80 time

My draenei priest hit 80 a few days ago. Yay! I had gotten her through 79 almost exclusively through random dungeons, but she only had a sliver of a bar left and I didn’t want to ding in an instance so out questing I went.

She doesn’t have an 80 sponsor, so it’s up to her to unlock the pervy quests in Storm Peaks. (Polishing the helm, hee hee.) Here is the exact moment of the ding, unfortunately my picture taking skills aren’t the greatest.

Too much flash!

Then it was back into instances for more emblems and gear. More on those experiences later.


Some happys for Zar, too

Almost equally as exciting for Zarigar was finally getting that stupid mount out of the stupid egg from the stupid Oracle people. I let the cracked egg sit for a while before opening it. I think it cracked open during an instance, but I wasn’t in the mood at the time to open it up and collect more yolks or tickbirds. Tickbirds! Gah!!!!! (If they filled DTK with tickbirds it would be my personal hell.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and reins fell out. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. My CDO made me buy dozens and dozens of these faileggs (DIAF, Tel!) with nothing but sadness to show for it.

And now I never have to buy another freakin’ egg again.

Flying high!

Also, on my last ICC run, Zarigar also hit exalted with Ashen Verdict. Woot! Spiffy new ring with a gem socket = Rawr! There’s no picture of that because I’m too classy to flash my bling.


4 Responses to “Ding”

  1. telanarra Says:

    Grats Zar

  2. grats on the new 80 and drake!

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