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Unholy terror

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On the RP server, along with Helaena, the other toon I regularly played there was a nelf hunter. She did a lot of questing with Shrekjr’s hunter and they got to about level 50. Even though I leveled her up pretty high I just never really got a sense of the class.

While it was cool to have a pet to send out and do some tanking for you, I wasn’t a big fan of having to keep my eye on 2 health bars. I also hated how you had to keep feeding your pet so they would stay “happy” or some such nonsense. (I haven’t played in so long I don’t even know if that’s still going on.) A frowny pet did less damage and was all pissy at you.

And she was a true huntard. I never really developed any kiting or pro hunter skills. I would just send the pet out and pewpew its target. If I had ever gotten her to 80 and put her in a raid, the first time she was asked to kite zombies or put her pet on a kinetic bomb she would have just stared at the raid leader with drool sliding down her chin.

Now I’m playing around with a warlock and it isn’t as bad as I remember. I use the imp for instances and he’s pretty good at keeping himself alive. It’s outside when I chain pull with the Big Blue Guy and I send him into mobs with 13% health and 3 stacks of poison on him that I remember I have to be watching his health.

But at least he doesn’t need special snacks to affect his mood.

So with my hatred of pet classes waning a bit, I decided to get an offspec for my death knight, Sabryel, and play around with unholy a bit. Apparently unholy is where all the cool kids go. And by “cool kids” I mean poorly geared.

I decided to go with a dual spec because I figured I would play around with it..hate it..then go back to blood. The 1000g would be worth not having to switch everything around several times.

So I played around with unholy. And it wasn’t too bad. There were nifty new toys, like a bone shield. (Heh, heh…”bone”.)

And a ghoul pet that followed me around. Another pet that I didn’t have to feed. Or spend 10 seconds casting just to summon it. Ok, it has a summoning CD, but that hasn’t been an issue yet.

But–best of all–I don’t really have to worry about taking care of it. It’s not something that I send out to do my messy work while I stand back and cast spells from behind a bush. It jumps into the fight with me. Or, actually, I jump into the fight with it.

In an instance, it helps me see where I should be positioned. No more standing in front of the boss with the tank like a noob. “Oh hai there.”

I still don’t like having to watch another health bar, but thankfully he hasn’t done a lot of suicidal things to himself and my dps. Goodbye blood, you were fun while you lasted.


Farming sucks

Posted in Alt with tags , , on August 17, 2010 by zarigar

My DK got to 68 over the weekend and–even though I planned to stay in Outland until 70–I couldn’t resist the call of better gear and made my way over to Northrend. I upgraded my mining skill and then..whoops…I’m still a little behind in blacksmithing.

Even though I’m a little behind on this character I was expecting her blacksmithing to be lagging way behind. Surprisingly, she was only a few points away from being able to upgrade to the next level. The things I could make take adamantite so I trudged off to the AH to see what was available.

Ugh. A stack of adamantite was going for several hundred gold; the bars weren’t much better. Which meant I would have to go back to OL and farm up my own mats.

I never really had a farming issue with my other toons. Zarigar was a leatherworker, so collecting mats was easy for him. If I needed leather, I would kill things until I got what I needed. There was no surprise there, the corpses always had leather.

As a tailor, it wasn’t quite as easy for Lorethos to collect the cloths he needed. But he got a huge headstart from the collection Zarigar had built up. Plus doing a lot of dungeons meant that the Northrend Scavenging talent came in handy. There was never a dire need for him to farm cloth.

But now I find myself chasing yellow dots. Bleh. I go around my set pattern, looking for yellow. I curse when it turns out to be fel iron or even khorium. But then I cheer when it is a rich node.

She still has ghetto flying, but I may just might the bullet and get her the swift flying. Once I see actual characters again and there is competition for nodes I will need that advantage. Plus I don’t want to be poking around Northrend all leisurely.

I only have a point or 2 to go before I can upgrade. I’ll be done with the Outland chapter, but then I get a whole new set of yellow dots to chase.


The Me Factor

Posted in ICC with tags , , on August 12, 2010 by zarigar

I am not a guild master. Or a raid leader. Or even an officer. I’m just a raider.

