When alts become mains

One of the projects I have for this site is to write up a separate page with a “who’s who” breakdown of my toons. While I started this blog to write about my shammy Zarigar, I ended up posting about my other characters. Some of them I didn’t name at first (shadow priest…mage project) and then I said to hell with it and started referring to them by name. I don’t know if I was confusing people so I thought a handy dandy scorecard would be helpful to have.

While writing it, I realized that I have been neglecting Zarigar more and more to play my shadow priest, Lorethos. Apparently it’s not that uncommon: Arioch posted about playing Selwyn more, Slice has been favoring his pally over his priest, and other guildies have been bringing in their “alt” toons to raids.

Like other people have mentioned, it’s not that I don’t like my main toon anymore or don’t want to play him ever again. I just have something new that is fun in a different way.

[more annoying backstory]

For the longest time Lorethos was considered an alt, but he’s actually been around as long as Zarigar. When we abandoned the RP Alliance toons to switch to Horde PvP, I considered rerolling a priest. I had a [then]max level draenei priest so that was what I knew and thought I would just level another one. Then I decided to do something new and tried shaman and so Zarigar was born.

I leveled Lorethos up a little bit but kind of discarded him in favor of playing Zarigar full-time. I didn’t even give him the decency of being a bank alt. I didn’t even bother to delete him. He simply sat in Undercity collecting mold and mildew.

Our original PvP server at that time was high pop and often had queue times just to log in. Players on that server were given the opportunity to transfer to specified servers for free; so at that time the decision was made to transfer over to Drak’Tharon. I was hesitant to transfer Zarigar over since I had never done a transfer before and didn’t know what would happen, how long it would take, etc. The only other character who met the minimum level 10 requirement was Lorethos.

So he became my transfer guinea pig. Because of that, he is actually the first character in my selection screen for Drak’Tharon. Once I saw he was safely transferred over, then I moved Zarigar to the new server.

[/annoying backstory]

But, of course, Zarigar stayed my main. Until a few months ago when Lorethos finally dinged 80.

Zarigar was brought in for some Sindragos attempts a couple of weeks back, but beyond that, I don’t really remember the last time I went raiding with him. Erm, actually I’m not sure when I even logged into him last. I know I logged in last week to pick up the Brew of the Month. Beyond that…

I’m just having a lot more fun playing my priest now. I laugh, though, that it comes right when Arioch and Tirael are into playing their priests as well. In the last 25 ICC I was one of 4 priests overall and 3 shadow priests. (I would have been shammy #5 if I had brought Zarigar so there would have duplicates with either toon.)

I do feel behind the curve a bit; Lorethos isn’t as geared as Zarigar but I think he has much more potential to become a dps powerhouse. When I Mind Sear and see eleventy billion yellow numbers across my screen I have to fan myself. I don’t have to worry about dropping/recalling totems and am I using the right totem and omg did the raid leader call for lust?

Zarigar is not getting abandoned but I think, for the moment, he will be on hiatus. I still consider him my main, but what is Lorethos? I can’t really consider him an alt anymore.

Maybe co-mains?


4 Responses to “When alts become mains”

  1. ShrekJr Says:

    Cliff notes recap of previous blog – Zarigar is nothing without ShrekJr, time to find a new toon.

  2. typhron Says:

    Co-mains is a good word for it. They’re just above being an alt, as they’re rather important characters you put your time and love into, but they’re not quite mains, characters whom you play often and want to continue playing over others.

    It’s quite a common thing, actually. :v

  3. I guess the true test will be to see which one gets to 85 first

  4. Eeee… which one to 85 first… >.<

    I know I'm going to want Arioch to be first, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to need the heals…. gah.

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