More 25’s hate

Apparently I’m just a big, old liar. Especially when I present an opinion or thought and put it into writing. Zarigar going into retirement? Ha, fooled you, he’s back in ICC the next week. I’m bored and have nothing to do? Oh, hey look, I now have an interest in this druid I haven’t played for 17 months.

I’ve ranted about 25’s before. And then I had to go and comment that 25’s are not so bad. Which means I now have to go back to my original stance on 25’s.

I think what lulled me into a sense of fun was that I was taking my priest in. I love raiding with my priest much more than my shammy. (What is that sound? Is it the sound of a troll heart breaking?) My shaman is a smidge better geared than my priest, but the difference isn’t very big–per GS the difference is maybe a couple hundred IIRC.

There are usually other shamans and priests in the 25 man so it rarely comes down to bringing a certain class because we are lacking one. If anything, there are a lot of both priests and shaman. >.<

But I’m veering off track here. 25’s hate…stay focused.

In my original 25 hate post, I mentioned the stress of having to manage 25 people and that is true today. I think there are some people that don’t really care about their performance in a big group. Or they take advantage of the fact that these bigger raids need people to fill them so they manage to snag an invite before they may be ready.

Now, I will admit that when I started to bring my priest in, I was totally counting on that second part. My priest had maybe been in a few ToCs but nothing else really, raid-wise. I, the player, did have the experience via Zarigar and I was going from caster dps to caster dps, so I had fingers crossed that the ramp-up would be minimal. Still, I was expecting and ready to switch out to my shaman if it turned out my priest was underperforming badly or holding the rest back.

Even though I wanted to play a certain character, I had to be prepared for the possibility that he would be holding the raid back. It’s kind of dorky to be like “yay, team” but a raid is a team and should feel like one.

Often it does not.

If the raid leader says “focus target skull”, why does he then need to repeat several times to stop doing AoE? People are in vent, do they just pretend to not hear? The ice shards from your blizzard are not invisible; we can all see them and know where they are coming from.

Last night’s raid had 3 shadow priests, all of us forsaken. And in shadowform we all look pretty much the same. So many times I would hear the call to focus on a target and just as many times I saw the telltale purple beam of Mind Sear. Being cast repeatedly.

Every time it would piss me off.

Not because they were obviously trying to prop up their numbers (I truly don’t care about that). More because they didn’t care to listen. And since the 3 of us were all basically twins, I didn’t want to be mistaken as the one who was not listening and just off doing whatever the hell I wanted.

There is a reason certain targets get called to be focused down. Often it’s because they deal the most damage and have abilities to hurt the raid severely. Focusing on a target when told to is usually in your best interest. Continuing to AoE when everyone else is focusing is selfish in that someone is putting their own personal numbers over the well-being of the whole raid.

Yes, the trash gets cleared even with some people not listening. But what if everyone just decided to not listen and boost up their numbers as much as possible? There would be aggro everywhere and people pulling god knows how many and our corpses would be scattered all over the floor.

The selective listening continues in other ways. Festergut is freakishly easy on 1o man; in 25’s it’s a nightmare. There is always some issue with the people out in ranged. Usually it’s because people don’t collapse or the one person in ranged with a spore runs off. Last night we had more tank issue problems then ranged, but it is still a fight I kind of dread on 25.

(And I will totally call myself out for dying last night on Fester. I opted to not get the spore debuff and instead Disperse myself through the blight, only I slipped and hit Disperse too soon and pretty much knew my CD wasn’t going to be ready again in time. >.<)

Unless you have the same 25 people each week, I think it’s difficult to get the “team” mentality from a lot of them. In the smaller 10 mans, there is much more accountability for each individual raider.

I still like some aspects of the 25’s and will still continue to be a part of them; I just find some parts of them to be frustrating. When the 10 and 25 raids are changed to drop the same loot, I don’t foresee a whole lot of 25’s happening.

Why bother?

One Response to “More 25’s hate”

  1. Fester was a pain this week…..

    x2…dont taunt till yout stacks fade…ok….what happened again…/facepalm

    I still need that damn shield….i think we need to sacrifice maor trolls

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