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I was made for healing you

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My apologies to KISS and their wretched song for paraphrasing the title. This stupid little earworm got stuck in my head thanks to a classic rock station and was only recently replaced with “kunga-kunga-kunga-kungaloosh!”

Playing my forsaken priest last night, I was aware of how different he is when compared to my draenei priest. Lorethos is a hunched-over, shambling corpse of death. Wielding the shadows powers and embracing the darker aspects of a shadow priest is a much more natural fit. He brings death.

Helaena is more nurturing and light. Playing her as shadow was a necessity to get her to 80, but it didn’t seem as right on her. Like she was just playing dress-up in shadowform. A lot of it most likely comes from her race and faction.

When she dinged 80, I tried to do a few heroics as shadow, but it felt awkward. Plus, my old enemy “long queue time” was showing up again and it was not very fun. To get my healing legs under me, I queued up for a random regular instance.

And got CoS (bleh) with a tank pally, 2 ret pallys and a shadow priest (wtf?) Sadly, one or more of them had not done the instance before so I teleported ahead while they did their plagued grain RP nonsense. I can’t really tell you much of that run because it was me frantically trying to keep everyone up while trying to keep mana in my pathetic excuse for a mana pool.

When I first tried to have Zarigar heal stuff, what worked in his favor was that he had decent gear for a first-timer. A lot of his elemental gear was an adequate gap for what he was missing in resto. As a result, he had a fairly sizable mana pool. With his totems and such, I didn’t really have a problem with mana for him.

Helaena didn’t have any of that. Shadowfiend off CD? Off he went. 2 second lull in combat? Drink, drink, drink! Anything that makes me use up my limited mana pissed me off. Stop lifetapping, bitch!

What I liked about LFD was that, at first, it would place me with groups with roughly the same gear level as myself. The good is that you are all about the same, so the instance is challenging and no one cares when you need on blue gear. The bad, of course, is that you are about all the same and often rolling for the same gear.

Occasionally I get placed into groups with gear that is vastly superior to mine and those are sometimes worse. Yes, overgeared means you can clear much more quickly. And overgeared means you have no competition for the gear you sheepishly roll Need on. But it also means a bunch of players who are used to charging through some of them, and don’t realize or care that they are dragging a lesser geared player through.

I tried to do one normal random a day. It’s faster badges to just do heroics, but I like starting off with a normal to get used to everything. It was a great plan until the system plopped me into FoS. Hahahahah–oh shit. In trying to be clever and bypass the “harder” instances I ended up with one arguably harder than a heroic: Wacky aggro. Groups of mobs with caster shit flying everywhere. And low chance of well-geared people to help carry us through. Good times.

I think I was ready to curl into a fetal position before we had even reached the first boss.

Despite–or perhaps because of– having to explain both bosses, they both went down without any deaths. That was my “fuck it” moment. No more messing around with the regulars. It was going to be all heroics from now on.

(The story of me healing H PoS will be saved for another time…)

Since then, it’s been a stream of heroics, and the slow accumulation of badges and gear. My gear still needs lots of upgrading. She’s like a little scavenger, picking up some odd pieces. I picked up a lot of hit gear that other people didn’t need or want. The hit naturally is a waste on me, but the the other stats were better than what I had at the time so I took it. Pieces that I know will be replaced soon have lesser quality or no gems/enchants. She has a weird mishmash gear set, but the hope is to get all that replaced and adequately geared soon.

My forsaken priest will soon ding 80 after 1 or 2 more instances, so then I get to do this all over again.




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80 time

My draenei priest hit 80 a few days ago. Yay! I had gotten her through 79 almost exclusively through random dungeons, but she only had a sliver of a bar left and I didn’t want to ding in an instance so out questing I went.

She doesn’t have an 80 sponsor, so it’s up to her to unlock the pervy quests in Storm Peaks. (Polishing the helm, hee hee.) Here is the exact moment of the ding, unfortunately my picture taking skills aren’t the greatest.

Too much flash!

Then it was back into instances for more emblems and gear. More on those experiences later.


Some happys for Zar, too

Almost equally as exciting for Zarigar was finally getting that stupid mount out of the stupid egg from the stupid Oracle people. I let the cracked egg sit for a while before opening it. I think it cracked open during an instance, but I wasn’t in the mood at the time to open it up and collect more yolks or tickbirds. Tickbirds! Gah!!!!! (If they filled DTK with tickbirds it would be my personal hell.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and reins fell out. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. My CDO made me buy dozens and dozens of these faileggs (DIAF, Tel!) with nothing but sadness to show for it.

