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I’m not dead

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But the posts have slowed down a bit.

Usually an upcoming holiday means “yay 3 day weekend, woo hoo!”. At my work it means “yay, all the work is getting pushed around so other departments look good and now everything is piled up onto me”.


I didn’t even log out until almost 7, which was well past last night’s raid start time. Today’s goal is to get out of here at a decent time….we’ll see about that.

The mage project got a little attention last night. Can I please hit level 20? I kept trying to summon a mount then got all sad panda when I realized I don’t have one yet. Running, FTL.

I could go on a rant about damn slacker kids these days who get mounts handed to them at level 20 and in my day we had to wait to level 40 blah blah blah. Then I remember that Zarigar had Ghost Wolf at level 20, so it wasn’t like he had it so rough anyway.

Still, come on Cataclysm…when are you going to give all level 1 toons an epic mount to start out with?

The mage project

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Mohawk Troll sat down with its newest member, Notari, to find out what makes her tick. In this exclusive interview, we find out her thoughts on her creation, surviving past Cataclysm, and why five dollars will get you more than just a sandwich at Subway.

Mohawk Troll: Notari, welcome, and thanks again for taking the time to sit down with us.

Notari: No problem. I’m very flattered just to be asked.

MT: Can you start off by telling us a little bit about your background?

N: Sure. When Lorethos was leveling, the running joke was “Why aren’t you a mage? Can we get some mage food? Open a mage portal please?” So I felt the demand for a mage was there. Unfortunately he chose to continue on to 80 as a priest a little bit to spite everyone who wanted him to be a mage.

MT: So then you were created.

N: Pretty much as a joke, yes. My name is a play on words. Notari…Not Ari. [Editor’s note: Ari = Arioch, current GM of Shadow Rising]

MT: And you recently joined Shadow Rising. How did that go over?

N: It was good. [Laughs] Some people got the joke, others took a little bit more time. Hopefully, people will get to know me as more than a joke and see what a funny and great person I am. If not, I will offer them The Special.

MT: Special?

N: You know…sucky sucky five dolla.

MT: …

N: What?

MT: Nothing. We didn’t realize you were so…”friendly”.

N: I usually describe myself as “whorish” but I think I like friendly a lot more.

MT: Moving on. How do you respond to thoughts that–as a joke toon–you are more than likely on the chopping block once Cataclysm hits?

N: Well, I–

Kanye West: Notari, I’m really happy for you and I’m going to let you finish…

N: I don’t think so. This is my interview. GTFO


KW: Grraaagh!

MT: That was awkward.

N: And a little dated. That might have been funny like 8 months ago. Where was I?

MT: Surviving Cataclysm..

N: Right. Well, there are still several open character slots on that server, so I don’t think I’m in any immediate danger once the expansion is released. Plus I’m picking up some skills to increase my chances of avoiding the axe.

MT: Skill like that five dollar thing?

N: No, but that one can’t hurt, amirite? [Laughs] No, I meant more in terms of trade skills. There is no other jewelcrafter available so I’m hoping to work that skill up and use it as a bargaining chip. Raiders constantly need new gems and enchants for their gear, and Lorethos has the enchanting covered.

MT: A maxed-out profession should help.

N: That’s what I’m hoping for. There are jewelcrafters in guild, of course, but it’s always nice to have that skill handy for when one is not around. As long as I’m not deleted, that will be a good thing. Will I be happy if something like a goblin mage comes along and takes my place? No. I also don’t want to end up like Sabryel.

MT: How do you mean?

N: Abandoned in Outland. Only brought out to play every so often. [shudders] She should have been 80 by now, you know? I don’t want to be deleted, but I do want to see some action.

MT: We’re coming up on the end of our time.

N: Ok, well thanks for giving me this opportunity to say my piece. I appreciate the opportunity.

MT: Do you have any final words to any aspiring mages who might want to emulate your style?

N: Sucky suck five dolla.

MT: We’re through here.


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I rescued this post from the nether black hole of DRAFT status and saw that most of it really didn’t apply anymore. For the most part it was me wondering aloud if Lorethos was destined for healing or dpsing.

Back when I started this post, I was still farming heroics for badges. Going in as healer, it was very quick to get in, get your badges, get out, and queue up again. Triumph badges were super easy to get, and I was able to get the T9 sets for both specs in a fairly short amount of time.

