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The same old path

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It’s a new expansion and I’m already in a rut! How did that happen? That’s actually a rhetorical question because I have a pretty good idea what the problem is.

I’ve been doing the same quests over and over.

I praised the low “only 5 levels to max cap” before but it does seem to encourage the gogonow power leveling. Why you still on level 83? You so lazy!

The accumulated rest XP and the guild perks help rocket someone up the levels. And it’s beyond easy to level up into the next zone before finishing the current one. I’m currently alternating between leveling Zarigar and Sabryel. Zarigar has more of a lead and is 84, Sabryel is 81.

When I leveled Lorethos he didn’t have the benefit of rested XP or special guild perks, so by default he saw more content on his leveling path. And I have to admit, doing some of the quests in Vashj’ir (sp?) were so tedious that I really don’t want to do them again.

He actually started first in the underwater zone and didn’t really do a lot in Hyjal. The concept of the underwater zone was nice and it was obvious that a lot of time and effort had been put into it. I just hated a lot of the zone and the idea of dragging another character through it makes me want to run away screaming.

I am directionally challenged just moving side to side, so adding an up and down motion was just annoying. (I realize how dirty that sentence reads–deal with it.) Every little flightpoint was, understandably, in a little cave that looked the same as the cave before it. And I spent way too much time looking for some of those cave entrances when I wanted to turn something in or find a vendor to unload my excess junk.

The worst was that wretched questline in the middle where you become a battlemaiden or some such nonsense. Again, a cool concept and I’m sure many people enjoyed it. I just hated it. Between the fact that it was a bunch of vertical levels and all the phasing that was going on, it was enough to make me want to rip out my mohawk. There were too many times I would not be able to find my mob or the questgiver to turn something in. “I’m standing on top of the damned yellow question mark! Where the hell are you?”


Too much?


(Generally, though, I will give props to the phasing. It’s nice to not have to wait for some mobs to respawn or wait for an NPC to get back to his starting position after escorting another player elsewhere.)

But even Lorethos never finished the underwater zone. I don’t even know if there are Throne of the Tides quest. I got bored, rode my seahorse out to the middle of the ocean to get the dungeon entrance, then left for Hyjal. At 82 I flipped off both starter zones and went to Deepholm. Since then I’ve done the “ding! new level time to go to a new zone” strategy.

With Zarigar, I went to Vashj’ir long enough to pick up the seahorse and a few flight points then headed over to Hyjal. I did the same with Sabryel. If Notari ever makes it out of Northrend I wouldn’t be surprised if I did the same thing.

I do feel bad that I’m missing a lot of story and now that I see I’m just running the same leveling pattern for all my toons I do want to change it up. I just don’t know if I have the patience to actually sit in a zone long enough to finish it. Especially when new zones with potentially better gear rewards are waiting for me. (It’s all about the lewtz!)

So since I’ve rambled on and not come to any actual conclusion, I think the best course of action is to just say the hell with my higher level characters and just work on the goblin lock!

Best quest ever

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Zarigar is sitting at level 84. He should have enough rest XP to get him all the way to 85. (A nice thing about only have 5 more levels–not having to manage rest XP so closely.) Apparently my new Warchief wants me to go to Twilight Highlands but I still have some unfinished business to do in Uldum.

**Insert requisite spoiler here if for some reason you still haven’t done Uldum quests.**

For the rest of you, you probably know exactly what needs to be done.

Oh, yes. Gnome bowling.

I cackled with pleasure when I first did Gnomebliteration on Lorethos and I knew I wasn’t going to leave Uldum without also doing it on Zari. In short, you become a big fusion ball of energy and are then required (REQUIRED!!!) to kill 1000 gnomes by rolling over them.

Can you pick up the spare?


And it’s not a simple “oh I ran you over I get quest completion.” Oh no no. You send the little bastards flying. You hear their tiny shrieks of agony as you launch them to their deaths. And those are just the lucky ones. The unlucky ones get attached to your fusion ball and you use their crushed bodies to trample more of their kind.

