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It’s getting hot in here

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Hot. It’s so hot outside. And it’s only going to get worse. I went outside yesterday afternoon and decided I should take my plan to become a total shut-in to the next level. At least until October. I wonder if I could find a grocery store that delivers…

peekaboo I see you

Are my groceries here yet?

Of course, all that extra time in my air-conditioned apartment = moar WoW. And what better way to remind yourself how hot it is that doing the Midsummer Fire achievements? (Even though summer actually started sometime last week, but whatever.)

I thought I was going to do them mostly on Lorethos, so I was surprised when I went to see how much of it Zarigar had completed and saw that all of those achievements hadn’t yet been done. I know some of the incomplete ones got reset or something but it seemed odd that he hadn’t done anything.

Until I remembered that I wasn’t really playing WoW very much last summer. I’m not sure what I was doing but I do remember just taking a break from the game. So I missed the whole event last year. I don’t think I even came back until sometime during the Brewfest holiday.

So, as much as I was planning on retired Zarigar for a while, I’m taking him off the shelf and working on some of these achievements. Even though a lot of holiday stuff can be a pain, it is nice working on other stuff besides raiding and dailies.

Of course, I have the attention span of a gnat, so I’m not sure how many of these I will get through. I’m working on the bonfires all over the world, but I’m not taking a path that any sane or normal person would take. I pretty much fly from fire to fire; sometimes I’ll detour to the alliance fire, sometimes not. As soon as my LFG pops up for Ahune, I run in there, kill him, collect my loots and switch over to Lorethos and do the same thing again.

The closer the end of the holiday comes, the more I will probably buckle down and actually fill in the missing gaps for some of the achievements. I have to say though, the ~20g for each set of Horde/Alliance fires is pretty nice. Just flying around Outland picking up gold for 15 minutes worth of work was pretty sweet.

What’s also pretty sweet is the 2 extra frost emblems each day for killing Ahune. If you need emblems, this is an easy way to increase your total. And then, the other day, on Zarigar I got something called Ice Chip.

Which turned out to be a pet!

I'm going to name him George!

He is the mini version of my Earth Elemental. They are like twinsies, except for the fact that I can’t make him tank for me:

Party people in the house.

I’m surprised I don’t hate this holiday more. Back to peeing on more Alliance fires.


Gimme a gimmick

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After my census worker entry, I haven’t been able to get a new post out. I would start one, then chuck it. It wasn’t really for lack of ideas, I just didn’t know which one I wanted to follow up with.

(That’s right, folks. It’s going to be one of those rambling, think-out-loud posts. No one would blame you if you “accidentally” closed your browser now.)

The census worker was a fun post to write, and it seemed like people enjoyed it. But a little part of me was like: “Filler post. Isn’t this a WoW blog? People don’t care about your outside life.”

So I’ve been thinking this over for a few days. I’ve only been blogging for a few months, but have I already lost my focus? Or is it that I’ve expanded the purpose of my blog to include more sources to draw posts from?

When I started this I called it “Mohawk Troll” and it was intended to simply be about Zarigar. At that time he was the toon I played 99% of the time and I didn’t think there would be anything to talk about except him. I didn’t think that the focus of the blog would extend much beyond him.

But then I started playing my priests, so they would get mentions. Then I started sneaking the occasional personal post in. Now it seems like Zarigar got lost in his own blog: Day 47..still sitting in Dalaran. Sometimes it feels like I write about everyone except Zarigar.

I actually enjoy reading other people’s personal posts. It gives background about the writer as more than just a toon in a game. There are some “WoW blogs” that are nothing but personal posts, though, so that is a line that I am trying to watch and avoid.

Is it still considered a WoW blog if you start writing about anything and everything? When you just start writing just to write and get something posted? I freely admit to doing that.

I’m surprised at how much I enjoy this blog; I truly thought I would get bored of it and abandon it months ago. I want to see it continue as long as I have interest in it. In chatting briefly about this with Koala Bear, I came to the realization that this blog is mine.

