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The little joke that could

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on November 30, 2010 by zarigar

Ok, so she started out as a joke, but lately Notari the failmage has picked up the majority of my playtime. Stupid patch reset the talent points of Lorethos and Zarigar (see last post) and, out of spite, I’m refusing to assign them back until after Cata.

Thanks to the shattering, we don’t have any city portals anymore. And we were right smack in the middle of a holiday that required you to bounce from city to city. Hmmm, which toon might have the easiest time with that?

So she’s making her food. Getting her cooking up and making a little gold on the side from ports. Soon enough she’s in Outland. It’s always cool to have your toon ready for Outland. It’s kind of the sign that they are getting out of the Old World and into the Serious Part of the game.

The problem, though, is that the last couple of toons I’ve taken through Outland have basically done the same path: do most of Hellfire Peninsula, do most of Zangarmarsh, do a bit of Nagrand, boom you’re ready for Northrend. I decided to mix it up a bit with Notari and try to do as much as I could in the Outland instances.

To do something a little different, I’m trying to get through every Outland instance. If I manage to do so, she will be my only toon with the Outland Dungeonmaster achievement. (Not even Zarigar has it–for some odd reason he’s missing 2 of the early ones that he could probably solo now.)

In the beginning it’s easy to accomplish. There are no shortage of players who want to do Ramps or Underbog. But the farther you get through Outland, the fewer people there are and the longer it takes for the queue to go through.

I started using the random LFD, but after the 14th time in Underbog, I realized the only way to get the dungeons I needed was to specifically queue for them. The time it takes for something to pop up is so long, I sometimes forgot and am surprised when the ready box comes up.

What makes me cry? When I finally get the ready box and some poor other DPS who has probably been waiting 45 minutes and fallen asleep doesn’t accept and the queue starts all over again. *cry*

not an actual photo

It’s pretty bad now that Notari is 69 (giggity). Most of the people who are eligible for the late Outland instance have already fled to Northrend and are hopefully wiping in UK. Thankfully I only have 2 instances left (Botanica and Steamvault?) and that will be it for my Outland adventures.

After that, I don’t really have a gameplan about what I will do once she hits Northrend. Apparently the leveling process from 71-80 is much faster, so I might just do all instances again.

Will she get to 80 by Cata? I don’t know. It’s not a specific goal but it might happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did make it.


Seeing red

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , , on November 24, 2010 by zarigar

It isn’t like I knew changes weren’t coming. We just got done with a major patch that changed a lot of things, and I knew yesterday was going to continue on with those changes.

I log on Lorethos yesterday to a whole new Orgrimmar. Actually, he was still in UC, so I took the zeppelin to Org to see what was new.

Huh..the airship goes directly into the city now. Interesting. And the entire city is different. I don’t follow lore too closely but I guess we are supposed to pretend some time has passed for all these changes that took place. Not, I logged off and went to bed and when I woke up the world was new.

No portals in Dal. QQ. I knew that was coming but it still sucked.

And then I noticed I wasn’t in shadowform anymore. Apparently in my eagerness to log in I missed the message saying that all my talent points had been reset.

Are you effing kidding me? Nooooooo!

I love that the world has been done over and it’s the talent point refund that makes me lose my shit.

It was like that Christmas episode of Family Guy where Peter gives away all their presents, the turkey is ruined and their house nearly burns down and Lois is ok with all of that until Meg tells her they are out of paper towels and Lois just loses it and goes batshit crazy.

That was me.



*flips over table*




Sonofa–…. Well, screw that noise, I’m not worrying about talent points right now. They will probably just reset them again for Cata.

Time to go make my cow pally.

Warstomp, bitchez!

This just in: fire still bad!

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , , on November 16, 2010 by zarigar

Yay! It’s raining epics up in here! These new twilight bosses rock.

Ok, so yeah, it sounds like the epics will be obsolete after Cata but I still wants them for my DK. It’s perfect, for now, because I can get them for minimal effort without having my guild drag her undergeared self through ICC.

And even if I don’t get the gear, at least I am getting some JP with each boss.

It’s a nice diversion while I wait for Pilgrim’s Bounty (thanks, Tir!) to start and then I can powerlevel all my alts’ cooking skills. And the storyline is kind of exciting. I admit, lore is generally not my thing. I didn’t even bother to do the Echo Island troll thing. (Zarigar: “I noticed. Bitch.”)

I will say that I’ve had some disaster groups with these bosses already. I guess we are just used to steamrolling everything in our path now. Apparently things like avoiding ice patches and staying out of the fire need to be remembered by some people.