It is Ultimate Gnome Punting. And it’s probably the single greatest incentive to level up your alts. So you can do it one more time.

Because, unfortunately, it’s not a daily quest. Too bad. I could slaughter gnomes every day if I could.


A friendly warning

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Beware: When you spend the day being nice to your GM instead of mocking him and he finally unbans you and says you can go on a guild run and you group up for your first guild heroic and you get Throne of the Tides and you are on the last boss and you are in Phase 3 where you are all supercharged and you are going batshit crazy with the dps and the boss is almost dead….DO NOT USE SHADOW WORD: DEATH…you will crit it and it will bounce back to you and hit you for 136K and, of course, you don’t have that much health and YOU WILL DIE!!!

Thank you

Baby’s first heroic

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I was bored with just running regular instances on Lorethos so I decided to throw him into a heroic and see how that turned out. I won’t keep you in suspense: I finished it, didn’t get any gear, but got rep and points and experience and a story. What more could I need?

Your random dungeon group is ready and it is….Vortex Pinnacle. I actually don’t know if that’s good or bad. If that’s considered an “easy” heroic or not.

What I’m not also sure about is whether the revolving door of players is also common. People dropped so often I can’t even remember what classes they all were. And most of them gave no reason for dropping. We would just be pulling things and killing mobs and then they would drop.

The final permutation was a pally tank, 2 warriors, a shadow priest and a holy priest. So….yay for diversity.

Which also meant that I was it for CC. Mind Control is kind of fun to use, but there was some initial confusion about it. It’s not the same as a Hex or Polymorph, where it’s cast on the target and then the caster can work on another mob. When I MC, I become that mob. That’s it. All that I can do are that mob’s abilities.

So they were concerned that I would MC, then the other mobs would rush to kill me. Yes, yes let that MC healer die before you jump in. Instead they would jump in right after I MC, the mobs would move onto the party and I would be left with a MC mob that was going to be pissed as all hell at me when the MC wore off. Sigh.

I did have fun making the MC mob throw big-ass heals onto the party. What was not fun was when the healer was the last one still up but it wouldn’t die. It kept throwing heals onto itself and apparently neither of the 2 warriors knew was interrupt was. I think it healed itself back up about 6 to 8 times. >.<

Another fun thing I learned was, in case of imminent wipe, you can fling your body off the edge and it will teleport you back to the entrance. I have no clue if this worked on regular, but it saved me some unnecessary repair bills.

Also guess who ate lightning bolts on the final boss and promptly died? No, it wasn’t me, you asshole. It was the 2 warriors. The tank ended up making some RUN FOR YOUR LIVES macro that he spammed for the next attempt.

It does amuse me that I held off on heroics because I didn’t think I was ready. I always forget that there are way dumber people than me in this game.

(I had to make a snarky post to make up for yesterday’s cheerful one.)

The nice pug

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Leveling up Zarigar has been the focus lately, so Lorethos’ plan to get into heroics has been momentarily shelved. I still try to at least run a regular on him when I can, so this post is about a run that he was part of last week.

His random came up and shockingly it wasn’t Grim Batol. It was actually Lost City of Tol’vir (Tor’vir?). I like this one. Even when I was in it for the first time, I don’t recall it being particularly difficult or deathy.

The group was Lore, a hunter, a warrior, pally tank and pally heals. The healer and tank were both from the same guild.

(It’s just a weird habit to check where everyone is from when I get into a group. The most daunting is when the other 4 people are all from the same guild. I think that’s because our guild tends to talk shit about the pug in vent when that happens to us.)

Anyway, some CC marks go up on some of the mobs in the first group, then the tank charges in. Um, say what? No assigning the marks?

The warrior charges in after the tank, does 12K dps and promptly dies. From the ground he complains “you don’t even have righteous fury on.”