Unfortunately for some, I am a raider with a blog. So I get to chatter on about the things I see around me. I’m not intending to cross a line or offend someone, but if I do I ‘m sure someone will let me know.

SR finally joined up officially with the guild we had been raiding 25’s with for a while now. As with–I assume–other guilds, some of their players are great and some of them less so. I’ve mentioned several times how I generally feel about 25’s, but one of their redeeming features is it allows you to include more people and there are less concerns about people having to sit out.

It’s nice that we can bring in 25 people all with the SR tag. The rare times we’ve had to sit people out usually happens when they log in after the raid and we are already full.

Even though we’ve been raiding together for a while, there is still a “getting to know you” phase going on now that we are one. Some people that came over we haven’t raided with at all. And I think there are still a few kinks the leadership is working out.

Now, for the actual point of this post: people are selfish.

I know, it’s not very groundbreaking or shocking. And people will say “I like to raid to have fun and I want to see people succeed and accomplish things.” I do not doubt that there are some people who feel this way. But, unless you have every BiS piece and every title and every achievement, there has to be something selfish that you want.

And being selfish is not necessarily a bad thing; greed can be a powerful motivator. If you have your eye on a certain piece of loot or a certain boss kill to finish your achievement for that wing, then in theory you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

The problem with being selfish and making it all about “mememe” is when it impacts the rest of the raid. As per standard MT protocol: no one is being specifically identified, but if somehow the person I am talking about reads this and recognizes themselves, please realize that is not meant to be taken personally.

The ICC buff is a huge help to us, but it will not carry everyone. We have raiders with different skill levels and gear levels, and frankly we do take some people with us that may not necessarily be ready for it. Recognizing that, it’s probably not a good idea to bring in your undergeared alts when you have a perfectly geared toon who can raid much better.

Our raid leader is actually very good at allowing you to bring in alternate toons if the raid can support it. Lorethos would not be geared if he insisted I only bring in Zarigar each week. On the flip side, due to certain raid comps and the people available, I have been asked occasionally to bring in a different toon that the one I was planning on.

Is ICC25 the best place to bring in the undergeared? Probably not. We do have an ICC10 scheduled for alts, but if people can’t make that time then they probably are just trying to take what they can get.

We had several people in our last 25 bring in alts, and for the lower areas it was fine. But when we get to the harder content and hit a wall, some decisions have to be made. So do you bring in your better toon (thus saving 2 to one lockout) and help out the raid or do you keep throwing yourself at the boss with your weaker toon and hope it somehow goes down?

I’m actually pleased that many people chose option 1 and they appeared to do so of their own choosing. We didn’t get the boss down, but at least people were willing to switch things up and make some changes.

We got the boss down to under 1%–so friggin close. We are going to try the next day and we are going to get him down.

Next day: raid time and we don’t have all our 25 back. I don’t even think we have all the people who accepted. Apparently there were a couple of people who knew they would not make the raid start time but still accepted for it anyway.

Real life trumps WoW. Obviously. Stuff happens all the time. If I’m going to miss or be late to something I signed up for, I may text Arioch and let her know, but I don’t intend for it to be a guarantee that she will hold a spot for me or have the raid pushed back. If I know I can’t make the start time but would be available later, I use Tentative.

I am firmly on “Team: Start Raids On Time”. Unless there was a prior arrangement that a spot would be held or we would hold the raid back a bit, it’s unfair to everyone to be upset if the raid continues without you. It is just as unfair to the other 20+ people you wanted to have wait for you. And it is just as unfair to the raid leader to have to be put in that position.

The raid leader was apologetic to the people left behind, and that’s fine. But in no way should he be made to feel bad or feel guilty because he carried on without you. At the very least, hopefully this will show other people that raid start times are serious business and we will go without you if you are not here.

And the “so I got 2 toons saved this week?” was a cheap shot and unnecessary. You chose to bring that lesser geared toon into an ICC25 and have them be carried through much of the lower areas. Why does it matter if both toons got saved? Did you have plans to save your “better” toon for a different ICC25 that wasn’t a guild run?

