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I was made for healing you

Posted in heroic with tags , , , , on April 13, 2010 by zarigar

My apologies to KISS and their wretched song for paraphrasing the title. This stupid little earworm got stuck in my head thanks to a classic rock station and was only recently replaced with “kunga-kunga-kunga-kungaloosh!”

Playing my forsaken priest last night, I was aware of how different he is when compared to my draenei priest. Lorethos is a hunched-over, shambling corpse of death. Wielding the shadows powers and embracing the darker aspects of a shadow priest is a much more natural fit. He brings death.

Helaena is more nurturing and light. Playing her as shadow was a necessity to get her to 80, but it didn’t seem as right on her. Like she was just playing dress-up in shadowform. A lot of it most likely comes from her race and faction.

When she dinged 80, I tried to do a few heroics as shadow, but it felt awkward. Plus, my old enemy “long queue time” was showing up again and it was not very fun. To get my healing legs under me, I queued up for a random regular instance.

And got CoS (bleh) with a tank pally, 2 ret pallys and a shadow priest (wtf?) Sadly, one or more of them had not done the instance before so I teleported ahead while they did their plagued grain RP nonsense. I can’t really tell you much of that run because it was me frantically trying to keep everyone up while trying to keep mana in my pathetic excuse for a mana pool.

When I first tried to have Zarigar heal stuff, what worked in his favor was that he had decent gear for a first-timer. A lot of his elemental gear was an adequate gap for what he was missing in resto. As a result, he had a fairly sizable mana pool. With his totems and such, I didn’t really have a problem with mana for him.

Helaena didn’t have any of that. Shadowfiend off CD? Off he went. 2 second lull in combat? Drink, drink, drink! Anything that makes me use up my limited mana pissed me off. Stop lifetapping, bitch!

What I liked about LFD was that, at first, it would place me with groups with roughly the same gear level as myself. The good is that you are all about the same, so the instance is challenging and no one cares when you need on blue gear. The bad, of course, is that you are about all the same and often rolling for the same gear.

Occasionally I get placed into groups with gear that is vastly superior to mine and those are sometimes worse. Yes, overgeared means you can clear much more quickly. And overgeared means you have no competition for the gear you sheepishly roll Need on. But it also means a bunch of players who are used to charging through some of them, and don’t realize or care that they are dragging a lesser geared player through.

I tried to do one normal random a day. It’s faster badges to just do heroics, but I like starting off with a normal to get used to everything. It was a great plan until the system plopped me into FoS. Hahahahah–oh shit. In trying to be clever and bypass the “harder” instances I ended up with one arguably harder than a heroic: Wacky aggro. Groups of mobs with caster shit flying everywhere. And low chance of well-geared people to help carry us through. Good times.

I think I was ready to curl into a fetal position before we had even reached the first boss.

Despite–or perhaps because of– having to explain both bosses, they both went down without any deaths. That was my “fuck it” moment. No more messing around with the regulars. It was going to be all heroics from now on.

(The story of me healing H PoS will be saved for another time…)

Since then, it’s been a stream of heroics, and the slow accumulation of badges and gear. My gear still needs lots of upgrading. She’s like a little scavenger, picking up some odd pieces. I picked up a lot of hit gear that other people didn’t need or want. The hit naturally is a waste on me, but the the other stats were better than what I had at the time so I took it. Pieces that I know will be replaced soon have lesser quality or no gems/enchants. She has a weird mishmash gear set, but the hope is to get all that replaced and adequately geared soon.

My forsaken priest will soon ding 80 after 1 or 2 more instances, so then I get to do this all over again.