And now I never have to buy another freakin’ egg again.

Flying high!

Also, on my last ICC run, Zarigar also hit exalted with Ashen Verdict. Woot! Spiffy new ring with a gem socket = Rawr! There’s no picture of that because I’m too classy to flash my bling.

Bunnies & trolls

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Moar dashboard lolz

What searches have directed people over lately?

macros to troll trade chat wow

Great. We’ve got a wannabe Zapple lurking around somewhere.

Well, ok. If you want to troll trade it’s quite easy:

  • If you are in trade chat and neither buying nor selling goods/services, chances are you are trolling.
  • If what you say contains the words “anal” or “your mom” [gross if you use them both at the same time], then you are trolling.
  • If you use lots of caps, then you are trolling.
  • If you make Peter Griffin’s face out of symbols, you are trolling but I will laugh.

If you need a macro to troll for the first 3 above, then you are sad. Kids these days are so lazy. They need a macro to do their trolling? When I was a kid we used to troll trade chat with a stick and a bit of string.

Ermm, where am I going with this?


I thought you died

Yay, Zarigar got to do more than just one random instance last night. Sadly he has been pushed aside a bit while the priests work their way up to 80, but he is never forgotten.

Yesterday was weekly (ToC) + ICC 25 and–yeah–those were not very fun for me. I don’t know who made the comment on which blog about low frames per second giving you the WoW equivalent of a slide show, but that was my experience for most of last night.

(I blame the 4000 bunnies that overran ToC last night before that raid began. There is no logic to that except my assertion that bunnies don’t belong in an arena. Unless they are fighting each other to the death. Then they can duel each other with little carrots and…omg…how adorable would that be!)

CUTE!!! *-*

Ahem..anyway, my quest for a cloak upgrade for my current ilevel213 continues. I’ve now lost out on the same cloak under loot council (someone’s ilevel200 meant it was a better upgrade for them) and EPGP (spending all my points to take things Arioch wants comes back to haunt me). So I probably won’t upgrade until I collect more frost emblems and just buy one.

It’s fine, though. I’m still debating if I want to save up the mats for some pretty new shoes. Even though, as a troll, all anyone ever sees is my bare feet. The trinkets look kind of meh, though I haven’t done all that much research on them yet.

I did end up picking up a healer cloak for my offspec that no one else wanted. I sobbed at the irony and threw the cloak into the bag designated for my healer gear. I could probably wear it now, but I don’t really want to lose the haste yet.

In happier news I am getting closer to exalted with Ashen Verdict. 1 or 2 more runs should get me there. Then I will have a spiffy ring that hopefully won’t go obsolete for a few months.


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Gogogo…onward to 80.

Forsaken shadow priest got taken out of the box and dusted off last night. He was halfway through 78 last night and when the night was over he was 79. He actually got his XP turned off for most of the runs last night, though it broke my heart to do so.

Actually he was at 78.9999999 when the night ended. My XP bar said I was at 100% but it was a filthy liar. I hopped on my flier, “discovered” something and dinged.

He’s still going to get beat by my draenei priest, though. She is now less than a bar to 80. The next instance she does will ding her (…giggity). When she hit 79, I got impatient with the wait times for instances. So, to reduce her queue times–in the spirit of Zarigar–she finally picked up a healing dual spec.

Woot! Suck it, 20 minute queue times! So many new nifty healing toys to play with. I’ve had to be careful not to go OOM as I play around with spells and see how each one works. I think I like it better than shaman healing. Priest healing seems much more easier and instinctive for some reason.

I don’t know if it’s due to Zarigar’s limited healing experience, the fact that I’ve only healed pugs or that my gear is still low (or maybe all three)–but I’ve found myself much more ruthless when it comes to healing. I’m not going to waste my limited mana keeping someone up that insists on standing in the bad. (The boomkin in Oculus who sat in the energy blast for one boss and then again in the ice patch for another learned this the hard way.)

Waiting until virtually the last seconds of my leveling time to learn healing means my rotation of instances is HoL, Occ and UP. They are challenging, but they aren’t as crazy hard as I thought they would be. The thought of trying to heal a posion-heavy instance like AN or OK with my mana-challenged priest makes me twitch uncontrollaby. Where’s mah cleansing totem?!?