Haha…whoops. That would explain the ricocheting aggro.

The warrior releases, comes back to claim his body and promptly drops group. The first pack of mobs goes down and we get our replacement: a rogue.

Healer chastises the tank for rushing in too soon and explains that tank is just learning his role and that it will be a slow run. Hunter and rogue pipe up that they are both new, as well, so would not mind a slower run. I’m curious to see how this plays out so I stick around, too.

The next few pulls after that are lessons in basic CC and how the tank should pull his targets while leaving the CC mobs alone. The rogue and hunter get lessons on how to use their saps and traps respectively.

It is kind of a slow and boring run, but I am fascinated with how patient the healer is in training the tank. There were lots of apologies on the downtime as he explained stuff.  He’s pretty free with the praise, lot of good jobs and nice CC. He even addresses us by name, not just “priest” or “tank”.

It’s boggling my mind. I can’t wrap my head around nice pugs. It’s obvious the healer knows a lot and he’s patiently sharing information instead of mocking people for not knowing and calling them noobs.

He’s the anti-pug. In a way, though, he was probably fortunate to get a group with 2 other people willing to admit they had more to learn and 1 (me) who was just happy to not be in Grim Batol and didn’t want to wait another 45 minutes in queue. I wonder how many group they had gone through where all the dps was just like the warrior, impatient and dropping group at the first moment.

Of course, by being a healer/tank combo they effectively controlled a lot of what went on. They could set the speed at a pace that was comfortable for them. Any dps who didn’t like it could be easily replaced.

They could have been dicks if they wanted to. Instead they ended up being nice. Of course, there’s no way I could handle a run like that all the time.

Too much sugar would give me diabetes.


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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a real big fan of world PvP. I don’t go to low level areas specifically to kill lower characters. I don’t even automatically attack random Alliance I come across that aren’t low level. (I know this breaks Shrekjr’s heart. Sorry!)

I say that I tolerate being on a PvP serious, but really, it rarely is an issue for me. As a Horde character I’m already in the majority. Would I roll an Alliance character on this server? No, God, no…are you insane?

I am the worst PvP person on the server. Resilience gear? What’s that? If I have any PvP-specific talents I must have gotten them by accident. Wintergrasp was just a means to get access to VoA…I haven’t even stepped foot in the Cata version yet.

so hot

When leveling Zarigar, I mentioned how I had been attacked by a pally and managed to fly away after he attacked me with the equivalent of a rolled-up sheet of paper. That was back in Hyjal.

Zarigar hit level 82 (ding! grats!) and in true ADD fashion, wandered over to see what was in the next zone. Deepholm? Is that the name? It sounds kind of like a porn name…

Anyway, Zarigar had just started the quests out in Deepthrust and was killing some random rock creatures. I was looting some mob when I realized I couldn’t move.

Hello? What’s this? Is someone trying to kill me?

Apparently some gnome warrior decided that then was the perfect time to attack me. Well, alrighty then.

I let him whale away at me for a couple seconds until the stun the wore off. Then he ate a flame shock and an instant lava burst. A thunderstorm knocked him away and he took another lava burst to the face. (I’m surprised I didn’t have to crouch to make sure it didn’t fly over his head.)

Aren’t warriors supposed to be awesome with the interrupts? This one didn’t even try to stop me from casting heals on myself. An earth shock knocked his tiny body to the ground, finally dead.

He lay there, not even releasing his body. That was probably when I should have done something classy, like repeatedly teabagging his face. Instead he got something even more humiliating.

I hugged him.

Yes, poor little gnome. You got beat down by the worst person to ever attempt PvP.


Troll in the heezy

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(I’m already embarrassed by the post title.)

There were some complaints that it wasn’t right for me to call my blog Mohawk Troll if all I ever played and talked about was my priest. And since I am too lazy to change the name of the blog to Bald Forsaken here is a Zarigar post so you stop the crying.

a different kind of mohawk troll

But, I have to start off talking about my priest. (Sorry.) I started off with a “random” regular of Grim Batol. (Surprise, surprise.) Moar cloth, moar rep. The only notable thing about the run is when the kitty druid fell off the ledge when trying to mount the drake at the beginning of the run and died.