MT has always been mine. It may be named after a specific character, but it can–and is–about whatever and whomever I want to write about. I don’t have a set schedule; I can write as much or as little as I want. If the blog becomes heavy with personal posts I may consider breaking them off into a separate personal blog.

Otherwise I think I’m keeping it status quo around here.

Me vs. the census taker: Part II

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It’s Monday and everything is broken at work and I didn’t do too much WoW-ish this weekend so you get another real life post about my adventures with the census lady. Wait? Adventures? But Zari, you say, didn’t you already deal with the census lady in a previous post?

Gosh, you’re right. I did. But apparently that was some sort of pre-interview. Or I got selected for a more in-depth one. Or maybe the first taker was a moron and didn’t get all the information correct the first time.

Whatever it was, I got “assigned” a new census taker and she wasn’t playing around like the first one. At around 7 Saturday night as I was on my way out to dinner, I notice a friggin’ pamphlet stuck to my door. Handwritten on it: “You MUST call by 9pm TONIGHT. Failure to comply may result in a $5000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.”

Hmm…Michelle D isn’t going to let me string her along like I did with the last one. $5000 is a lot of money and I am much, much too pretty for jail. Plus Big Brother starts soon and I don’t want to have to fight my cellmates Fisty and Thugz for the remote.

I’m supposed to be heading over to Gov’s house to play cards so my initial plan of waiting until 8:50 to call her isn’t an option. I call her and she answers with “I’m going to have to call you back.” O rly? Working on all the deadbeats on one night? Or is this some power play where you try to stay in control, Michelle D?

Finally she calls and we can get this nonsense over with. And it is nonsense. I don’t know if anyone else has ever had to do the “long” interview but it is pretty ridiculous. Does your house have a sink? Does it have a toilet? What year was your apartment building built?

I don’t know if it’s common knowledge that people know in what year the apartment they are renting was built.

“1986,” I lie happily–wondering if she has been collecting census data from my complex since the 70’s.

When choosing race, why is their an option for both Black and Negro? Isn’t one just a terribly outdated classification of the other? Maybe I need more diverse black friends, but I don’t recall many of them identifying themselves as “Negro”.

How many units are in your building? “Six” I say. I may even be right on that one. I stump her when she asks me how long it takes me to get to work in the morning. “About 5 seconds.” I have to use little words to explain to her that, yes, I do work for an insurance company, but I do it from home.

I just want this to be over and the questions are getting more ridiculous. “Do you require assistance bathing?” Um, what? Are you offering?

The cell phone I’m on starts buzzing; it’s Gov on the other line wondering where I am. Then he calls my house phone. I start to laugh at the nonsense of the situation when she asks me if I require assistance doing errands.

I snort and say no. Apparently she hears that as “Can you repeat the question?” so she does. Now I’m laughing without trying to make a noise and I can’t answer. I can’t even get out a simple “no” so I make a coughing noise so that she knows I’m still there but can’t answer at the moment. The last thing I need is for her to hang up and I have to go through all this again.

“Sir, do you require assistance in doing errands?”

I’m dying. I don’t even know why I can’t stop laughing, but I can’t.

I manage to gasp out: “I don’t [require assistance]….no…sorry.”

Unfortunately, she hears this as “I don’t know, sorry” and is all confused. “You don’t know if you require assistance?” Her confusion is making this all worse. She probably could have threatened me with jail time right then and I still wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing.

I somehow manage to control myself long enough to clarify, “No, I don’t require assistance. Sorry about that.


“Sir, are you medicated right now?”

Omg, hahahahaha. I bite my lip so hard I think I draw blood and see stars. I know she thinks I’m being a total asshole–and I am–but I can’t stop myself.

For the entertainment factor alone, I call that interview a win. She probably hopes to be reassigned before it is census time again.

Meet Shrekjr

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Some of you may only know Shrekjr from the occasional comments he leaves here. That’s unfortunate and needs to be rectified immediately. To those of you who came around post-Shrek, here is some backstory on the man, the myth and the legend.