So both priests are dual specced and on their way to 80. It looks like my forsaken will be mostly shadow while my draenei will focus on holy. Of course, this could all change on a whim, but those seem to be their tentative fates.


Like throwing a hot dog down a hallway

While doing the alty run, as is normal, there were several guildies on vent keeping each other entertained as they did their various activities. Naturally talk comes up regarding Kate Gosselin and her participation on Dancing With the Stars. If you are like some of the people on vent, you might be saying “Who?”

It was explained that she’s basically famous for having a litter of children, which of course, leads to speculation on the status of…”lady flower”. (Why yes, that is the clinical term for it.)

What does this have to do with WoW or alts or mohawed trolls?


But it gives me an excuse to post this:


Ninja, please

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I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a dirty ninja.

I can try to justify the reasons and the rationale, but in the end I ganked something from another player and took it for myself.

This story starts with me on my alliance priest. I was running some chain instances, doing some questing while I waited between queues.

I get Culling of Stratholme, which is good because I haven’t gotten to do that instance on any of my priests yet. Of course, since this is her first time, she has the RP nonsense to get through, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

I zone in and there is a druid healer in party (he has the + by his name) and 2 dps priests. Weird. I’ve almost never been in a party with a priest healer and this is the first time I’ve seen another shadow priest.

“Yes!” the druid says. “2 priests!” Kind of an odd thing to be excited about–unless he’s being sarcastic–but I soon find out why:

“Which one of you wants to heal?”

Excuse me?

“I’m not really the healer. I just pick it so I don’t wait in cue [queue] for an hour.”

Um, ok.

Nobody responds to him. Me, because if he is being serious he can go to hell. Or Die. In. A. Fire. I assume the other priest feels the same.

So then I get the whisper: “can you heal?”


I respond in party “no dual spec”. And even if I did, I would not switch out because you thought you be cute and bypass the wait time by selecting a role that you were not really prepared to do. I guess the other priest gets the same whisper but it’s the tank who pipes up:

“If you queued for heal, then you need to heal. Otherwise you need to go.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll heal.”

So we get underway and it’s clear that he really doesn’t want to heal. I see that little moonfire spell and some wraths get thrown out. Half the time he’s not even in tree form.

It’s an 80 tank, though, so he’s not in desperate need of heals, and 2 shadow priests is 2 sources of vampiric embrace healing. But the other shadow priest is much lower on the chart. Like a good 1/3 total damage and dps than what I’m doing.

A quick hover over recount shows only dots being used. 100% of his damage is coming from Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague. Interesting. He and the tank are from the same server, so I wonder if there was some kind of dualboxing scenario going on there.

Regardless, the first boss goes down and drops a spellpower ring. It’s a nice upgrade, but pretty generic. Not healer, not dps…just good for any caster. The druid and both priests roll and the druid wins it. Excellent roll. Grats. Enjoy your new ring.

We get to the final gauntlet phase of the instance and the druid has apparently decided that he’s not even going to pretend to heal anymore. Oh hai, boomkin, where did you come from?

Fuck it, whatever. We are almost done. I slip out of shadowform to throw heals on the tank and then get back into it to dps. Neither the dk nor the other weird bot of a priest is doing any substantial dps so I have to alternate my roles to keep up.

The druid doesn’t get any heals. He can keep his own damn self up.

Except he doesn’t. His Awesomeness pulls an abom and down he goes. As my final act of mercy, I decide I will rez him only if he does not ask for it while we are still in combat.

By some minor grace he keeps his mouth shut until there is a lull in combat. I’m in the middle of rezzing him when the dk decided to be cute and does some weird Raise Ally thing. Somehow it borks up my inital rez and I have to re-rez (the other priest is just standing around) and, in the middle of this, Arthas apparently goes running off and promptly gets himself killed.

Druid back up and we go until I notice Arthas is not with us. I ask where he is.

DK: “he died lol”

Um, ok. Then we need to go back to the entrance and grab him again.

DK: “no let’s just keep going forward”


Thankfully the tank is not as functionally retarded so he heads back with me.

DK: “why are we going back?”

Druid: “can we hurry? my laptop only has 10 minutes of battery left”

OMFG. I am so tired of these people. I can’t believe I posted yesterday how awesome I found these low level pugs lately and how it was all sunshine and rainbows and puppies.

