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The Plan

Posted in Alt with tags , , , on February 25, 2011 by zarigar

Throwing out a quickie post here before the weekend starts. Rotating through multiple characters means a little chaos and confusion occasionally, so I wanted to put words to a few goal I had for each toon.

Some are long-term and some are short-term; I certainly don’t expect them all to get done by the end of the weekend. But let’s see if writing them down will give me more incentive to make sure they eventually get done.


First, keep on working on Earthen Ring rep. The underwater quests are tedious but the faction rep is worth it. I wants new shooz! Also, I need to work on his leatherworking. A lot of the mobs in the underwater zone are skinnable, which is nice, but they tend to only give out scraps. I may need to switch to a leather-heavier area when I can no longer stand the under the sea stuff.


I think he kind of got abandoned for enchanting bitch duty. Nothing immediate I want to do, though he still has a few more points needed before the enchanting is maxed.


Hopefully get her to 85 soon. Then send her out to be the ore farmer and hopefully get in Arvash’s way of strip-mining Twilight Highlands. Eventually her blacksmithing will get worked on, though I really just want her to be a funneler of ore to my mage.


Which brings me to my mage. She’s still way back in Northrend. I want to get her to 75 so she can learn the next tier of professions, then just have her sit back and concentrate on leveling up JC. I don’t really have any desire to max her out beyond that, though since I said that I will probably end up changing my mind.

Since I’m lazy, let’s give myself a month…then come back and see how well I did.


People I hate

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , on February 23, 2011 by zarigar

Nice sensationalist title to reel people in — check.

This post is inspired by the one written at Dots & Hots about people who fail. Pretty much all of the basics are covered: the INT geared tanks, the warlocks who lifetap themselves to death, the people who sit and wait for a rez. These are all things I’ve complained about before here, I’m sure.

My newest peeve are the people who die 3 seconds into a boss encounter and then just lay there waiting for everyone else to kill the boss. Sometimes they just sit there quietly and sometimes they offer “encouragement” of gogogo.

I know that some bosses have a lock-out feature that keep you out of the fight if you release, and a lot of times the boss is so far away that you can’t get back there in time. And, of course, if the boss only has 10% left it’s better to stay dead. But I’m not talking about those times.

I mean like the worm boss in Stonecore or the first boss in Lost City who throws the bombs everywhere. You can get back to those bosses fairly quickly and easily. Yet most of the players who die to these bosses don’t release and come back.

Why not? Why just sit there and wait for the other players to kill the boss for you? Is it lack of knowledge of the fight? (Which would explain an early death.) General laziness? It’s especially annoying when the fights then take a long time to complete. Can you go AFK while you’re dead?

I don’t even know if it’s necessarily the idea of “carrying” someone that bugs me about it. But in all the situations where someone is failing or lacking, it does put pressure on the other people to have to step up and cover for them.

For people who don’t release after a wipe: yes, the healer has a spell that will rez you. But why would you count or expect that, especially when you have the means (releasing and running back in) to bring yourself back to life? Especially when every one else is as well.

After a wipe, the healer has to run in back to where you all died. Possibly drink to get the mana to rez. Rez you. Rez any other asshats who were too good to release. Most likely drink again. Re-cast group buffs (unless they are a shaman). Stare in disbelief at the people standing around with half-full life bars who can’t be bothered to eat. Heal if they are feeling nice. Sit down to drink–

–no, wait the tank has already run off again to pull. Bah! I haven’t healed at all this expansion and I still feel for them.

My last little peevey thing is people who don’t bother with their utilities. Removing curses used to be a resto shaman thing, but now all us shammys can do it. It’s kind of weird to get used to–the first time I saw a purple box to be decursed I went “wha-?”

I don’t mind decursing people, but for some reason it bugs me when people who also can decurse do not. They don’t even take curses off themselves. Why?