The toon known as Shrekjr was an orc warrior, but that was not his first toon. In fact, it took more than a little convincing to get Gov (pre-Shrek identity) to even play the game. Gov, Arioch and I all worked for the same company. Our building was a perfect little square with a fairly private parking lot surrounding it. While other employees went out so smoke, Arioch would choose to walk a few circuits around the building. Gov and I would sometimes accompany her.

Ari would talk about this game she was playing called WoW and her character, a night elf warrior. These walks eventually became known as “WoW Walks”, even when the rare topic was something besides the game. I was the first to be brainwashed into the cult. It would be a few months before Shrekjr broke down and got a Battlechest for himself.

In remembering early SR/House Vol history, you may recall that we were playing Alliance on an RP server at the time. While Shrekjr might have blocked the memory out, the fact is that even he started out playing Alliance.

He made a draenei hunter then stared at the character select screen, stuck at what to name him. I told him he could press Randomize and get a name, but most likely it would be taken. Because Shrekjr loves nothing more than proving me wrong, he pressed Randomize, accepted the first name it gave him and somehow ended up with a name that wasn’t already taken.

So Varubuulon was born.

Eventually he got his hunter leveled up enough to tame his very first pet. He grabbed one of the shadow panther kitties around the Exodar and gave it the classy name of “Mipussi”. We were on an RP server that took its names seriously, so there was some concern that the name would be forced to be changed. Mipussi got a new name, but I think it’s something Shrek still regrets changing.

One of the funniest moments came when Var was in the mid-30’s level and Shrek took a closer look at the character he had been playing. “Wait a minute…I have a tail?!?”

Of course, Varubuulon was just a starter character for what was to come. The Great Migration to Horde PvP saw the draenei hunter become an orc warrior. This is where Shrek really came into his own.

As much as I wasn’t a fan of PvP, it was something that Shrekjr thrived on. “If it’s red, it’s dead” was his motto. He didn’t care what level it was; he never even checked it. He rushed level 70s all the time as a 20-something. And since I was usually questing with him, it meant I would die, too.

Basically Zarigar was his little pocket healer and occasionally his personal rezzer, as well. Once, while questing in Hillsbrad, we got caught up in a “raid” on the ally town of Southshore. With about 20 other hordies, we swooped in and killed all the players and NPCs there. I think that is one of his favorite memories of the whole game.

His other favorite activity besides killing Alliance was controlling the auction house. He would spend hours there too, buying low and selling high. He had a mostly automated process that was confusing to me when I would watch it in person, but he made gold hand over fist.

Unfortunately, the coming of Wrath meant the end of Shrekjr. His computer wasn’t able to handle the system requirements of the new expansion, and it wasn’t practical to buy a new computer for a game. Understandably, he also wasn’t very interested in playing just the vanilla/TBC content while everyone else was exploring the new aspects of the game.

So sadly, Shrekjr cancelled his account when his prepaid time was up. I still wish he had funneled all his money to me beforehand, though. Ni hao!

Shrekjr doesn’t play anymore, but I still bug him with WoW details and I make him follow along with my blog. He started a blog of his own, so now I can return the favor. You can follow his random thoughts at Gov’s World. It’s a new blog but I hear he has lots of ideas for upcoming posts and he has a great sense of writing humorously. Check it out.

Ghostlands almost done…now what?

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Notari the mage project only has a couple of quests left in Ghostlands. They are the end of that zone group quests that will finish out that zone and take me to exalted with Tranquillen (…yay?). I might just skip and go on to the next zone, except I’m not sure what that should be.

With Lorethos as Undead, he did the zones around Undercity until the game tried to push him into Hillsbrad Foothills. I remember it being pretty ganky when Zarigar was leveling, so I wasn’t too eager to go there again. I did some low level Barrens quests then took off for the less populated 1000 Needles.

The quests there were a little above my level, but it was empty and I didn’t get killed. Now that I think about it, I probably should have taken a look at Stonetalon; I think I’ve bypassed that zone every time I’ve played.

