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New main?

Posted in Alt, Cataclysm with tags , , , on December 20, 2010 by zarigar

The problem with alts is that you can burn yourself out and get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. When Zarigar got to Northrend, everything was shiny and new. Lorethos came along later and it was still cool, but mostly he was just walking in Zari’s footsteps doing all the same quests that Zari had done. There wasn’t a whole lot that Lorethos did that Zarigar hadn’t.

By the time Sabryel came around, leveling through questing was greatly reduced for more emphasis on running instances. Wrathgate is still cool, but after X many times it does start to lose some of its specialness. Notari the failmage is at 70 now and will most likely do the majority of her leveling via instances.

When Cata hit I had 3 80’s. (The mage could have been 80 #4 if I had made a concentrated effort to level her the weekend before the expansion. But I didn’t, so she’s not.) There was talk beforehand of “which one will you get to level 85 first?”

I couldn’t really answer that because I didn’t know. I initially thought I would start off with my DK, since she had the best survivability. But I wanted to do instances, too, and I was never comfortable doing melee in instances that I knew–never mind the ones that would be brand new to me. A caster would be much more forgiving for me, especially with all that I had heard about needed to be more aware of your surroundings at all times.

The choice then was between Lorethos and Zarigar. Zarigar was pretty much my only character for much of Wrath and he basically did everything first. It would be keeping in tradition that I played him first. Then I remembered that I had initially leveled him up as enhancement and that his elemental spec was actually a recent thing for him. I had no real basis on how easy or hard elemental leveling would be. (I had already dismissed considering relearning enhancement.)

Lorethos and his shadow spec had survived the patches and expansion fairly unscathed. For the most part, he was ready to go. As a clothie, the thought of survivability was questionable. When Wrath dropped there was a kind of tense cease-fire on some of the PvP. Who knew how zealous the alliance would be this time?

So Lorethos actually ended up being the guy to start Cataclysm off. He’s still not 85 and he’s only been in one instance so far, but he still gets the honor of being the trailblazer for the rest of my toons.


Don’t scare me like that

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , on December 9, 2010 by zarigar

By now most people have rolled their goblins or worgen, they’ve done their Under The Sea adventures and–in some cases–gotten to level 85 already (grats Zug). I almost thought I wouldn’t get to experience any of that.

darling it's better, down where it's wetter...

December 7th was a sunny, if cold, day. I don’t do pre-orders of anything, so I initially planned to just pick up a coy after work. I’ve never had any trouble getting things on the day of their release. I’ve gotten every Harry Potter book the day it was released at Target (don’t judge me.) I picked up Wrath on its release day at Target, as well.

Grats to those of you who waited at midnight in December for your copy. Kudos to you, but brrrrr….no thanks. Plus I have way too much work to do thanks to the coworker who got herself sperm poisoned and is now on maternity leave. ┬áThe earliest I would be able to play was after work on the 7th, so there was no rush.

I considered buying the digital download and not even worrying about going out. But since the other expansions are on discs my OCD insisted that I get the disc version of this one, too.

Well that day Shrekjr and I made plans to have lunch. Sweet, while we are out I could just pick up a copy then. Go to Target, wander over to the electronics dept, pick up a copy from the dozens they have out, walk up to the register, skip all the packed lanes and go to the one open register, pay and leave.

Easy peasy. Now I can get it home and load it onto my computer while I do my work. The hard part then should be avoiding playing it until I was off for the day.

That should have been the easy part.

I open the packaging and insert the disc into my computer. Nothing happens.

I go to My Computer and click on the disc drive.



I reposition the disc and click again.



I go to my other computer and frantically IM Shrekjr: My disc drive is not reading the disk and I can’t load the game!!!!

His reply: lol….haha

Well great. Obviously that asshole was going to be of no use to me.

I googled “disc drive not reading discs” and was not happy with the results. There were different solutions given, but all I could read it as was: “go buy a new computer”. Not really the option I was looking for.

Ugh, obviously it would be cheaper to buy the digital download instead. Which means I get to buy the game twice. Yay.

Wait…digital download….hmmmm….

Could I use the key from the game I bought and then download the new content digitally?

What the hell. Let’s gamble.

I went to my Battlenet account and upgraded to Cataclysm. Then I opened my game and pushed Play.

“Downloading new content.”


Game opens. Everything looks the same. Time to check out the Create New Character screen.

Goblins and worgen are both selectable options.

Holy hallelujah! Praise baby Jesus!

*flips off disc drive that I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever used for WoW discs* I don’t need you, bitch!

Crowded starting zones, here I come.