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This week felt extra long. I blame it on having to go into the actual office yesterday. Bleh.

The Halloween event is almost over. I’m afraid I might have to resign myself with potentially not getting all the masks for Zarigar by this year. (I don’t really care if the others get them–which probably means they will.)

4 more masks! Give them to me now! No, I don’t want anymore freakin’ lollipops or wisp wands! GAH!!!!!

[/exclamation point abuse]

The biggest pending achievement I have for my non-Zarigar characters is the Gnerd Rage one. So I guess I will spend the weekend doing PvP while high on sweet, sweet candy.

I’ll probably burn myself out on holiday achievements and not even bother to do the Thanksgiving ones.




Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t wait to throw cranberries at people again!



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…and other assorted news from the past few days.

Fail DK has a new home

It was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, most of House Vol is scattered to the winds. There were only a handful of people left in that guild, mostly just forgotten alts and people who are no longer playing. The guild vaults had long since been locked down due to a previous hacker experience.

So off DK went to Shadow Rising, to join the co-mains. It’s much more fun to be around actual people and not be alone. Even if I’m not in the mood to be social it’s nice to have them around.

Beware the mudpie

I finally took Zarigar into an ICC. I don’t remember the last time he went. I usually just take Lorethos since that’s the toon I feel comfortable using as a flex healer when necessary.

I wanted to see how Zarigar did with the new patch changes and to try out the new AOE earthquake spell–which I have dubbed “the mudpie”. I’m not really used to having an AOE like that and everything felt really awkward for most of the raid.

The rotation feels different and weird. It’s not just mindlessly casting lightning bolts while waiting for things to come off cooldown. Oh, Lava Surge…ack, Lava Burst has been reset. Must cast now!!!

The mudpie proved to be handy on the Sindy trash. I think I had to smoke a cigarette after that was done.


I love, love, love achievements that are based on RNG. [/sarcasm]

This is the problem with working on holiday achievements on multiple characters. You start comparing them to each other.

Like why the person who already has the Sparkling Teeth achievement (or whatever it’s called) keeps getting the toothpicks while the person who doesn’t have it keeps getting turned into a bat. Or why my cloth wearer gets the Horseman’s Helm out of the loot bag. Can’t sell it, can’t trade it, can’t vendor it, can’t shard it. Uh, yay, I get to DELETE it! (Guess I wasn’t quite done with the sarcasm.)

Does each toon really need 6 squashlings?

Thank you, increased drop rates, now both my priest and my shaman have gotten the Horseman’s Reins.

But the biggest pain remains the “collect all 20 of these masks” nonsense. Maybe you could get it…if you were on all the time…and maximized your trick or treat options…and didn’t get tricked a lot (giggity)…and got a treat bag…that contained a mask…that you didn’t already have.

*waits for someone to post how they have had the achievement since 2008*

Patch time

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Yay for Patch Day!


going to need more than a band-aid

Patch day started off with all the usual fun starts: servers should be available at 12PST. Then 2PST. Then 4PST. Stop trying to log in, bitches, we’re not ready for you!

Oh yay, servers are up. Gah, now it’s taking a long time for my character to load. By the time I actually got in the game, my character was considered Away.

But I didn’t notice that at first because I was too busy staring at the crap mess that greeted me. It looked like my add-ons threw up boxes and errors all over my screen.

Good times.

For some reason my character had a ton of durability damage taken and a hefty repair bill waiting, even though he had logged off the night before at 100%. I never really got a good answer about that, but that was a minor thing.

Aaack, so many changes. I knew that they were coming and a lot of things would be different, but it is still kind of overwhelming. Now that the smoke has cleared a bit, some thoughts on some of the changes. (From my perspective, because that’s the only one I care about.)

Converting emblems to points

This is one I’m not sure about. Yes, it was a nice way to clean up all those emblems that were collected. Goodbye old school BC emblems from those few heroics I did back then. And whose main wasn’t full of those Emblem of Triumphs? You would go do your daily to get the Frost Emblems and leave with 2-6 more Triumphs.

The good is now I don’t *have* to run a heroic each day. Especially with multiple toons. Sabryel, as a new 80, can simply grind as many instances as she wants until she has enough for the gear she wants. And, yeah, she can totally bypass all those other tiers and go straight for the highest level.

The bad comes with the more experienced characters. Zarigar had so many Triumps that the conversion made him immediately hit the soft cap. Lorethos is very close. Neither one particularly even needed that much gear. Their off specs are going to get pimped out, but there is really no need for them to run heroics. Certainly not every day as I was trying to do pre-patch.

If other people are also cutting back on doing randoms, how does that affect the players who still use them? Longer queue times? Not as many overgeared people hanging out in them for their 2 frosts? Groups where heroics are now going to be a challenge?

Marking quest mobs

In theory I kind of like this. I took Notari out a few times to see how the changes affected lower level toons and it was kind of handy to see the mobs I needed to kill be marked. Yes, someone will probably point to this as another “dumbing down” of WoW.

