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Dirty HoR

Posted in heroic with tags , , on July 30, 2010 by zarigar

(Wonder what freaky google hits I’ll get off that title…)

My priest had been rocking a staff out on 10-man ICC for a while when he finally got his hands on a nifty dagger from 25-man ICC. Paired with a decent offhand, it would have been a nice upgrade for him.

When I went rooting through my bags and my bank, however, I saw that there was no real offhand to be found. I had leveled up using the BoA staff, then apparently segued to another staff before picking up the one from ICC.

There were some emblem offhands I could have picked up. But they were so ghetto compared to the stuff I had. It seemed criminal to pair my awesome dagger with something that stopped being cool 4 patches ago.

I knew there was an offhand in heroic Halls of Reflection, but that was pretty much the last place I ever wanted to farm for anything. It’s funny that in this time of epics dropping from the sky that it can still give groups so much trouble. I half-heartedly tried to farm it a few times, but the results were miserable.

Queuing as dps for HoR is a lesson in patience. I considered healing it for half a second before I pushed such nonsense thoughts away. The queue for it usually took forever.

Then, when the instance finally popped up, it was a gamble to see if people would even stick around.

“fuck no”

“I’m not doing this.”

[drop] [drop]

I don’t think I’d ever seen people drop out of Oculus that fast. Well, before they started bribing you for sticking around and finishing it. Where’s my blue drake, dammit?!?!?!

If too many people dropped (or just the tank and heals) then the group usually fell apart. And then I would have to re-queue all over again or else just say “fuck it” and see what was on TV.

Sidenote: I totally don’t blame the people who drop it. Since I wasn’t going to heal it, I couldn’t feel upset that other people didn’t want to, either. I tried to do a heroic one day on Helaena and I got HoR, dropped it, then tried again when the deserter debuff wore off. Then I got HoR again and decided Blizz was sending me a message and it was “no emblems for you today, bitch.”

So if I got a group that stuck around, my next step was seeing what competition I would have for the offhand should it drop. A group with mages and locks made me cry, though I had previously seen a pally make off with it once, so I pretty much eyed everyone suspiciously. A group of hunters and rogues was ideal.

And then, of course, you had to actually get through the instance. The offhand drops after the Lich King chase, so I couldn’t just do a certain boss and drop. (Not that I would ever do that……What?) If a group got a boss down but couldn’t go further, then I was saved for nothing. Better luck tomorrow!

And then if you manage to get all the way through, you have to pray that it actually drops. And then if it drops you hope you can win it. I know this sounds elitist and the RNG is just being a spiteful bitch, but it sucks when you do 40% of the damage and the mage who does 12% walks off with it. You just have to grit your teeth and keep on trying.

So a few nights ago, it finally came together: got into HoR, no one dropped, made it through the instance, the offhand drops…

…and the lock rolls Need.

…and I roll Need.

The lock gets a 38.

And I get a 42.

Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

But there is one more hurdle to overcome: The Desperate Plea. (No, not that thing that pallys use to get more mana or something.)

“Please I don’t have anything in my offhand.”

Welcome to my world. Chin up, at least you now have one less person farming it against you.

With my offhand finally acquired, I could switch my staff for my dagger (that sounded vaguely dirty). I lost some GS (oh noez!) but gained some SP (huzzah!). Now at least I have a starting point to work with; I’ll be keeping my shifty eyes out for any possible upgrades.


I have to gouge my own eyes out now

Posted in Blogging with tags on July 27, 2010 by zarigar

Poking around the dashboard for my blog, I was looking at some of the search terms that led poor, hapless people to this site. There are many variations of “mohawk troll/mohawk/troll mohawk/mohawk” and I wonder how many of them were not WoW-related.

Troll trade macros is still generating a lot of hits. Whenever I see an xbox 360 I just do a 360 and walk away. Har har.

There’s also “it’s so hot outside”. Um, ok. Were people just posting their random observations into google?

One search for “census” which made me giggle. Sir, are you on medication?

“vdw resto shammy beating holy paladin” A healing reference…how cute that someone thought they would find one here.

“does earthbind totem effect blood beasts” Yes, it does. Make sure it is up when blood beast come out to slow them down. And then Thunderstorm them if you haven’t glyphed the knockback effect away.