So, I realize this is totally petty of me, but I sometimes leave curses on people who can’t be bothered to fix themselves. I don’t know if it’s only resto druids that can remove curses or all druids. I will decurse a resto druid, though, because healers are already doing enough. Mages, though, those bitches are on their own.

I will totally own my hypocrisy here. I am willfully choosing to withhold a utility function to “teach someone a lesson.” If someone realizes that their cast time is slower or their cooldown time is doubled, maybe they will realize they need to take a second to get that curse off of them.

Though I will say a lot depends on my mood and what fight we are doing. If it’s Cursed Bullet or whatever it is on the last boss in SFK, I will just decurse everyone just so we get that done and get out of there.┬áBut I do have to say I understand better all the mages who did decursing on fights like Noth and Saphiron who screamed at everyone else with decursing abilities that didn’t use them.

Thank you for letting me rant.

24 hours with no internet: A Horror Story

Posted in Random with tags on February 22, 2011 by zarigar

Ok, it wasn’t a full 24 hours but it felt like 36 so I will excuse myself the exaggeration.

It’s Sunday afternoon. Zarigar has finally hit exalted with Therazane and has the nifty new shoulder enchant. I decide to work on Earthen Ring next, since they have some sweet shoes he can use. Sadly, that means I will have to go back to that stupid underwater zone and work on the quests there, since trying to grind out the rep from the tabard will take forever.

There I was, killing lowbie underwater creatures and accumulating a pile of leather scraps (yay?) when I go to turn in a quest and the quest box doesn’t click off. After spending some time in Twilight Highlands I am used to lag spikes and think nothing of it. I don’t remember if Vashj’ir had that issue, but it’s been so long since I’ve been there that I don’t remember.

Then Pandora goes quiet and I switch screens. I assume that it’s hit the point where it stops the music and asks you to confirm you are still there before continuing. But that screen is down. Then I get kicked out of WoW.


Yep, one of the lights on the modem is off. Interesting. Usually the light is orange when it’s thinking or resetting or whatever it does when it decides to take a little break. I unplug it, wait a couple of minutes, then plug it back it to let it reboot.

After it’s done rebooting, the light that usually turns orange when it’s not working (though should be green) has now turned a bright shade of red. I have never seen a red light on the modem before. It could lead Santa’s sleigh through a snowstorm if Rudolph was not available. This can’t be good.

I pick up the phone to call AT&T (yeah, I’m not even going to bother hiding the identity of those rat bastards) and there is no dial tone. Just a kind of dead air where, if I listen closely, I can hear the ghosts of dead children ordering me to kill others:

“kill….kill….kill AT&T…..”

"come play with us"

Ok, I have no phone service at all. My payments are made automatically, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t cut off for non-payment. Of course, having no internet means I can’t verify that at the moment.

So, on to the cell phone. I call in to their help system or whatever they call it. I actually prefer to deal with automated systems because people are usually stupid. I go through the menus, enter in that my home line is down and the automated system chirpily says “I can fix that.”

Oh, halleluah, praise Baby Jesus.

He goes through his system check, then comes back on the line and sadly says: “I’m sorry. I’ll have to direct you to the next available agent.”


“The next available agent should be in about 3 minutes.” I hope so, because I’m burning minutes here.

I finally get someone on the line, who–for lack of anything better–I’m going to call Karen. We go through all the redundancy of me giving her all the same information I gave to the computer.

“What seems to be the problem today?”

“Uh, I have no phone line at all and no internet.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Karen says/reads off her script with no hint of apology in her voice. The automated system showed more emotion that she does. “I’m just going to run a diagnostic check.” Um, ok, you’re going to do the same thing the computer just did?

“I’m showing that your line is working fine.”

Um, really? Because my phone was never haunted with dead spirits before. And the bright red light on my modem says differently.

Apparently I’ve reached the end of her training because she has no answers for that.

“You should try unplugging all your phones and letting them sit for a few minutes then plug them back in.”

