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Karma is a boomerang: Part 1

Posted in heroic with tags , , , on September 13, 2010 by zarigar

Over at Murloc Parliament, there is an amusing set of posts about Zelmaru’s adventures in throwing pugs into “the bee pit” AKA kicking pugs out of an instance. It reminded me of 2 different encounters I recently had with my draenei priest. I share these tales with you even though I don’t come out of these well at all.

My first adventure takes place in AN. I’ve mentioned before how I’m not a fan of poison-heavy instances on my priest, but I do like AN because it is so short and you can be done in about 10 minutes.

I hate you

The rest of the group is a pally tank, a ret pally, a hunter and a dk. I idly notice that the tank has a pretty low gearscore, just over 3k, but this is a fairly easy instance so I don’t think much else about it.

The tank takes her time, slowly and carefully pulling. I don’t really mind that; I hate when lower geared tanks try to pull as if they are rocking 6k. Apparently the DK does mind because he starts grabbing extra groups in the first room.

Hunter asks DK to stop, that his wife (the prot pally) is new at tanking and doesn’t need him to pull more mobs for her. DK doesn’t respond and we down the first boss.

Then a vote to kick comes up trying to get rid of the tank. Um….ok. Apparently the DK didn’t notice that the tank was in the group with 2 of her guildies, one of whom had just identified himself as her husband. To the surprise of no one–except maybe the DK–the vote fails.

Immediately I get a whisper from the hunter “if he keeps pulling aggro off her I’m going to MD to him.” Oh sweet Christmas, I’m going to get pulled into the middle of this? Yeah the DK is being a douche, but I don’t know if I can passively sit by and let him die.

I cringe when we get to Hadronox and the DK tells the hunter to glitch the encounter.

Hunter: “fuck you”

DK: “ok then”

We do the Hadronox encounter without the glitch. I can’t tell if the DK is receiving any unwanted misdirects but I assume not since I don’t notice anyone taking any extra damage.

As we take the plunge down to the lowest level, I do make sure to levitate myself in case the DK gets any thoughts about turning on path of frost and sending us to a splat-filled death. Thankfully he doesn’t and we only have one more group of mobs before the last boss.

We finish with the last group and I follow the tank, grateful to be almost done with this. Then I notice that no one else followed us. Only the tank and I are in the pit with Anub and the 3 dps are trapped on the other side of the web. Whoops.

The tank and I try our best, but there are just too many mobs for her to handle by herself. When the poison starts stacking on us we are basically toast. The dps outside get overwhelmed by the mobs making their way down into the pit and it’s a wipe.

The tank apologizes in chat and I get another whisper from the hunter also apologizing. Eh, whatever. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s not the end of the world.

We release and run back into the instance. When I say “we” I mean myself and the 3 guildies. The DK stays dead. The 4 of us get inside and rebuff at the entrance. No DK.

This is where I decide to be an ass. I have no intention of rezzing him. The rest of us released and ran back in, he could, too. Maybe if he had even just asked for a rez I would have done it. But, no. He just sat there silently and waited and just assumed it was going to happen.

By the time we got to where we jump down, the DK’s “Dead” status had changed to “Away”. Hmm…yeah, so you just went AFK while the rest of us run back? I’m not going to rez you and then wait to see if you are even there to accept it. Nor am I really in the mood for you to stay dead while we kill the boss and you collect emblems and possibly loot.

So, for the first time ever (I might have done it before but if so it’s been a while) I initiate a vote kick. I did it with 99.9% certainty that I had the votes from the others to get rid of him.

They did not disappoint.

Why no one else initiated a kick when he was bugging them I don’t know. Maybe they thought I wouldn’t go along with it. Maybe I wouldn’t have. (Though they wouldn’t have needed my vote anyway.) I did feel kind of guilty that I only did something when he personally pissed me off. Maybe his grandma fell down the stairs or his cat was on fire. I just assumed he was being a dick and acted accordingly.

Don’t worry…I get mine in Part 2.


Raiders gonna raid

Posted in ICC with tags , , on September 9, 2010 by zarigar

Tuesday night was SR’s first raid as a guild since last week’s leadership reassignment. It wasn’t even a formally planned raid; it just kind of got created due to there being enough people online. There was some initial talk about ICC10, but I think we were stalling for time and did the raid weekly: Razorscale.

I’ve kind of ignored the raid weekly in the past. Unless it was Marrowgar, we didn’t really schedule runs as a guild and I don’t need emblems enough to go out and pug it. The same is kind of true with VoA; though what usually happens there is someone will suggest doing it only to find out it is the one time that week that Alliance has control of WG.

So this week’s raid is in Ulduar. We go in and grab our vehicles for Loot Leviathan. I end up in a chopper and, when the boss is down, I end up with the 3 Car Garage achievement. Excellent start.

We start up Razorscale and….somehow Zug is dead. Not in a “haha Zug can’t control his aggro” way, but in a “did people forget he was a tank and didn’t heal him” way. Whoops. Thankfully SorakEpicHeals~ is now SoracEpicTank~ and he solo tanked the encounter.

We trampled all over Zug’s corpse while we dodged blue flames and killed mobs and ended up with the achievement for not letting her into the air more than once. One day I will finish Ulduar.

But not today, because, after some character swaps, it was into ICC.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve done a few ICC10’s but mostly I’ve stuck to the 25 version. For a while our ICC10 options were limited to a hardmode run (nope, computer would have gone into orbit), an alt run (which I tended to skip so that people who needed those runs to gear up could go) or pugging.

I actually kind of forgot how smooth it can go when you aren’t trying to herd 25 people through. The funny thing is we brought in a new person who “had watched some of the videos a while ago”. He even tried to claim it was his first raid ever. Lies! We had just done some of Ulduar 😛

So he would get the quick-and-dirty explanation before each fight and off we would go. I think the Lady Deathwhisper one confused him the most: attack the bubble, then attack the mobs, wait, attack the one with a skirt, watch out for empowered ones, then get back on the bubble, watch out for green shit on the ground, when bubble breaks attack boss, watch out for ghosts, interrupt frostbolts if you can. Listening to someone else explain, it makes perfect sense if you’ve done it 50-11 times…if it is your first time, though, some of it might as well have been in Swahili.

He did a great job though. RNG made sure to test him out by giving him several slimes on Rotface and having him be one the joined people for Pact on BQL. By the time we called it after BQL, he had the achievements for Lower Spire, Plague Wing and Blood Wing. Not bad for someone’s first time.

And did I mention that every boss got one shotted? In fact, I don’t remember if anyone died at all during the run. It was a good run, and it was especially nice to see some people return. Hopefully it’s a good sign of future things.