“the name of little troll with the green” Green what? Hair? Because this blog doesn’t really talk about the trolls I suspect you’re looking for:

omg nudity

But the most disturbing search was apparently inspired by a post made back in June. My innocent post was the google result of someone doing a search of “i fuck mom when dad is away”.



There is not enough bleach to make me feel clean again.

More 25’s hate

Posted in ICC with tags , , on July 21, 2010 by zarigar

Apparently I’m just a big, old liar. Especially when I present an opinion or thought and put it into writing. Zarigar going into retirement? Ha, fooled you, he’s back in ICC the next week. I’m bored and have nothing to do? Oh, hey look, I now have an interest in this druid I haven’t played for 17 months.

I’ve ranted about 25’s before. And then I had to go and comment that 25’s are not so bad. Which means I now have to go back to my original stance on 25’s.

I think what lulled me into a sense of fun was that I was taking my priest in. I love raiding with my priest much more than my shammy. (What is that sound? Is it the sound of a troll heart breaking?) My shaman is a smidge better geared than my priest, but the difference isn’t very big–per GS the difference is maybe a couple hundred IIRC.

There are usually other shamans and priests in the 25 man so it rarely comes down to bringing a certain class because we are lacking one. If anything, there are a lot of both priests and shaman. >.<

But I’m veering off track here. 25’s hate…stay focused.

In my original 25 hate post, I mentioned the stress of having to manage 25 people and that is true today. I think there are some people that don’t really care about their performance in a big group. Or they take advantage of the fact that these bigger raids need people to fill them so they manage to snag an invite before they may be ready.

Now, I will admit that when I started to bring my priest in, I was totally counting on that second part. My priest had maybe been in a few ToCs but nothing else really, raid-wise. I, the player, did have the experience via Zarigar and I was going from caster dps to caster dps, so I had fingers crossed that the ramp-up would be minimal. Still, I was expecting and ready to switch out to my shaman if it turned out my priest was underperforming badly or holding the rest back.

Even though I wanted to play a certain character, I had to be prepared for the possibility that he would be holding the raid back. It’s kind of dorky to be like “yay, team” but a raid is a team and should feel like one.

Often it does not.

If the raid leader says “focus target skull”, why does he then need to repeat several times to stop doing AoE? People are in vent, do they just pretend to not hear? The ice shards from your blizzard are not invisible; we can all see them and know where they are coming from.

Last night’s raid had 3 shadow priests, all of us forsaken. And in shadowform we all look pretty much the same. So many times I would hear the call to focus on a target and just as many times I saw the telltale purple beam of Mind Sear. Being cast repeatedly.

Every time it would piss me off.

Not because they were obviously trying to prop up their numbers (I truly don’t care about that). More because they didn’t care to listen. And since the 3 of us were all basically twins, I didn’t want to be mistaken as the one who was not listening and just off doing whatever the hell I wanted.

There is a reason certain targets get called to be focused down. Often it’s because they deal the most damage and have abilities to hurt the raid severely. Focusing on a target when told to is usually in your best interest. Continuing to AoE when everyone else is focusing is selfish in that someone is putting their own personal numbers over the well-being of the whole raid.

Yes, the trash gets cleared even with some people not listening. But what if everyone just decided to not listen and boost up their numbers as much as possible? There would be aggro everywhere and people pulling god knows how many and our corpses would be scattered all over the floor.

The selective listening continues in other ways. Festergut is freakishly easy on 1o man; in 25’s it’s a nightmare. There is always some issue with the people out in ranged. Usually it’s because people don’t collapse or the one person in ranged with a spore runs off. Last night we had more tank issue problems then ranged, but it is still a fight I kind of dread on 25.

(And I will totally call myself out for dying last night on Fester. I opted to not get the spore debuff and instead Disperse myself through the blight, only I slipped and hit Disperse too soon and pretty much knew my CD wasn’t going to be ready again in time. >.<)

Unless you have the same 25 people each week, I think it’s difficult to get the “team” mentality from a lot of them. In the smaller 10 mans, there is much more accountability for each individual raider.

I still like some aspects of the 25’s and will still continue to be a part of them; I just find some parts of them to be frustrating. When the 10 and 25 raids are changed to drop the same loot, I don’t foresee a whole lot of 25’s happening.

Why bother?

C’mon get happy

Posted in Random with tags , , on July 20, 2010 by zarigar

Whoops. Looks like I’ve been a naughty blogger and have been absent for a while. But I wasn’t gone a whole month like Arioch so at least that’s something.