The problem was I still hadn’t settled on what would be my “mainspec” for this character. I had leveled up as shadow and liked it, but I had farmed mostly as healing and liked that as well. (As holy even, though apparently disc is the place to be. Party people!)

Sidenote: this may be a reason why my mage doesn’t end up in the DELETE pile;  I will never have to make the “heal or not” choice with her.

Lorethos had gone into a couple of ToCs as shadow and picked up some pieces for both specs, but that was the extent of any raiding he had done to that point. Meanwhile, I was slowly accumulating frost badges and that was adding to my dilemma. Frost badges aren’t as easily farmed as triumph, so whatever spec I chose to spend those on would by default become the main spec I would concentrate on.

An ICC run would help, but who would be crazy enough to take my lesser geared priest into ICC?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tirael.

I declined the invite for ICC 10 because I swear there were already more than enough people accepted when I looked at the invite. Now that Zar has his cloak I wasn’t going to fight my way into a raid if there were other people who needed to get in and gear up.

Because of that, I had just planned to run my random then do some bank cleaning and call it a night. So I was surprised when Tir announced that he didn’t have enough people for 10 ICC and for us to get our asses into the raid NAO!!! I was even more surprised to see the invite pop up while on Lorethos.


Then other people started bringing in their alts. Here was Selwyn. And Tel swapped out for his druid. Our whirlwind loving warrior brought in his hunter. Even our normally resto shammy went enhancement. It was a raid composition that I haven’t seen before with this guild. The characters & specs might have been different, but the people behind the keyboards were the same.

And what happened? In one night Lorethos went from seeing Marrowgar once when he was the weekly, to seeing Sindragosa for the first time. Zarigar has yet to see her. If Sindy had gone down, then Lore would have gotten farther in one run than Zar had in all the times he had been to ICC.

As for the loot, I ended up with 4 pieces of spellcaster hit gear. I guess that made my choice for me. Unless I get in a raid with Selwyn and I can nab some healer pieces she already has, it seems that my shadow spec will be the one I will focus on for now. But…my healer spec will not be tossed aside like it was with Zar. There will be some healing, bitchez. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow….but one day.

The gear and the emblems were nice, but I walked out of that ICC pretty happy for other reasons. I was half-expecting a “switch to Zar pl0x” request and hope that, since I didn’t, it means my little priest was kind of able to keep up.

Or at least not drag everyone else down.

Two become one

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This post started out very, very differently. First it was general raging, then I decided to break off the part that was specific to our 25 ICC raid, then I toned down some rage, then I put some rage back. The half-dozen readers I have better appreciate the effort!

Our second run at 25 ICC with a co-op guild was an interesting one; some good, some bad. I still approve of the venture, but I have some concerns. As always, these are one troll’s opinions and more of a vent session than a call for change.

Save the drama for your mama

The run took an odd beginning when 2 of their people started arguing over vent before anything had begun. I wasn’t paying much attention at first, but it seemed to have been over who was being brought in from their side and who was being benched. While there was some initial Jerry Springer-esque interest (fight! fight! fight!), the situation actually got a bit embarrassing when the raid leader had to step in and stop it.

things went downhill for Bert after he broke up with Ernie

Is fighting with another person from your guild over another guild’s vent the way you really want to present your guild? (That sentence was awful, I know.) We’re trying to gel two separate guilds into one cohesive run, but what does that say if your guild comes off as fractured and troublesome?

To be witness to that was a little uncomfortable. And it wasn’t fair to the other people of that guild who weren’t involved. But those people represent their guild and they should be more careful with the image of the guild that they present.

With our guild, when we run with pugs we are encouraged to keep “sensitive” stuff to guild chat. Hopefully it was just a one-time hiccup and we won’t have that issue again. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again, as the raid leader threatened to boot them all if they had another such outburst.

Remember kids, a vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend!

10 raiders or less express line

Ok, this part is going to make me a total hypocrite–and I accept that–since last week I wrote about how people should be playing the characters that they want and shouldn’t be forced to play a character/role that they don’t really want. Blah blah blah. But how is it that SR became responsible for supplying both main tanks and all 5 healers?

I admit I don’t know all the behind-the-scenes workings or what deal was made between the 2 guild representatives in setting everything up, but it seems odd that SR is supplying all of the critical roles. They have one offtank who goes DPS after the first 2 bosses.