I know that people are selfish. I freely admit I am. (I want the Professor down, dammit!) As long as people carry their weight and work together we can all get what our selfish little hearts desire.

Tuesday 3: Great Noob Moments

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Yeah, so it’s kind of a rip-off of Del’s Thursday 3 series, except this is on Tuesday. Not Thursday. So it’s totally different and stuff.

Here at Mohawk Troll we like to make fun of others and laugh at them. But we also realize that you have to be able to laugh at yourself as well. (I’m not really sure why I’m using the royal “we” here, but just go along with it.)

So we’re going to flashback a bit and recount 3 noobiest moments in our WoW playing history. Unfortunately, as WoW Toon #1.0, these were all done with Helaena. So everyone point and laugh at her as we remember some not-so-good moments in her early history:

1. The time she drowned in Stormwind

Apparently the mechanics of swimming were too complex for me back in the day. I knew it was possible to swim but I never mastered it and didn’t think it would be a necessary skill. Being a priest with levitate meant I never needed to get my dainty hooves wet.

Until that fateful day when I was tra-la-laing through Stormwind and somehow slipped and fell into the canal. Ack! All of a sudden I was submerged under the water and the little breath bar was ticking down. I started spasming my mouse in an effort to get her out but all it did was spin her around and jack up my camera angle.

Panic! Panic! I’m going to die. I forgot that I could hold down the spacebar until she bobbed to the surface. Instead she frantically thrashed around in the water waiting for a lifeguard that never showed up.

I’m sure the fishing trainer who fished up her corpse wondered why the Alliance had aligned themselves with such a pitiful race that could be taken out so easily.

2. The time she wandered into Undercity

Playing on an RP server is obviously much different than playing on a PvP one. On an RP, you don’t really have much interaction with the other faction. Horde really didn’t mean anything to Helaena, except that it was a group of people that you couldn’t really communicate with. It was simply a different aspect of the game that was being played.

Lorewise,  they were your enemies, but you never engaged them unless you specifically flagged yourself. You could wander through any zone safely as long as you were careful not to flag yourself.

So there she was around level 50, just blithely wandering around Tirisfal. Oh look, a castle. She just walked up to the front entrance, as casual as can be. Even when the screen said Undercity in big, red letters, it didn’t trigger any kind of danger alert for her. At most I thought she was just wandering into a dungeon type area like Dire Maul that was probably too high for her level.

Until she got jumped. The horde in there must have thought it was Christmas to have a noob Ally deliver herself to them. She didn’t make it past the courtyard before she was a stain on the grass.

Later I learned that, yes, that was a horde city and, no, I am not welcome there.

3. Clueless about stats

This one didn’t lead to Helaena’s death (not directly) and I know I’ve mentioned this before. But when I started playing her again after a long hiatus, I was horrified when I looked at her gear and saw what I had equipped her with.

Now, I know that the mechanics of the game were different back in BC times and some of the gear that was handy back then have some questionable stats now (plate gear with hit and mp5 socket bonus? why?). But there was no excuse for some of the stuff she was wearing.

In particular I am thinking of the quest reward cape that had defense on it. Defense. DEFENSE!

She is a priest. I know one of the capes had to have been more suited for her. Did I think that giving her defense would make her live longer? I kind of wonder what I was thinking at the time, but I’m kind of afraid to know.

She was also rocking some hit gear as a holy priest. I would like to pretend it was so she wouldn’t miss so many lolsmites but I know I didn’t know any better.

So much shame. I wonder what the NPC thought when I hurriedly tried to sell that defense cape. “Um, I’m just selling it for a friend.”

It’s funny to look back and think of all the things you didn’t know back when. There are more than 3 nooby things in my past, but I need to cut it off or else I would be here all day.

Dusting off the DK

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I was struck with the urge to pull my death knight, Sabryel, out of retirement and see where I left off with her from the last time she was released. Unlike my 2 80’s or Notari the Failmage, Sabryel is not a member of Shadow Rising; so I found myself in a lonely guild. Since there was no one else around, I took advantage of it to add to the guild message and beat once more on a dead horse of a joke:

I will be sad when this gets old

Somehow, when creating Notari, I disregarded the fact that I already had a female belf in Sabryel. So now I have 2 snooty females telling me stuff like “I don’t have a target” or “I can’t carry anymore”. For some reason, it’s worse coming from a female belf. Like she is judging you. When Zarigar tells me his bags are full, it’s in a laid-back, I-just-got-stoned kind of way: “no problem, mon…just go sell some tings”.