I present this gem for your entertainment:

Um, yeah. The healer was so busy mocking the dps who died to fire that he himself was roasted.


You’ll notice that the healer was a shaman….what you can’t tell from the pic is that he promptly ankhed back into the fire. So he stood in the fire twice.


Cata is going to be rough, y’all.

The Gap

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on November 4, 2010 by zarigar

No, not the overpriced chain store in the mall. I’m talking about the gap between now and the release of Cataclysm. What to do in the meantime?

Lich King is dead. In fact, Lorethos finally got the Sindy kill, so now he has the full set of ICC achievements. Guess he gets to be the new main once Cata is released. (“WTF, bitch, this blog is named after ME!”–Zarigar)

That pseduo-Thanksgiving-ish holiday whose name escapes me at the moment will take up some time, but in the meantime I have to find something to occupy myself.

Congrats, Notari the Fail Mage, you get to come out and play for a little while. I took her out for a bit to do some trick or treating and nab the 5% XP gain for each candy bucket she found. She gained a level–and 10 lbs–for her efforts.

It was actually kind of a relief to bring her in off the bench. I didn’t need to research rotations or specs or glyphs. She had like 6 talent points available and only prime glyph slots unlocked. It was much easier to get her going than the much more convoluted work that went into fixing my 80s after the patch.

With my water elemental at my side, it is pretty easy to solo things. A lot of times things will proc but the mob will be dead before I can use them. /cry

Like when I was leveling Sabryel, I’m curious to see how I would stack up against Alliance players (probably not very well, but eh) but I just don’t see them out in the world. I’m even blithely walking through STV, but it is usually just me and some random 80 Horde hanging out in Booty Bay.

I’m alternating questing with the LFD tool. Um, wow…the people who said it was a mess at low levels were not lying. It’s pretty much just zone in and run forward like we are all overgeared 80s. Apparently it is ok to have 3 tanks and no healers. Or whoever is the “healer” only throwing a few heals on whichever random tank he likes and too bad for the other people. My personal fave is when the “healer” is doing more dps than the dps. I hope the people who are playing like this now don’t try to play like this when they are 80, or when Cata hits. *shudder*

But at least I am still finding amusement in the game. Like when I got the random whisper for a port to Dal. Um, I’m level 40, moron. I can’t even get myself to Stonard yet.

And this lovely glitch:




Sweet, my quest log was apparently written in invisible ink. I know some of my quests are old, but the ink shouldn’t be that faded! Good thing I’ve done these quests several times now and could guess what each one was.

Fine…you win

Posted in Alt, Holiday with tags , , , , on November 1, 2010 by zarigar

Go away Halloween. Or Hallow’s Eve. Or whatever the hell you are called.

In case you didn’t get the hint, no, I didn’t collect all my masks this year. The holiday ended with me short 3 masks. Oh, but I have bags just bulging with candy corn and chocolate and other assorted innkeeper throwaways.

Anybody want a wisp wand? I have 7.


not quite was I was looking for

Thankfully you don’t need that achievement for the meta. My alts swapped some wand jobs with another guildee, then all that was left for them was to go into a GNERD rage and kill some alliance.

For Lorethos, all it took was one trip to Wintergrasp. I’m not even really specced or geared for PvP and I was still ripping through a lot of alliance players. Nerf me! (But don’t really.)

Sabryel had a harder time. I tried Wintergrasp again, and the battle was over before I had all my kills. D’oh! By now it was getting late on Sunday so I was running out of time. All right, then, random battleground it is.

Arathi Basin. Ok, I like this one.

I gobbled down my GNERD candy, mounted up, then charged through with everyone else. We captured the blacksmith flag easily, then everyone moved on to the next one. Wait, bitches, someone has to stay here and defend!

I was torn. Do I go blindly follow other people and scout out kills or do I be a good team player and stay behind with the pally?

Bah! Good team player wins.

So I sat there. Occasionally one or two alliance would try to take the flag but they were soundly beaten back each time. Otherwise I just sat there.

Then I noticed I was still getting kills. Even without moving away from my flag. GNERD Rage came up quickly, with it my Halloween meta.

Then I got the achievement for “killing” 30 people in one fight without dying. :/ Then I got the one for doing 300k damage in one fight.

Meanwhile I am still hanging out at the flag. Then we win (for which I get another achievement). Um, yeah, that was kind of sad to rack up so many for doing so little. I pretty much figured I would have had to run another BG to finish up my GNERD rage kills.

Guess not. Lazy achievements FTW.