With 8-10 of their people being brought in all they can supply is 1 offtank? If they’ve been normally running their 10s with 1 tank and 9 DPS I can see where they might have been having problems. 😛

Yes, I know that on paper we are supposed to be one cohesive raiding unit and it shouldn’t matter who does which role from which side. I just it’s odd that we were short healers and 2 of our awesome DPS stepped up and offered to fill in those roles. I don’t usually raid heal with Zarigar since we normally already have 2-3 resto shammys (and frankly Zarigar sucks at healing) but they are welcome to have Lorethos and his hit gear come raid heal whenever they need. 😀

Our healers who stepped up did an awesome job, but I know they like to blow shit up and it would have been nice if at least one of the people from the other guild offered to take on one of the healing roles.

But it’s not all rants

There were some good moments to the raid. The Loot–I mean–Lower Spire went down as quickly as it normally does. (Blah, blah Marrowgar sucks shitty computer hang out in cold flames.)

The weekly quest was to get the blight from both Rotface and Festergut. Fester gave us some troubles the first time, then the second time he went down. On to Rotface. By some miracle of Buddha I think I got the mutated slime only once, so I didn’t get stuck having to kite that little bitch slime over to another one. Not really sure what happened, but right as he goes down, the majority of the raid gets killed. Somehow I am only a handful of people left alive and with both blights still on. I’m not even going to pretend it was skill, but I did find it amusing.

Decided to skip the Prof and take a stab at Blood Princes. If you read my last post, you’ll know that I just got the 10 man kill for BP last week. I was expecting a clusterfuck and it totally was. There is so much crap going on. Bouncing beach balls of death. Vortices of doom. Trees of doom.

Trees of doom?

Oh yes. Get into the bubble of a tree healer and she will unleash on you. DOOM!

BP went down on the 2nd attempt. The 1st attempt had half the raid dead quickly into the fight and the remaining people held on for a while. (Yes, I was dead.) The 2nd attempt they went down and I don’t believe anyone died. Maybe one person died. I don’t remember.

We made one stab at the Prof before the raid time was up but he didn’t go down. (Giggity) We’re slowly working our way into the “harder” bosses (giggity) and it’s nice to be working on taking down other bosses besides the loot pinatas of the lower spire and then getting stuck on the plague bosses.

Progress–it’s a good thing.

Holiday blues

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Another holiday come and gone and I can’t really muster up the energy to care. Despite the fact that it’s free gold for dragging a child all over Azeroth, I couldn’t really get into Children’s Week this year.

Mommy, mommy buy me a dragon toy!

I could join the line of people complaining about the School of Hard Knocks achievement–and God knows I try to avoid PVP when I can–but that wasn’t the reason. I think that’s the only one Zarigar needs for the Children’s Week meta, but I don’t really care enough to check.

If I have to pin it down on something, I would guess temporary boredness with some parts of the game. I could use more money, but I can’t really get into doing dailies. Some free frost badges would be nice, but I get bored after doing one random on Lorethos. I could work on my new mage, but I’m not really looking forward to leaving the starting areas and worrying about getting ganked again.

Bored now.

Will Cata fix it?

Cata will fix everything.

Woot woot!

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Last night I was kind of meh about doing ICC10 again. Despite the fact that the 10 people are usually different each week, it seems like the same wall gets hit each time. All the lower spire stuff goes down pretty quickly. Rotface and Fester will sometimes give trouble, sometimes not. And the Professor is equally up in the air. Sometimes we can down him, but other times we just get stuck on it and call the raid there.

Plus I have to run it on my junky old computer that I said I wasn’t going to talk about anymore but this is my blog so I will go back on my words if I want to!

Last night seemed like it would be more of the same. Lower spire one-shotted: yawn. Loot that no one wanted became shards: cry. (How many holy pallys do they think we take in a 10 man?)

Rotface and Fester one shotted. Hmm…nice.

Professor one shotted. Zomg. Shut up. Woot!

We still have plenty of raid time left. Onward to Blood Princes. The last time I had seen this fight was way back when the progression team was still having trouble with it. When it was considered a “good try” to get them down to 60%. Despite teasing Tattia that I planned to get into her bubble to hug her, I was actually pretty worried about being in other people’s zones. I think I spent more effort trying to stay at range than I was on the bosses themselves.

Like I mentioned, the lower spire and plague wing bosses are pretty much old hat by now. But there is a certain point in a new boss fight where you look at the boss’ health and you get excited. Like when they are at 10% health and everyone is alive and omg it looks like he is going to die and please please please no one do anything stupid gogogo and holy shit he finally went down.

