I hate 25’s

There I said it.

The title is a little prosaic but I’m not in the mood for anything more clever.

When I first started raiding many moons ago, I preferred the 25 raids to the 10 mans. The loot was better quality, the fights were usually much more fun and, with so many more people, any fail moves on my part didn’t necessarily doom the raid.

Yes, I admit I did like the fact that one could “hide” much more easily in a 25 man. This was especially helpful in fights that I was still trying to learn. A supporting role for me was fine because with it comes less pressure.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve lived through the safety dance in Naxx. “But it’s so easy,” everyone else says. Mechanically, it *is* easy. And I’ve heard so many strategies and tips when it comes to surviving. But I’ve never really gotten the timing and am usually the corpse on the ground that the surviving dancers used as a reference point. But when I die as a random dps, the damage done  to the raid as a whole is less than if I had been a healer in a 10 man, for example.

Don’t need the spotlight. Other people were more than welcome to have the specialty roles. Need someone to kite zombies around? Hell, get Pengu to do it.

With 10’s there is much more accountability for the individual, and it is much easier for a raid leader to see at a glance how the raid is working together as a whole. Anyone not keeping up is much more noticeable.

Reading this, someone might make the assumption “So…he like to get carried?” No, of course not. I don’t want to be carried. With the Soths and the Aris and the Zugs and the Tirs I know that there will be people better than me. My goals are simple and, hopefully, realistic: don’t be at the bottom, be above the tanks and do not be the reason a raid wipes.

ICC changed my thoughts on “hiding” in the large raids.

I was asked to leave the first ICC 25 I ever attempted. It was a merging of our guild with another raiding guild with maybe a few pugs thrown in. This was just after ICC came out, when people were still struggling with Marrowgar. I think I had seen Marrow a few times but had gone no further than that and hadn’t even watched any videos for other fights.

I did not know what I was doing. My dps was utter crap (I wouldn’t have been surprised if healers were beating me). There were warnings from my GM-at-the-time to “pick it up”. (Because I was deliberately holding myself back?) After repeated wipes on Lady D, I got a whisper asking if I wouldn’t mind stepping out.

Did that suck? Oh yes. To be singled out as that guy not pulling his weight is not a good feeling. But frankly, it was also a bit of a relief. I *didn’t* know what I was doing, so I *was* asking the rest of that raid to carry me. I don’t remember if they eventually got her down, but I do know that they continued to struggle even after replacing me.

But it did drive the point home that raiding is more than being a face in the crowd or a warm body.

::cue the 80’s montage of me watching boss videos and researching fights and taking notes::

The more I learned about ICC, the more I learned I didn’t know (or something like that). And with it came the realization that everyone needs to be on the same page to be successful. This isn’t Heigan where I can just die because I don’t know how to dance, but it’s ok because he can still be downed with the remaining people.

You want me at range for Festergut? Fine. I know to keep myself away from other people. I will make adjustments if people get in my way. I will move in when need be and GTFO when told to GTFO.

You want me in a cannon for lootship? Fine. I will kill mortar bitches, then switch to riflemen when my cannon gets frozen.

These are easy roles, but they are roles I would have tried to avoid before simply because they involved “pressure”. I didn’t want it, but now it’s unavoidable. Some boss mechanics will choose you for “pressure roles” whether you want them or not. I hate when Rotface gives me the slime, but I still run away when I have it and try to find the safest path to the other slime.

So, back to the point of all this….why do I hate 25s?

1) My computer sucks. For most of the fights I can manage pretty well. The biggest killer for me is Marrowgar. Something about the ice graphic just kills my computer and I can barely move. I get the same issue in UP when Skadi’s drake coats the ground with frost. If I am in the path of coldflame it’s like a slideshow trying to watch me move out of the way.

I have the settings and graphics turned down as low as I can, but that fight is just horrible for me. An unintentionally funny side effect of turning everything down is I don’t see when Rotface does his slime spray, it just looks like he’s dry heaving on us.

2) The biggest thing, though, is asking that all 25 people be on the same page. People need to stand where they are told to stand. People need to move when they are told to move. People need to listen. People need to do their jobs.

Sometimes it’s not easy. Lose focus for a second and we’ve wiped. Stand in the bad shit and you stress the healers, which in turn affects the rest of the raid.

If someone is in my zone I will move. But if the only places I can go are someone else’s zone or so backed-up I can’t even reach the boss anymore, then we have problems. In a 25 man you have to pack more people in the same sized room as a 10 man. I get that it will be more challenging and I can’t even image the stress and frustration the raid leaders feel.

But not doing your job puts stress on the rest of the raid, as well. I still struggle a lot, I don’t need any help making me fail and look bad. I can handle that on my own, thanks. 🙂 I’m not going to call people out and I don’t want them to feel bad. Sometimes you can try your best and just not have it be good enough. And that’s a frustration all of its own.


9 Responses to “I hate 25’s”

  1. lol @ 80’s montage…WE NEED A MONTAGE!!!

    Zari, I place you in pressure rolse because I trust you to perform them. I know you are a great raider and do what is asked of you. I couldn’t ask for a better ele shaman in any raid I lead.

    Now, there are times that I put people in certain roles because I don’t want them to mess up everything else, like placing a person as the anchor in ranged so they DO NOT HAVE TO MOVE AT ALL. However, just like with everything else in life, some people manage to fuck up PB&J sammiches, so I guess I was expecting too much for a certain person TO STAND STILL AND PEWPEW.

    Of course, this doesn’t apply to you, as you were doing your job just fine. I am sorry I cannot prevent the fails messing things up for you.

    On another note, I appreciate the fact that you think I am good, however, I do not think I am better than you. In my eyes, you are just as good as you think Ari/Soth/Zug/I am. My raiding mantra:

    The measure of a good raider is not how high they are on the dps charts, it is whether or not they stay out of the fire, do what is asked of them, and have a willingness to improve where they are lacking.

    Since you do all the above stated, I count you as one of our best. 🙂

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