 And with the weird death knight voice, it’s both snooty and robotic. Not unlike V.I.C.I., the star of the 80’s syndicated comedy Small Wonder:

obscure reference that no one else will get

 You would think it would be more devoid of emotion. But, no, you can still hear the contempt in her voice: “I can’t equip that, jackass.”

 Once I had her muted, it was time to see where she left off. She had been mildewing in Zangarmarsh all this time and was still sitting on several quests. Actually, she had 4 or 5 quests completed that needed to still be turned in. I wonder what I was doing the last time I played her where I had to log off RIGHT NOW and couldn’t even have been bothered to turn those quests in.

 I debated running a dungeon or 2, but decided I should wait until I had played the toon for a while and gotten used to the playstyle again. Um, yeah I shouldn’t have bothered. I probably could have mashed the keyboard with my face and gotten the same results.

 This is probably why DKs get to Northrend and think they own the place and can jump into whatever content they want. I was running from mob to mob, pulling multiples, with little to no downtime. I was trying to stay with a consistent rotation, but sometimes my fat fingers would slip and I would get thrown off. But, no problem!

 Elites? Also no problem! They would take a little more planning—make sure there weren’t wandering pats that could jump in, for example—but for the most part they got soloed along with everything else. What do you mean I need 3 people for this quest? There aren’t even 3 people in this zone right now.

 I was feeling all pumped up on my OP-ness (“oh penis”?) that I was looking around for some red players and hoped some foolish ally would try to jump my ass. Bring it, bitch! Unfortunately there was no alliance player around to burst my bubble and bring me back down to earth.

 Too bad there is a cap on rest XP; she would probably have enough to get to 80 if there wasn’t. As it was, she got from 64 to 67. Almost time for Northrend and then what? We’ll see if she gets knocked down a peg or 2 then.


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Sometimes trade chat just drops these little gems into your lap and it would be irresponsible as a blogger to not acknowledge them:

Because goodness knows a guild called “Cum Guzzling Gutter Sluts” makes me believe its members are the most mature in WoW.

Stay classy, trade chat.

I miss raiding

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Apparently I’m getting older than I think. I’m pretty sure we didn’t run our normal ICC25 last week and I can’t remember why. Or else we did run it and I don’t remember it. Or else it did get ran, but I wasn’t on and didn’t go.

I think it didn’t happen at all, but I can’t verify that one way or another. I also didn’t run any ICC10 last week. But my shammy and my priest got saved to separate LK attempts, but neither one did anything more.

And I kind of missed it.

It isn’t really the same when you gather up some people and throw them against one boss repeatedly. Maybe I would think differently if LK went down, but it doesn’t really feel like a raid without doing all the lead-up stuff to it. I don’t think either of my toons particularly need anything out of the 10-man version, but I still enjoy doing them anyway.

I understand why we leave a raid lock-out at LK every week. Many people (myself included) don’t yet have a LK kill, and it makes sense to have one ready for honing our attempts. It isn’t really practical to think that every week we would be able to make a thorough run all the way to the end and still have the time/people/motivation to work on LK attempts.

Still I can’t really muster up the enthusiasm to solely concentrate on the LK. A part of that, for me, is that neither of my toons even has a Sindy kill down yet. So even if LK went down (giggity), I would still have an incomplete part of that raid. The end boss would be dead, but I still wouldn’t have accomplished everything.

Why does my pathetic magic keep betraying me? /cry

The LK attempts were not without its amusing moments, though. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but it made me chuckle anyway:

no faith in the healer?

And then one attempt got glitched oddly:

"Don't mind me. I'm just hanging out."

I wish a flappity bitch would drop LK off the edge…

Oh, well, it looks like we have a number of raids planned for the week, so that should be promising.


Quick sidenote: Happy birthday to Arioch. Hope she is spending the day doing something terribly naughty.