After that was done I was still kind of meh on doing heroic research and testing one out, so I switched over to Zarigar. I think one reason I didn’t want to level him was that I wasn’t sure how leveling as elemental would go. He had leveled from 1-80 as enhancement.

I kind of debated going back to an enhance spec and relearning how to play it, but I didn’t really have any good gear for it anymore. I had a bunch of ele gear and some resto pieces and a lot of pieces that worked for both ele/resto, but I seemed to have gotten rid of a lot of the enhance pieces that I previously had.

So, eh, I’ll try to level as elemental. If it fails I’ll just port back to Orgrimmar and cry. I decided to take Zari to Hyjal, since Lorethos did the underwater zone. (Started I should say…bleh, die zone of all swimming.)

The first few quests were going great, until I was offered a quest reward which was a mail piece with INT and spirit. Sigh. It’s hard to think that some beginner quest green would be considered an upgrade from a 25-man raid piece that I worked so much harder to get.

One of the problems when I leveled with Lorethos was that it was harder to justify why something like that would be an upgrade. “The new piece increases all my stats by 100 but my old piece has gem sockets in it and it’s already enchanted!!!111” With each new piece I would evaluate it against what I had and try to see where the stat increases would come from. After awhile it became too tedious to try to figure out what was the better piece.

I decided with Zarigar that I would simply replace what I had with whatever options were available for my spec. So even though now I am taking a little hit on some stats, it will be easier later on to compare pieces against each other when upgrades are available. More of an apples to apples comparison will be easier for my mohawked little brain.

So I’m just questing in Hyjal, nothing really interesting going on. But I have to ask. What the hell happened to paladins??? I was flying on my horse, got low to the ground and realized I could move. Oh, an alliance paladin stunned me. Ok. Um…now what? He was attacking me while I was stunned for like 8 minutes. Then the stun wore off and I flew away. HE WASN’T EVEN ABLE TO DISMOUNT ME. What the hell?

The good thing about abandoning Zarigar for a month was he had a ton of rest XP. Thanks to that and the guild perks, he was able to hit 81 in a short amount of time. Leveling as ele actually wasn’t as tedious as I feared. There was some quest where I had to kill some elite by luring him near some portals and weakening him, but I just whomped him without all that extra nonsense.

Go, go OP shaman.

Heroic leap

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In my last post I mentioned that I was one point away from Blizzard considering me eligible for heroics. Where was I going to make up that point? I wasn’t really having much luck getting gear from the regulars I was running.

(And I admit a lot of this was my fault. I tend to let the healers have first crack at spirit gear, even though spirit = hit for me. Then, when the healer didn’t need anything, I would usually lose gear with spirit to mages and locks. What the hell?)

But I realized I had been missing a prime source for gear upgrades when I went to go purchase a new faction tabard. Well, look at this…what are these charming items? Omg….faction gear is actually worth getting in Cata.

The faction gear in Wrath tended to not be all that great. There were some decent pieces, but a lot of them required you to be exalted to buy…which by then you’ve already picked up something comparable from a heroic. But in Cata you can get some fairly good things even at the honored level.

Total mental headslap moment. I went around to all the different factions, seeing what was available for me. By the time I was done I had more than gotten the average item level needed for heroics.

But was I ready? According to slice, no, I was not.


Because I chose to do no preparation.

What? Wait…why?

A variety of of the biggest being laziness. Another is that just reading about an encounter or a strategy doesn’t really help me. Watching a video on youtube helps, but still for the most part I have to actually do something before I understand the mechanics.

Plus, I was curious. How hard would it be to go into a Cata dungeon blind? When the ground underneath me changes color, I move. What more do I need to know right?

