Angry healer

No, this isn’t a post about Tattia. 😛

Most of my WoW time-outside of raids–is spent on Lorethos, noob shadow priest. Zarigar is let out of the cage when it’s raid time, though he got to heal a CoS last night. (Aack!) Before I log out for the night, I usually switch over to my draenei priest and heal at least one heroic.

I actually rather enjoy healing with her; it just can be so frustrating sometimes.

As a relatively new 80, I don’t have the best gear. With that, I don’t have the best stats. My mana pool isn’t very large. I’ve had to be creative in my healing.

Shadowfiend comes out regularly to help me regain mana. (Though we won’t talk about the time I accidentally set him to aggressive and he pulled a group of mobs.) I usually try to drink when there’s a lull between pulls.

And I’ve had to pick and choose sometimes who gets heals.

By that I don’t mean “omg we’re all going to die…all heals to tank…fuck the rest of you!” It’s more like, if you’re being excessively stupid, I just can’t waste my mana pumping heals into you. Every one takes damage, that’s what I’m there for, to keep people alive. And even the best intentioned people sometimes have a lapse in focus and stand in the bad a second longer than they should. That’s fine; I can deal with that.

But, for example, as a priest I have no way to dispel poison. Poison heavy instances like OK make me cry because a lot of the time the only thing I can do is heal through it. If I get a ret pally who cleanses everyone or a dps shaman who drops cleansing totems they are my hero for life. On the flip side, if a ret pally can’t be bothered to cleanse at least himself when he’s poisoned, then that just tells me he doesn’t really want to live.

Maybe when my gear is better and I have more mana I won’t have to make these choices and be so angry. Or maybe not. Anger is the root of all healing…grrrr..

So last night for my random I get Halls of Stone. The tank decided to do a “short run”, which is fine. I still need badges, but it was late and I was ready for sleep. It can be pretty heal intensive will the mobs that random charge people and the mobs that charm and the los pulls and the bosses where people have to be spread out.

Oh yeah and that pesky little Brann encounter. Waves of mobs attack while lazors shoot out of the way and fire rains down on people who somehow don’t seem to notice it.

Good times.

Ok, it is a little exciting to throw off those heals and keep everyone alive. Yay, we won! Woot, some loot that’s going to become a shard. Hey, where’s everyone going? Eh, all right, I’ll talk to Brann then catch up to you.

Hold on, I’m running. Oh you’ve entered combat with a group of mobs. Ok, well hope you’re all still alive when I get there. Ahhhhhhhhh. You pulled a second group. Bitches! Heal heal heal.

Woo…lucky I caught up to you in time. Everyone’s alive. All right. Just let me get some mana and we can start the last boss.

What are you doing? I told you I needed mana.

No, don’t start it, assholes. I have 8% mana.

So, if you are sitting there drinking and the rest of the group starts the last boss, you can get locked out of the room.

This happened to me once before in AN. I said I needed mana before the last boss and they ran in anyway. The funny thing is you can see the party through the webbing that locks you out, they are just considered not in line of sight from you and you can’t directly heal them. I figured out if I throw group heals on myself (circle of healing, prayer of healing) they will pick up some splash heals.

This time, though, that wasn’t an option. I don’t think they even realized they ran in without me. They probably figured it out when they started dying.

By some miracle of Baby Jesus final boss gets taken down with only the pally tank left standing. Door popped open and–oh look–I can roll on all that loot you guys won. One frozen orb and abyss crystal later, I dropped group and was back in Dal.

No, I didn’t rez them. That was probably a dick move. Whatever.

Don’t make your healer angry.


7 Responses to “Angry healer”

  1. I wouldn’t have rezzed them either


    Angry healers make the world go round

  2. telanarra Says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus! Zar you even ninja orbs on other servers.

  3. slice213 Says:

    Angry healer fever is running rampant!!

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