I already did that. Apparently cockblocking the phone lady’s advice is the way to get on her bad side.

“Then the problem must be with your phones.”

Uh, I don’t think so. Obviously you can’t help me, when can we get a service guy here?

“I can write up a trouble report, but everything is showing working here. If I send someone out and it’s not our fault it is going to cost you $55.”

Hahahahaha, I don’t fucking think so. I don’t care if you send out a technician or an exorcist, but this phone line is not working and it’s not my fault.

“I suggest you get a new phone and see if that fixes the problem.”

Uh, I suggest you kiss my ass.

They can send out someone the next day (Monday) which is both good and bad. Since I work from home, I need internet to work. Being a holiday means I won’t miss work. But being a holiday means I am missing valuable time I could be spending on leveling up my rep.


So now how do I entertain myself for the rest of the evening? I look over at my Playstation and Wii and want to kick them across the room. Since pouting won’t get me anywhere I decide to be productive and start cleaning. If for some reason the service guy needs to come in he might as well not judge me by the hovel I normally live in.

I’m not sure why I care what the AT&T people think, especially after dealing with that whore Karen, but I have nothing else to do anyway. When I get bored I watch a little bit of Hoarders and it gets me right back into cleaning mode.

I go to bed that night super early and wake up with what I suspect are tears on my pillow. Check the modem just in case. Yep, still bright red.

Oh well, back to cleaning. I’m dusting, people…DUSTING!!!! Finally, Rick from AT&T calls and says he is about 15 minutes away and will stop at check the box first before coming over. It’s almost noon by then and I am on the couch watching Food Network and wondering what I should eat for lunch.

Almost an hour passes and I’m starving but don’t want to make any food since that would be the moment Rick shows up. You said you were 15 minutes away, you liar! I consider finding the schematics for the local AT&T office and blowing them up, but ironically that would most likely involve me having internet access.

Finally my cell phone rings and it’s Rick. “It looks like we moved some wire around when we were doing some changes here.”


How shocking. Looks like I’m keeping my $55 today.

“You should be good to go now.”

I run to the phone and lift the receiver. Sweet, glorious dial tone. No more dead children whispering through my phone line.

Back upstairs to the office. Green! All the lights are green. I burst into tears and can barely log on through my tears.

I’m back in, bitches!

Karen, you can go to hell. Rick, you may live.

I haz internets again!

Hex appeal

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , on February 15, 2011 by zarigar

So it looks like I’m back to Zarigar as my “main”. (Shrekjr: “Yay!”) When I log in, that’s the toon who seems the most fun for me to play right now. Playing a game for fun? What a concept.

Which then means that Zarigar is doing most of the heroic instances now. When he goes on guild runs, there isn’t much finesse needed. Some of them are so geared that they just bash through the instance in 8 minutes like a battering ram on crack.

When I’m in a pug group the pace is much more slower and the need for crowd control much more demanding. Because shaman are awesomesauce, they get both Hex and Bind Elemental. I usually only use Bind Elemental in Vortex if a stray mob is casting from a distance and a few times in Stonecore before it got all nerfed.

Most of the time then it’s just Hex. I like Hex, I have no problems using it to cc mobs, but, like last week’s Tremor Totem rant, there are some things I don’t like about it.

Usually when I get a Hex target it’s the mob in the back of the group. I understand’s usually a caster mob that is easier to contain that to try to lead it to the tank. What I hate, though, is that Hex has a 10 yard shorter range than my other spells. So I feel like I am creeping up almost into the group before I am close enough to cast.

(And yes, if I was an enhancement shaman I probably won’t cry so much about the range issue. I already pout when I have to move in closer because a boss needs interrupting and Wind Shear has an equally shitty range.)

Since it’s not an instant cast, my favorite is when I have to cast it on a mob that is patrolling around. Totally looking at you asshole mobs in Vortex who stroll in and out of that magic triangle thing. I always end up aggroing the rest of the group and I pray to the Earthmother that the tank can get them off me in time.

