’t really want to lose the haste yet.

In happier news I am getting closer to exalted with Ashen Verdict. 1 or 2 more runs should get me there. Then I will have a spiffy ring that hopefully won’t go obsolete for a few months.