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What do I want from Cataclysm

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , on July 7, 2010 by zarigar

I haven’t written very much about Cataclysm because I haven’t really been keeping up on all of the information coming out about it. It’s not that I’m trying to remain unspoiled–it would be pretty naive of me to think I could get away with hearing nothing–but  I’m also not particularly seeking out information about it, either. If I go to a blog I normally read and there is something there about Cata, I will read it.

There is a lot of exciting stuff coming out, and part of me doesn’t want to see something that I will really love and get my hopes up, only to see it not happen. I couldn’t have cared less about the new dances, but I know there are some people still bitter that that never materialized.

I did see screenshots of troll druids with mohawks (zomg MOHAWKS!!!!!111) while in bear form and that piqued my interest. Path of Titans? What, what, who cared about that? It’s all about the mohawk, baby. If for some reason that doesn’t make the final game, I probably would be disappointed.

So that got me to thinking, what am I really looking forward to when the expansion comes? What will I want to do?

First things, first…someone will need to get to 85. Most likely it will be one of my currents 80s, so either Zarigar, Lorethos or Helaena. I don’t believe I will have another 80 by then, and anything is possible, but let’s just go with the characters I have now.

Most likely it will not be Helaena, since she is pretty much alone and I would like to experience the new zones with my guildies. (Fingers crossed SR doesn’t implode by then.) My head says I should use Zarigar, but I’m pretty torn between him and Lorethos. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up leveling them simultaneously. That might be effective, going back and forth passing the rest XP while leveling them, though that means I won’t have a maxed out toon again for a while.

Next on my list is a tauren pally. I think I’m the only one in the guild without a paladin. Well, technically that’s not true–I do have a level 1 belf that just hangs out in Silvermoon all day and handles all my banking. I already have a mage (Notari) and death knight (Sabryel) who are blood elves and I don’t really want an army of them, so I have been holding off on making a paladin until they can be cows.

New races: yep, gotta get me some of those, too. Yes, Shrekjr, Alliance is the devil, but there will be a worgen somewhere. Possibly on the RP server with Helaena, since I kind of consider the PvP server for Horde only.

So then I will put the goblin on the PvP server with my other high level hordies. As for which classes these new characters will be? Who knows. I don’t think I can choose yet what I was to play them as. I will probably sit at the computer for an hour, seeing how each class looks on them, seeing what happens when I alter features, seeing what is a good “fit” for each one.

Of course, this is all what I’m thinking today. Once the game actually comes out all these plans might have changed 57 times.