Heroic leap

In my last post I mentioned that I was one point away from Blizzard considering me eligible for heroics. Where was I going to make up that point? I wasn’t really having much luck getting gear from the regulars I was running.

(And I admit a lot of this was my fault. I tend to let the healers have first crack at spirit gear, even though spirit = hit for me. Then, when the healer didn’t need anything, I would usually lose gear with spirit to mages and locks. What the hell?)

But I realized I had been missing a prime source for gear upgrades when I went to go purchase a new faction tabard. Well, look at this…what are these charming items? Omg….faction gear is actually worth getting in Cata.

The faction gear in Wrath tended to not be all that great. There were some decent pieces, but a lot of them required you to be exalted to buy…which by then you’ve already picked up something comparable from a heroic. But in Cata you can get some fairly good things even at the honored level.

Total mental headslap moment. I went around to all the different factions, seeing what was available for me. By the time I was done I had more than gotten the average item level needed for heroics.

But was I ready? According to slice, no, I was not.


Because I chose to do no preparation.

What? Wait…why?

A variety of reasons..one of the biggest being laziness. Another is that just reading about an encounter or a strategy doesn’t really help me. Watching a video on youtube helps, but still for the most part I have to actually do something before I understand the mechanics.

Plus, I was curious. How hard would it be to go into a Cata dungeon blind? When the ground underneath me changes color, I move. What more do I need to know right?

So off I went. Was it selfish of me to go in unprepared? Possibly. Normally I would say yes, except that most times I was not the only person who had never been in a certain instance before.

Generally my plan was to go in and lie low. Usually there was someone else who said “how does this boss go again?” and then I would get an explanation. I was almost outed in Halls of Origination when I was asked to “do the lever” on the first boss (whu?–) but thankfully someone else volunteered for the duty.

I got through every regular instance (except Blackrock Caverns–which I hadn’t discovered) using this lay low strategy. No, I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone. It does require that some of the people in the group DO know what they are doing. Some of the earlier runs fell apart because there was too much “what’s going on?” happening.

Everything I’ve read says that the heroic versions of these kick up several notches. I think it would be way too unfair to not do some kind of prep before queuing up for heroics now.  So eventually I’ll do my research and I’ll stick my toe into the Cata heroic scene.

And hopefully I won’t be that guy dead in the corner because he didn’t move when he was supposed to.


One Response to “Heroic leap”

  1. Well if you run with the robots they won’t explain anything. So have fun with that! 😀

    BTW Tattia is now heroic ready but she is still doing regulars with Zerl tanking on his pally. You are welcome to join us if you wish. 🙂

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