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For crits and giggles

Posted in Alt with tags , , on April 27, 2010 by zarigar

So I got bored and rolled a mage for fun. I don’t remember if this is my 17th or 18th attempt at playing a mage, but I kind of hope this one survives past level 20. I have all of this BoA caster gear lying around from when Lorethos was leveling up, so might as well put it all to good use.

Don’t worry, alliance haters, yes she is horde. Unfortunately, this is not Cata where every race can be a mage, so my race options were limited. I already have a troll shaman and an undead priest so, almost by default, she is belf. I mean, there is nothing stopping me from making another troll or forsaken but I like to have some kind of variety in my toons.

One of the things that kept getting my mages deleted previously was the fact that they are so reliant on mana. It seems like I kept having to stop and drink. Thanks to the crazy bump up in health/mana regen, it’s not something I have to worry about at the moment. I have the ability to conjure food and water, but it’s not something I need. I don’t even conjure consumable yet because I don’t want it taking up bag space.

I suppose this is both good and bad. Bad, of course, because when the awesome regen powers wear off I will be back to drinking every few fights. The good is that by the time that happens, I will probably have invested enough time in the character that I won’t want to kill her off so easily.

Another factor increasing her chances for survival is that she picked up JC as a profession. I don’t have JC on any other toon and having one at my disposal certainly wouldn’t suck.

Beyond that, there aren’t really any plans for the toon except as having another character option to play when I get bored farming instances on my higher level characters. Though I said the same thing about Lorethos and now he’s emblem farming and getting dragged through the occasional raid.

So we’ll see how it goes.