Or I could just say screw it and do the majority of my leveling through dungeon loops. Ooh, I could be that terrible frost mage that other people blog about who keeps pulling aggro in low-level dungeons. I could be famous, y’all!

Or I could just go back to Hillsbrad and accept that a PvP server means I will be killed occasionally.


[Non-WoW related filler]

I written before about how I’m not really a big fan of driving. Even so, I absolutely hate being without my car. I could sit in my house for days and not go anywhere, but the minute I don’t have my car it seems there are 453 places I absolutely have to go RIGHT THAT MINUTE.

On Saturday night I left my car at Shrekjr’s house while we went drinking and the IM on my phone that night is filled with rambling about how I needed to get my car. Obviously I wasn’t able to drive it and there was no reason to need it, but I still wanted it in my parking space.

Sunday when I retrieved it, I noticed the A/C was barely working. Apparently when you have a car for 36 years and you don’t do any maintenance on it it comes back to bite you. Driving in a car in California in the summertime with no A/C. No thank you.

My laziness for car maintenance is well known. I’ll drive around with the sticker on my windshield mocking me that I was supposed to get my oil changed 4 months prior. I drove around with squeaky brakes until it took half a block for me to stop at a stop sign. I was so proud of changing my own windshield wipers once, until they flew off once in the middle of a rainstorm when Shrekjr and I were on our way to a casino.

But I need A/C. It’s too hot to be without. And screw you people who go “but at least it’s a dry heat”. STFU. Hot is hot. I probably would die of suffocation if I went somewhere where the humidity was out of control, I’m not denying that, but I have no tolerance for hot.

So I already have my car taken in to get that fixed. And I wait. And think about all of these places I mysteriously want to go to now but I can’t because I haz no car.

I’m sure I could have made this WoW-related by trying to tie it to how Notari felt when she had no mount, but that is a stretch even for me. So instead you get shameless RL post.

Mom and dad are away this weekend!

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No guild leader or raid leader! Whoo hoo! Party time!

Since this is WoW, though, we party by raiding. (Omg, did I really just type that?) There were a couple of people who kind of weren’t feeling the idea of raiding, but we made them come anyway. (giggity) I think Njeri and Nel even flipped a coin to see who had to got to come along. Njeri “won” and brought along her mage for yummy strudel and Int buff.

The rest of the raid was a mix of main toons and geared alts. I know I’ve said this before, but the toons on screen may be different, but the people at the keyboards were the same. Skill > gear.

We go in and I get a little Mind-Sear-happy on trash and die. Release and run in. It’s just habit by now. No lookey loos waiting for rezzes in the raid! Our worst luck comes when we someone trigger ever trap in the place and we have 3 giants running around.

Wipe…however….we won’t do that again for a while. Even though it started a bit rocky, that ended up being a very smooth run.

Lower Spire: bam, bam, bam everything down. I do have to offer a special “fuck you” to Marrowgar for insisting on bone spiking me 50-11 times. And I did get a little nervous when the Blood Beast would get uncomfortable close to me. But otherwise it was business as usual.

Oops, I lied. We did have one more wipe, and that was when we got the rotting-giant-pass-the-disease-around weekly. We ended up pulling the trash and the giant, so our first attempt was a bit of a clusterfuck. The second time was like a well-oiled machine. Slice was calmly telling people where to go, who to pass the disease off to next.

And what happened? Not one single person died that second time. People say it’s an “easy” weekly and I never really agreed, since my only experience with it was people dying constantly and running back in in a repeating pattern.

Rotface and Fester go down. Boom boom. Someone remarks that it seems like the bosses are going down faster than normal. Professor…down. Again, I don’t think we lost a single person in the wing.

Blood Princes. No pet classes. Oh well, will have to watch for kinetic bombs ourselves. Boom, Princes are eating dirt.

Blood Queen. A tiny issue with not running when the dark shadow were chasing someone and all the bad got kind of clumped up in the middle. But no one freaked out. Boom, down. I even got the “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” achievement.

Dreamwalker. Someone said it took a long time to heal her up, but I was just focusing on killing and killing. Boom, she goes….up?