That is a nice feeling to get a new boss down. I don’t think I even gave more than a passing glance at the loot.

Onward to Blood Queen. Wait…what? Outside of watching the videos, I had no experience with this fight. Thankfully there was some handy explanation beforehand for us noobs.

The first couple of attempts weren’t so great. Like the rest of the fights, there are a lot of mechanics going on that require constant focus. I wasn’t healing this, but I could only imagine my rage if I had been. “The shadow flames are like Lord Jaraxxus” does not mean stand there and die. When you are connected with another player via Pact that does not mean turn around and run away from them. I watched a poor pally die because his linked partner chose that time to run away from him.

I wasn’t perfect; I will be the first to admit it. I ran away from the person trying to bite me because I was kiting flames at the time. On another attempt, I missed my bite target while running for the wrong pink pally dot. (Sorry, slice!) I went frenzied and starting attacking the raid. Eep! Thankfully she was almost down and died while I was still batshit crazy. (Also, sorry to whomever I hexed!)

We were just about at the end of raid time when we went to VDW. By the time we got her down, it was actually about a half hour over. Normally I’m itching to get the raid over with, but I’m so glad we gave it one more try.

Because when she went down, she dropped my sweet, sweet caster cloak. I had seen it drop once before but it went to another caster; so when I saw it I couldn’t get too excited.

I noticed that the only other mainspec roll was the holy priest. Ninja, please–I am the only healer who tricks himself out in hit gear in this guild. I don’t know if the other roll was recalled or most of the priest’s GP was spent on all the other goodies won, but I nearly wept when the cloak ended up in my grubby little hands.

Yay, no more whining about having a crappy cloak! And now the priest is more than welcome to it if it drops again. 😛 Hell, a tank could take it next and I wouldn’t care. I would have taken a pic, but it’s actually a pretty plain-looking cloak. I love when all the stats are easy upgrades, except for a loss in Spirit (ohnoez!)

So what was it that made that run pretty fun? Was it downing all the new bosses or was it getting the loot?

I think the answer is obviously……yes. 😛

Or 42.


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Happy Cinco de Mayo for those of you that celebrate it. A glorious holiday to commemorate the day that Nacho Libre crossed the Rio Grande and saved the 100 virgins from the scourge known as El Chupacabra. It is typically celebrated by buying cases of Corona and limes by the pound and drinking until you pass out at 4 in the afternoon.

Or something like that…


Last night was our first try at running ICC 25 with another guild. It was nice to not have to pug out all the remaining spots. Running the raid as a co-op venture wasn’t that bad.

Lyssi made a new stalker friend from the other guild. Apparently they were whispering sweet nothings back and forth to each other. Do I see hers-and-hers towels in their future?

Marrowgar was the weekly raid quest, so that was pretty handy. I won’t continue to hammer home how sucky my computer goes for this fight, but seriously it sucks. It’s not practical to want a new computer for one game, but when I can’t move out of coldflame and Marrowgar is heading my way at 2 frames per second, it’s hard to not want to whip out the credit card and go to

I stubbornly refuse to buy the frost emblem cloak from the vendor in the hopes that one day one will drop. Because I just know the minute I break down and buy one that one will drop from the raid and no one will want it. So it’s me and Blizz in a Mexican stand-off (seewhatIdidthere?) for who will blink first. Bring it, bitch.

I did win some new shoulders that should be a little boost for both my specs. I was also able to later buy the rest of the mail ICC recipes for the guild, so I should start working on gathering the mats for the pieces that will be upgrades for me.

And Rotface went down. One shotted even. We rarely came close to that with the menagerie of pugs we normally picked up. We even had people from both guilds who weren’t familiar with the fight but, from what I could see, it didn’t look like anyone fubared the raid too badly.

This might sound kind of mean to say, but what I like best about the guild we are working with is that they range the spectrum in skill and gear, much like we currently do. They have some good players and some people that need a bit of work still.

There is no intimidation of grouping with a bunch of elitists who will think we can’t keep up with them and leave. Nor are they full of people that we just have to drag along because they are a warm body.

It is probably too soon to really tell how well the two guilds mesh as one raid. But I am giving it a tentative thumbs-up and hope that means we will be able to clear more content.

And get me a damn cloak.

Now go get smashed, people.