Holiday blues

Another holiday come and gone and I can’t really muster up the energy to care. Despite the fact that it’s free gold for dragging a child all over Azeroth, I couldn’t really get into Children’s Week this year.

Mommy, mommy buy me a dragon toy!

I could join the line of people complaining about the School of Hard Knocks achievement–and God knows I try to avoid PVP when I can–but that wasn’t the reason. I think that’s the only one Zarigar needs for the Children’s Week meta, but I don’t really care enough to check.

If I have to pin it down on something, I would guess temporary boredness with some parts of the game. I could use more money, but I can’t really get into doing dailies. Some free frost badges would be nice, but I get bored after doing one random on Lorethos. I could work on my new mage, but I’m not really looking forward to leaving the starting areas and worrying about getting ganked again.

Bored now.

Will Cata fix it?

Cata will fix everything.

3 Responses to “Holiday blues”

  1. I am finding that I am bored if I am not raiding too. The problem is I enjoy talking with everyone so I am always logged in. This usually means that I am either running laps around Dal looking for books or running constant randoms on my druid.

    Cata will fix everything indeed

  2. Agreed. cata should fix everything and bring world peace to the world!

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