Just to clarify: every boss up to Sindragosa was one-shotted. I have done the Sindy fight many times but she has never gone down for me (giggity). Was tonight going to be the night?

I won’t keep anyone in suspense: no.

The odd thing is I really like this fight. There are a shit-ton of things going on and it requires everyone to be aware at all times. One random slip-up from someone is all it takes to make everything come down. Still, I think this fight is a lot of fun and it will be that much sweeter when she finally dies.

I got to be the DE person last night and awesomely there wasn’t a whole lot to DE. Most of the drops were usable by someone, so that’s always a good thing. I even wrestled some bracers from Njeri’s mage. Don’t feel bad for her, she went home with many prizes; 3 different spellcaster staffs dropped and she had her choice of them.

Giving a special shout-out to Slice for stepping up and keeping the raid together in the absence of our usual leadership crew. And a big cheer to everyone else who came in and did their job and made it a fun experience.

When alts become mains

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One of the projects I have for this site is to write up a separate page with a “who’s who” breakdown of my toons. While I started this blog to write about my shammy Zarigar, I ended up posting about my other characters. Some of them I didn’t name at first (shadow priest…mage project) and then I said to hell with it and started referring to them by name. I don’t know if I was confusing people so I thought a handy dandy scorecard would be helpful to have.

While writing it, I realized that I have been neglecting Zarigar more and more to play my shadow priest, Lorethos. Apparently it’s not that uncommon: Arioch posted about playing Selwyn more, Slice has been favoring his pally over his priest, and other guildies have been bringing in their “alt” toons to raids.

Like other people have mentioned, it’s not that I don’t like my main toon anymore or don’t want to play him ever again. I just have something new that is fun in a different way.

[more annoying backstory]

For the longest time Lorethos was considered an alt, but he’s actually been around as long as Zarigar. When we abandoned the RP Alliance toons to switch to Horde PvP, I considered rerolling a priest. I had a [then]max level draenei priest so that was what I knew and thought I would just level another one. Then I decided to do something new and tried shaman and so Zarigar was born.

I leveled Lorethos up a little bit but kind of discarded him in favor of playing Zarigar full-time. I didn’t even give him the decency of being a bank alt. I didn’t even bother to delete him. He simply sat in Undercity collecting mold and mildew.

Our original PvP server at that time was high pop and often had queue times just to log in. Players on that server were given the opportunity to transfer to specified servers for free; so at that time the decision was made to transfer over to Drak’Tharon. I was hesitant to transfer Zarigar over since I had never done a transfer before and didn’t know what would happen, how long it would take, etc. The only other character who met the minimum level 10 requirement was Lorethos.

So he became my transfer guinea pig. Because of that, he is actually the first character in my selection screen for Drak’Tharon. Once I saw he was safely transferred over, then I moved Zarigar to the new server.

[/annoying backstory]

But, of course, Zarigar stayed my main. Until a few months ago when Lorethos finally dinged 80.

Zarigar was brought in for some Sindragos attempts a couple of weeks back, but beyond that, I don’t really remember the last time I went raiding with him. Erm, actually I’m not sure when I even logged into him last. I know I logged in last week to pick up the Brew of the Month. Beyond that…

I’m just having a lot more fun playing my priest now. I laugh, though, that it comes right when Arioch and Tirael are into playing their priests as well. In the last 25 ICC I was one of 4 priests overall and 3 shadow priests. (I would have been shammy #5 if I had brought Zarigar so there would have duplicates with either toon.)

I do feel behind the curve a bit; Lorethos isn’t as geared as Zarigar but I think he has much more potential to become a dps powerhouse. When I Mind Sear and see eleventy billion yellow numbers across my screen I have to fan myself. I don’t have to worry about dropping/recalling totems and am I using the right totem and omg did the raid leader call for lust?

Zarigar is not getting abandoned but I think, for the moment, he will be on hiatus. I still consider him my main, but what is Lorethos? I can’t really consider him an alt anymore.

Maybe co-mains?