Ding: Part 2

I think I should keep a laptop by my bedside. I fell asleep last night with a post halfway written in my head. It was awesome and funny and revolutionary. It would be linked all over the blogosphere. Non-WoW players would read it and be inspired to play.

But then I woke up and forgot it.

So instead you get this.

Days after my holy priest hit 80, my shadow priest finally caught up to her. He might have hit 80 the same day that the others in the alt group did, except he ended up with Halls of Stone as a random and that freaked out the tank, who immediately dropped group. I stayed around for a while, but it was already pretty late so I ended up dropping and saving the big ding for another day.

The next day I queued for a random and got UP. The tank actually dinged 80 a few pulls in; several mobs later, I was also 80. I took a screenshot of it, but now I can’t find it and am too lazy to put more than a moment’s effort into finding it. I know it was on some trash mob, which is a little anti-climactic for the big moment. (“Because of your death, puny vrykul, I am now ultimate!”)

80! You’re a big boy now. You can get frosts and spend those triumph badges that used to yell at you in red text: REQUIRES LEVEL 80.

After that normal UP run, I decided to try my hand at heroic. I still had to go learn my 80 spells, fix up my talents and build, get that last glyph and go through my 80 gear and equip it…but as dps I figured I had time to do all that before I got called.

“Your random instance is ready”


I could accept it and go in half ready or step out and get myself put together first. Being the selfish bastard that I am, I decided to just do it and see how it went. I was already on my way to train, so I was able to buy my spells quickly before the timer ran out. (A good thing about hurriedly buying all those spells is I didn’t have time to cry over how expensive it was to train.)


I barely was zoned in when the tank jumped into the first room and pulled every snake mob in it. If I had been on my healer, I would be rocking in the corner sobbing. But, as dps, with all the mobs pulled together plus my AOE mind sear, all I saw was a wall of yellow numbers. Quiver. Now I see why people have to play this game sitting on a towel.

I did die once to a poison blast to the face. My low health pool worked against me and I was dead before I had time to even throw a heal on myself. After that run, I made sure I was properly ready to go before attempting another heroic.

I mentioned in my last post that I see Lorethos as shadow and death and that’s what I am focusing on for him. He does have a dual spec, but I can’t recall the last time I trained it for him or even spend any points for that build. Any healing gear I can pick up for him–I will–and will store them for sometime in the future; but for now this boy is about killing and killing and killing some more.


4 Responses to “Ding: Part 2”

  1. That is one reason I play sitting on a towel 😉

  2. Could have been worse you could have Q’d for HOR. So guys shall we try and fail only once or 20 times?

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