[/throwing others under bus]


I had a nice weekend in the mountains, even though I returned home a lovely shade of pink. I guess that’s a step up from bone white.

I also had the bright idea of turning off the A/C while I was gone. The problem with that is you come home to a hot, stuffy house that probably won’t feel cool again until November.

Oh well.

I’m back at work now, which means I don’t want to work…which means a new post.


I have a half-written draft post about pugs but complaining about bad pugs is so 2009, so let’s flip it up a bit. Yay for heroic pug runs that don’t make you want to hate all people.

Yay to the people who say “hello” and actually talk to each other in a pug. I know, it should be considered sad that people exchanging pleasantries is sometimes shocking. But there are so many silent runs that it’s nice to know…interaction in a social game.

Yay to the people who set down a fish feast. Yes, it’s H UK. No, it wasn’t needed and probably wouldn’t make a difference one way or another. But it’s a nice gesture and still appreciated.

Yay to people who still use heroics to gear up. I admit, cynical me sometimes raises an eyebrow and assumes a ninja is amongst us. But then I see the GS and think “oh 2500, yes, please take those bracers, they will be an awesome upgrade” and cheer them. And then I go sit in a corner and reflect on what happened to that sweet, innocent troll I knew so long ago.

Yay to the people who use their other abilities that aren’t pewpew lazors. I’ve said this many times, but healing with a priest sucks when there is poison involved. And it sucks even more when multiple people are poisoned at the same time (totally looking at you, giant worm thing in UP). So I very much appreciate it when someone takes 2 whole seconds to dispel it off instead of me fighting to keep everyone up.


There. A happy post. Good thing I got it done now. If this sunburn starts to itch and peel then I will revert back to my cranky self with cranky posts.

Only read this if you have nothing better to do

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So I had written a few posts back about how Zarigar skipped the entire Midsummer Event and I stopped playing for a while and I wasn’t really sure why. This week it hit me. I had to have been watching Big Brother.

Big Brother?


Mock if you will.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Big Brother is a cheesy reality show where a dozen or so people are locked into a house all summer with cameras recording their every move. When I call is cheesy I say it with love. BB is different than other shows in that it is live.

Unlike other shows which are filmed months in advance then edited into coherent storylines, the game of BB is happening right now. So the producers have to scramble with only days or hours to create and edit the shows that get broadcast. Because of that, there is often a low-budget feel to the show.

Also, because it is a live show, people can subscribe to CBS’s feeds and watch what goes on in the house live. So there’s a nice voyeur aspect of this show that separates it from others.

While they are being watched, they are playing a game similar to other reality shows: they play for prizes and power and vote each other out one by one.

This show used to be my shameful secret but now I openly confess to loving it.

I only watched the feed aspect one season. A friend of mine bought a subscription and let me use her log-in and password. Initially it was kind of interesting watching the people I had seen on TV go about their “lives” but it actually gets boring pretty quickly.

Watching someone brush their teeth or make dinner? Yawn. Often they’ve put their camera on someone sleeping, so you could literally watch someone take a nap. No thanks.

Thankfully there are other people who find such things fascinating, and will spend their hours glued to the screen. These brave souls sit through a lot of mind numbing stuff (would your life be interesting if every minute of your day was recorded?) to get through the good stuff. The uncensored fights and the people screaming at each other gets saved and youtubed within minutes.

It’s like having tivo. You can just choose to watch only the good parts and ignore the rest. Even if I wasn’t actually watching the day to day power struggles, I was keeping up on it via various forums and blogs.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how involved I get into this show. I will happily chat about Survivor or The Amazing Race, but Big Brother often feels like a dirty little secret. It’s not “Rock of Love” shameful, but it has its moments.

Last night was the premiere episode, and it culminated with the house split into teams of 2 racing to get their team from one end of the backyard to the other while riding giant hot dogs. Yes, giant hot dogs. And did I mention they were being squirted with ketchup and mustard while they tried to cling to their hot dog?

I watched it and thought “this is why people think this show is trashy”. It offered no less than 6 people complaining about how difficult it was to hang on to the “slippery, giant wiener”.

Classy? No. But I expected nothing less.

I actually intended to segue this into something WoW-related, but I’ve rambled long enough. I apologize to anyone who actually read this entire thing.