We retireve Arthas, start back through the gauntlet and take down Mal’Ganis without any incident.

And then it drops. It’s an obvious healer trinket. But I don’t care. The spellpower alone is better than anything I currently have. And it would be a nice start for when I try healing.

And I will admit, the experience with this group made me not care. I wanted to win it. I wanted to snatch it from the druid’s grasp. I would have considered it a victory if the failpriest won it (but not by much). So I roll Need.

The druid and the other priest also roll Need.

And I win it.


Druid: “can I have that?”

Me: “no, you weren’t even healing half the time”

Druid: “ninja”

So be it. I guess I’m a ninja.

But it felt so good.


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Someone’s getting a second 80 soon.

Hint: it’s me.

**It’s going to get very alliance-y in here now, so anyone not interested in alliance talk can leave. See you next week, ShrekJr.**

If anyone had asked me a month ago who my second 80 would be, I would have answered: “easy…that’s going to be my forsaken priest”. Outside of Zarigar, he was the only other character I played with any kind of regularity.

The other altys haven’t been on in a while, though, so I’ve had to shelve him for a bit so that I don’t “cheat” and get ahead. I was trying to run just one random a day for the emblems, but I realized that even that was leveling him up pretty substantially. The BoA bonus plus the rest XP was shooting him through the levels.

In theory, I could have turned off my XP gain and just ran it for the emblems and drops, but I could not do it. Not when he was so close to 80. I would have sooner slit my own results than intentionally gimped him that XP.

So, on to the alliance priest. Stuck on the RP server since we all made the exodus to the PVP Horde side, she hadn’t seen any play in months. But all the work I did with my horde priest helped as I transferred all the experience that I’d picked up to her.

Initially, I tried to level her via quests and such. But the BoA and the flying I had on my horde priest spoiled me. Doing quests the old-fashioned way, on a land mount? *shudder* No thanks.

I decided to try to pug her through some instances. Dip her draenei hoof into the waters and see how it was when I didn’t have my altys at my back. I did chicken out and do them as dps. She respecced to shadow from holy (goodbye lolsmite) when I was questing and I haven’t yet picked up the dualspec for her.

I have done these instances so many times with Zarigar, and have even seen the shadow priest side with my horde, so it wasn’t a total shock, but I still had to get used to some things.

For starters, without any BoA, I was going into these things with basically green quest gear. I was used to seeing certain numbers with my horde priest, and it was disconcerting at first that I wasn’t able to replicate those with my ally priest. Then I realized that it didn’t really matter.

I had mentioned in another post that the attitude of the people in the normal instances is much different than those in heroics. (At least in my experience, your experiences may vary.) People said hello to each other when they zoned it; something that seems to be dying out more and more among the heroic randoms. People shared quests with each other. People were able to speak up and say they were unfamiliar with an encounter and get a response back that didn’t include the word noob.

It was also refreshing to be placed in level appropriate instances and have the drops be level appropriate upgrades. There was a definite progression from level 70, when I got UK and Nexus a lot, to mid-70s, lots of Gundrak and OK. Now, in late 80’s, I have finally opened access to UP , CoS and Oculus. Once you hit 80 and queue for heroics, you could get UK or you could get UP.  

And, once she started getting those instance upgrades, I realized that I am not terrible. I watched those DPS numbers rise. Not for epeen, but as proof that I was making actual progression. The people in the alt group all know that they are doing. You have to be on your “A game” to beat a Soth; slacking just a bit will put you below the tank, even.

But, on the alliance side, sometimes *I* was the Soth. Doing 40% of the overall damage for an instance? Rawr.

Oddly, what sometimes is annoying is when an 80 gets placed into the group. Most of the time they are there with a guildie or a friend helping them out. But I still kind of resent the intrusion. Go back to your heroics, 80! There are some sub-80’s who need the spot. (Unless they are tanking, then they can stay. And I squee–in a manly way–because that means I can unleash to my heart’s content.)

Now the DPS isn’t 2K. But I am slowly inching towards the mindset that it’s possible for a fresh 80 to hit that. Will I be able to? I don’t know, but I kind of hope so.

When she hits 80, I know that everything will change. To move up to heroics will be no joke. It will be the “big fish in a little pond” becoming the “little fish in a big pond” scenario. And will I stay with shadow, or try my hand at one of the healing specs?

Decisions, decisions…