My biggest problem with this is that it marks the mobs with a red nameplate. Which, on a PvP server, signifies enemy player. I have been trained to, when I see those red names, to either go in for the kill or run away little girl.

If I could switch the colors of at least one of the options (quest mobs or enemy players) I think I would like this option a lot more.

WoW for Dummies

Ok, I admit I kind of like this. When I am frantically working on my rotation it’s handy when the screen lights up and the PUSH THIS BUTTON NAO!!! message appears. Fire off death coil! Make your ghoul awesomer!

The tooltips, though, have to go. Especially the ones on some of the healing spells. “Use this on yourself or your friends to regain health.” Oh…that’s what that means? I guess I must have been doing it wrong all this time by trying to heal bosses.

Silly me.

Good thing WoW is here to help me out.

The Lich King gets his smackdown

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I can cross the biggest thing off my Wrath bucket list. Funny that he finally went down right after getting an official release date for Cata. Now I won’t feel like I’m forgetting to do something before moving on to the new expansion.

Tuesday started interesting. For some reason, people were gathering in Obsidian Sanctum first before ICC. It wasn’t the weekly, so I’m not sure where the idea to take down Sartharion came from. Anyway, Lorethos got the invite, accepted the summons and to OS we went.

Oh yeah. My priest had never done OS before.

So, yes, I got Sartharion and Lich King first kills in one night.

After that it was off to ICC. The raid lockout was extended so it was going to be a night of just LK attempts. Oh yes, there were many attempts.

Such silly mistakes I couldn’t remember them all. Trying to get that last frost sphere in phase 2 and falling to my death when the ground disappeared from beneath me. Thinking I had a frost sphere targeted and killed but then running into it.

And apparently my pockets were filled with Valkyr snacks or else the Lich King was paying them on commision based on how many times they threw me over the edge.

Also, it sucks how quickly you can lose a decent attempt based on one poorly placed defile. Not just placing it in the center of the raid, but when the stupid Valkyr decides to fly someone right over one already dropped. Bah.

I didn’t think it was going to happen. I don’t know how many attempts we did, but we were coming up at the end of raid time and we basically had one more attempt.

What made that last attempt work I have no clue. Nobody got blown off by an errant sphere (giggity). All the grabbed players were broken free before getting tossed off the edge. The defiles weren’t dropped in horrible places. (Or if they were, adjustments were made smoothly to work around them.)

But we’d gotten fairly far before and then just falled apart to a silly mistake, so it wasn’t until he was around 12% that I thought “Oh my God, we might do this.”

And then we were dead:

oh noez!

Yay, I had never been so happy to die before. We had won, unless, as Zug suggested “we all leap off the edge after we were brought back to life”. >.<

Suck it, Arthas!

So got The Frozen Throne achievement for killing Arthas, but no Fall of the Lich King. Sindragosa still has yet to die by me. Whoops. Oh well. The big guy went down and that was still very satisfying. (I don’t know why all my sentences sound dirty with double meanings.)

I guess it’s a good thing that I went ahead and decided I would have “co-mains”. Because otherwise I might be sad that Zarigar wasn’t the first toon to do it. Maybe he could try to be the first one to take down the endboss of Cata.

You can’t spell drunk without DK

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Brewfest is winding down and I haven’t really kept up with it much this year. After I came back from my little break last year, Brewfest was starting up and I religiously did all the dailies and went after all the achievements. Zarigar had all of them done last year; even the extra ones that weren’t required for the Brewmaster meta.

This year I couldn’t really muster up the enthusiasm to work on all of them again. So sorry about that all my other toons. I wasn’t in the mood to stagger all over Azeroth shooting pink elephants and whipping my ram all through Orgrimmar.

What I did enjoy, though, was the 20 seconds of work it took each day to pick up 2 frost emblems. It was nice if I wasn’t in the mood to run an instance and got these ones instead. And if I wanted more emblems Direbrew + daily heroic was a nice way to stockpile them.

(To the people who complained that Direbrew was “too easy” and a “disappointment now”: get over it. It was a fun little holiday bonus and no one was forcing you to do it every day if you found the encounter “beneath you”. Not everyone liked running around lost through Blackrock or trying to find someone with a remote.)

The other bonus was that it encouraged me to get my DK leveled up enough so that she could queue for that encounter each day and start getting some frost badges early. Which meant I had to get her up to level 78. Once I hit 78, I thought “what the hell” and kept going until she was 80.

It only took nearly 2 years to get her leveled to 80. Nevermind the fact that she was practically at 60 when the DK starter zone was done. It just took the promise of free frosts and some ilevel200 trinkets to find the motivation to level her up.

So now I’m running Zarigar, Lorethos, Helaena and now Sabryel through Direbrew encounter each day. They collect their frosts and call it a day. Occasionally they pick up some other goodies. Helaena opened a bag once to find 2 frost emblems, a remote, the dagger and the mace all inside. Sabryel got the kodo mount a few days ago.

My co-mains……have gotten nothing of interest. Thank you, RNG, for giving good stuff to my throwaway toons.