So off I went. Was it selfish of me to go in unprepared? Possibly. Normally I would say yes, except that most times I was not the only person who had never been in a certain instance before.

Generally my plan was to go in and lie low. Usually there was someone else who said “how does this boss go again?” and then I would get an explanation. I was almost outed in Halls of Origination when I was asked to “do the lever” on the first boss (whu?–) but thankfully someone else volunteered for the duty.

I got through every regular instance (except Blackrock Caverns–which I hadn’t discovered) using this lay low strategy. No, I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone. It does require that some of the people in the group DO know what they are doing. Some of the earlier runs fell apart because there was too much “what’s going on?” happening.

Everything I’ve read says that the heroic versions of these kick up several notches. I think it would be way too unfair to not do some kind of prep before queuing up for heroics now.  So eventually I’ll do my research and I’ll stick my toe into the Cata heroic scene.

And hopefully I won’t be that guy dead in the corner because he didn’t move when he was supposed to.

Gimme some cloth

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Most of this post was actually written a while ago, before bronchitis reared its ugly head and knocked me out of the game for awhile. I probably intended for it to have more of a point, but oh well. I’ll add to it and publish it just so it doesn’t sit in my dashboard mocking me.

I think it’s kind of funny that you can hit max level and the game still has barriers keeping you from rushing into endgame content. Funny, but kind of good as well. I know in Wrath this was kind of in play, but not so much as it is now. There were people who weren’t able to get into heroics right away at 80, but otherwise it seemed that if you put in a minimum of time in the regulars that you were pretty much good to go at 80.

In Wrath, also, you only got a vague “you must obtain better gear” before getting into the later content. I do like Cata’s more definitive, “you must obtain an XX average level” that they have for some of the queues. I can see what average I have, what the minimum is for the content I want to do, and what pieces I have that are holding me back.

I am so close to being able to do heroics. I am one friggin’ point away. That’s going to be a big leap from regular instances, so I’m not sure how sad I am that I can’t get into them just yet.

Oh well, regulars it is. Time to get my JP and maybe an upgrade. Queue up regular random.

Grim Batol. Again. Ever since I discovered it, it is always Grim Batol.

The good thing about GB is all of the humanoid mobs who drop lots of cloth. And if you’re a tailor-like Lorethos is-you get an awesome ability to scavenge extra cloth off the mobs after other people have looted them. In the spellbook this ability is noted as Northrend scavenging but it appears to work for Cata mobs as well.

gimme gimme gimme

If you are the only tailor in the group with this ability, it’s not unusual to pick up 3-4 stacks of cloth in one run. It’s especially funny when there is a skinner in the group who can’t figure out why the looted corpse can’t be skinned.

So I’m in GB, picking up scavenged cloth hand over fist. And I get a whisper from the rogue:

Rogue: Wow, you’re getting a lot of cloth.

I don’t respond because we are in the middle of combat. Rogue is just standing there.

Rogue: I wish I could get cloth like that.

Uh-huh, yeah, still in combat if you feel like jumping in.

Rogue: How are you getting so much?

Me: I’m a tailor.

Rogue: Me too. Do you train it?

Me: Yes.

Rogue: When? I’m at 305.

OH MY GOD. My eye starts to twitch but I nicely explain to him that when he gets to making Northrend level items he will learn the scavenge ability and then he will get extra cloth, too.

(Why the hell is a rogue a tailor anyway?)

Rogue: Can I have some?

Have some? What? My cloth? Oh, hell-to-the-fucking-no you did not just ask that.

Which is what I should have said. What I really said was “no, I need it still for leveling up.”

Rogue: I need some, too.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Please. You probably just want it to sell on the AH. Screw you. I don’t ask skinners to give me a cut of the leather or miners to give me some of the ore they pick up. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I looked him up on the armory and saw he was actually a skinner/leatherworker.

So, welcome to my ignore list, Tailor Rogue.

Get your own damn cloth.