What do I want from Cataclysm

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , on July 7, 2010 by zarigar

I haven’t written very much about Cataclysm because I haven’t really been keeping up on all of the information coming out about it. It’s not that I’m trying to remain unspoiled–it would be pretty naive of me to think I could get away with hearing nothing–but  I’m also not particularly seeking out information about it, either. If I go to a blog I normally read and there is something there about Cata, I will read it.

There is a lot of exciting stuff coming out, and part of me doesn’t want to see something that I will really love and get my hopes up, only to see it not happen. I couldn’t have cared less about the new dances, but I know there are some people still bitter that that never materialized.

I did see screenshots of troll druids with mohawks (zomg MOHAWKS!!!!!111) while in bear form and that piqued my interest. Path of Titans? What, what, who cared about that? It’s all about the mohawk, baby. If for some reason that doesn’t make the final game, I probably would be disappointed.

So that got me to thinking, what am I really looking forward to when the expansion comes? What will I want to do?

First things, first…someone will need to get to 85. Most likely it will be one of my currents 80s, so either Zarigar, Lorethos or Helaena. I don’t believe I will have another 80 by then, and anything is possible, but let’s just go with the characters I have now.

Most likely it will not be Helaena, since she is pretty much alone and I would like to experience the new zones with my guildies. (Fingers crossed SR doesn’t implode by then.) My head says I should use Zarigar, but I’m pretty torn between him and Lorethos. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up leveling them simultaneously. That might be effective, going back and forth passing the rest XP while leveling them, though that means I won’t have a maxed out toon again for a while.

Next on my list is a tauren pally. I think I’m the only one in the guild without a paladin. Well, technically that’s not true–I do have a level 1 belf that just hangs out in Silvermoon all day and handles all my banking. I already have a mage (Notari) and death knight (Sabryel) who are blood elves and I don’t really want an army of them, so I have been holding off on making a paladin until they can be cows.

New races: yep, gotta get me some of those, too. Yes, Shrekjr, Alliance is the devil, but there will be a worgen somewhere. Possibly on the RP server with Helaena, since I kind of consider the PvP server for Horde only.

So then I will put the goblin on the PvP server with my other high level hordies. As for which classes these new characters will be? Who knows. I don’t think I can choose yet what I was to play them as. I will probably sit at the computer for an hour, seeing how each class looks on them, seeing what happens when I alter features, seeing what is a good “fit” for each one.

Of course, this is all what I’m thinking today. Once the game actually comes out all these plans might have changed 57 times.

The pendulum swings back

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on July 6, 2010 by zarigar

Well, I was tentatively planning to finish the holiday stuff this weekend, but then I just…didn’t. I couldn’t really muster up the enthusiasm to travel all over the world, peeing on Alliance fires. Even the freebie frost emblems from Ahune lost some of their luster.

I’ve tried to convince myself I didn’t care since I ended up getting the holiday pet for both of them. But that is kind of a weird justification, since I don’t normally care about collecting pets at all.

Instead, I’ve once more turned to playing my draenei priest. I mentioned before that I wanted to take advantage of the extra emblems from Ahune for her, since she doesn’t really raid and has never set foot in ICC.

I took a closer look at her this weekend and realized she is a bit of a mess. She and Lorethos both leveled to 80 at about the same time using the same method: via the LFG tool. As a consequence, neither one did a whole lot of questing in Northrend, including the various rep grinds.

For Lorethos, that wasn’t a big deal, since he had a main that had done most of them and it wasn’t a necessity that he unlock them. Helaena, though, is all by herself in RP server land. No Hodir enchant for Lorethos? No problem, Zarigar will go pick one up and mail it to him.

There is no such support for Helaena, though. When I realized I was missing a shoulder enchant, I was halfway to Dun Nifflesomething when I saw that she hadn’t even unlocked that rep yet. Those frost giants would just throw snowballs at her if she tried to buy a shoulder enchant.

So now her project gets to be working on that rep and getting the frost giants to love her. Which means going out into the world and questing in shadow spec. It’s kind of awkward because I don’t really think of her as shadow, and her “shadow” gear reflects that. (Though, sadly, I think she is wearing hit boots because that is the best she has gotten her hands on so far.)

My SR toons have been spoiled with regular ICC raids and epics falling from the sky. Those selfish bastages take everything for granted! My lonely priestess is just trying to scrape by and make it in the world.

And yet I’m having just as much fun playing her.