There is a cooldown on Hex that I don’t believe is on Polymorph. You can glyph it down, but it’s still there. If some eager DPS or AOE undoes the Hex, then you pretty much have to deal with it, because it can’t be re-Hexed for several seconds.

But these are all minor complaints. Shamans got Hex as their last spell at 80 in Wrath, but just wasn’t something we utilized very much. It’s nice that the stupid frog icon on my toolbar has a purpose now. Even though it’s slowly getting phased out as groups get better gear and confidence, at least I don’t feel it’s as useless a spell as I once thought.

Tremor Totem sucks now

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My preciousssssss…it has changed.

I don’t know how to make one of those snazzy pop-up links, so this is all you get. Tuesday’s patch changed the mechanics of it all around.

Before you could just place it and it would pulse and drop the effect if the pulse occurred at the same time you were affected. There were some problems if you got feared and ran out of range before the pulse could unfear you. But it was nice for fights you knew were fear-heavy; you could just set the totem down ahead of time and let it do it’s thing.

Now tremor totem has to be used in a different manner. It now lasts a whopping 6 seconds. That….sucks. Now you can cast it when you are affected. So basically it’s like an instant dispel.

Instead of the set it and forget it method, you have to wait until you get feared, then drop it and hope no one ran out of range in the time that took. It’s an interesting change-up from how it was before and I might not hate it so much, except…

….it has a freaking one minute cooldown.

Why so long, Blizz? You like seeing me run around with my hands in the air like I just don’t care? Crying because I still have 20 secs left on cooldown and it’s fear time?

So those mobs that fear fairly regularly (*totally looking at you, trash mobs in SFK*) get to sit back and watch us flailing around. Because for 6 seconds every minute we can undo his fear. The other 54 seconds are his.

Love is in the air and I don’t care

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So, yes, this post is about the thread title. Freakin Elder Lunar Coin Mail Spam holiday is still going on for a few more days and now the pseudo Valentine’s Day one is thrown into the mix.

It isn’t that I hate the holidays…well, I could do without the mail spam. Seriously, elders, still using snail mail in 2011? It’s just that I have so many other things that I want to focus on that the holiday stuff gets kind of pushed to the side.

I will say that it’s kind of annoying that all the coin collecting that I did last year got reset if I didn’t complete all the ones for an achievement. And sure it’s much easier to go coin collecting now that you can fly everywhere.

But working on these holiday achievements doesn’t get me geared up. So they will get pushed to the side and–oops–looks like the holiday is over. *Totally looking at you, Winter’s Veil.* I did intend to save Metzen the Reindeer at least once…

Thanks to the recent patch, heroics won’t be quite as sob worthy as they were before. Going through Stonecore last week as a guild, we couldn’t even get past the first boss. Now, in a pug, the tank goes “eh, don’t need CC, they nerfed this” and charges into the pack of mobs like he was in Utgarde Keep. At the end of the run, Zarigar had a shiny new helm.

(Maybe it wasn’t the nerf and Cayle was just fayle. Hmm…..)

I did pick up the charm kit so I can make bracelets for my Warchief. Even though he looks at me strangely when I present it to him. I’m 99% sure he throws the charm I made with love into some kind of recycling bin. Asshole. Thrall would have appreciated it and worn it lovingly!

You cannot haz!

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Dear Blizzard,

When I am in a pug of all strangers and I win a weapon and I equip it and then imbue it with Flametongue Weapon, I understand I will get the “you cannot trade this if you do that” warning. But is it necessary for that warning to pop up every single time I go to refresh Flametongue? Especially once I am out of the pug and there is no way to trade it to someone across another server anyway? And, oh yeah, apparently I revoked the ability to trade it anyway once I imbued it the first time. So, why Blizzard, why?!?!?!

Thank you,