Love is in the air and I don’t care


So, yes, this post is about the thread title. Freakin Elder Lunar Coin Mail Spam holiday is still going on for a few more days and now the pseudo Valentine’s Day one is thrown into the mix.

It isn’t that I hate the holidays…well, I could do without the mail spam. Seriously, elders, still using snail mail in 2011? It’s just that I have so many other things that I want to focus on that the holiday stuff gets kind of pushed to the side.

I will say that it’s kind of annoying that all the coin collecting that I did last year got reset if I didn’t complete all the ones for an achievement. And sure it’s much easier to go coin collecting now that you can fly everywhere.

But working on these holiday achievements doesn’t get me geared up. So they will get pushed to the side and–oops–looks like the holiday is over. *Totally looking at you, Winter’s Veil.* I did intend to save Metzen the Reindeer at least once…

Thanks to the recent patch, heroics won’t be quite as sob worthy as they were before. Going through Stonecore last week as a guild, we couldn’t even get past the first boss. Now, in a pug, the tank goes “eh, don’t need CC, they nerfed this” and charges into the pack of mobs like he was in Utgarde Keep. At the end of the run, Zarigar had a shiny new helm.

(Maybe it wasn’t the nerf and Cayle was just fayle. Hmm…..)

I did pick up the charm kit so I can make bracelets for my Warchief. Even though he looks at me strangely when I present it to him. I’m 99% sure he throws the charm I made with love into some kind of recycling bin. Asshole. Thrall would have appreciated it and worn it lovingly!


3 Responses to “Love is in the air and I don’t care”

  1. I think it was just Fayle

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