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Outland is still the red-headed stepchild

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So, as you can tell, I got my holy pally to Outland over the weekend. Unaffected by Cataclysm, it is it’s own little bubble where nothing has changed. It’s seriously the land that time forgot.

All of the quests are the same, the storyline is the same. It’s basically a stepping stone until I am high enough level to get to Northrend.

I’m sticking to my strategy of leveling through the dungeons when I can. Unlike old world, dungeons are unlocking as red for me. I’m still waiting until they are orange before I queue for them, though. And, also unlike old world, you have to actually go out into the world and pick up the dungeon quests you want to do. They aren’t so neatly placed at the dungeon entrance as in old world.

I want to do each instance at least once, but there are some I would be happy not to do again. There is nothing wrong with Underbog–but, as I told slice–I did it so many times farming sanguine hibiscus back in the day that I don’t want to do it anymore.

To everyone who predicted that Outland would suck once DK tanks came into the picture: well, you all can just go to hell.

Like I said, I know which instances are coming up because they show up as red in the dungeon finder, though I wait until they are orange first. So when I dinged 64, Auchenai Crypts turned orange and it was time to queue for it.

Level 63 tank. I guess, unlike me, he queues up for the things as soon as they are available. That’s fine. There are some aggro issue, but as usual, I can’t really tell if it’s the tank not being able to hold it or the dps not being able to reign it in. (The dps are all 2-3 levels higher than the tank.)

There are 2 rooms in Crypts with lots of skeletons. One of them has about 3 packs of elite mobs. The final room, before the last boss, has an elite caster and a ton of non-elite skeletons. I’m pretty sure the tank gets the confused because he runs into the room with the elite skeletons and tries to round them up.

Did I mention he’s level 63 and the mobs are 65/66 elite? Even with cooldowns he doesn’t stand a chance. It’s a wipe.

On the way back in one of the dps says: “and that’s why you don’t do that”

Upon which my new best friend says: “I did that last time no problem. Maybe if the healer knew what they were doing.”






If you did that last time and lived through it, I’m pretty sure your healer wasn’t too happy about it. I’m not going to say I’m the bestest pally healer than ever was, but if there is a group wipe, then something else happened. More than “healer doesn’t know what they are doing.”

me: “level 63 can’t pull that many mobs”

I start to type more about what a buttnugget he is, but the other 2 dps jump in.

“you didn’t have any aggro..don’t try to pass the blame around”

“the healer does know what she’s just can’t pull like that”

LOL “she”..that’s what I get for playing a femtaur. I did like that the other dps were quick to defend me and not try to put it all on the healer. My new tank bff doesn’t respond, so either he realized he wasn’t going to get away with blaming me or he’s been chastised enough.

Unfortunately, thanks to the nice dps I can’t initiate my dick move of “let the tank pull aggro then drop group and let them all die”.

What’s even worse is I forgot to put the tank on ignore. Gah!

P.S. Where is my healer gear, Blizzard? I do not wants plate with agility and intellect. What the hell??!


Keep on keeping on

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Sigh…I keep starting posts but I can’t make them go anywhere so they’ll probably just sit in the draft box forever. Which means you get more holy pally updates.

I imagine my readers as bored Jesuses. Jesi?

As I’ve probably hammered you over the head many times by now, the holy pally is doing most of her leveling via LFG. With all the mocking of pugs I’ve done, someone might think that using the LFG is all horrible and I just barely tolerate it to level up.

The truth is I actually have enjoyed it quite a bit so far. Certainly I wouldn’t continue using it if LFG was something I found horribly tedious or soul-crushing. Hopefully other people are  enjoying it as well and they will grow up to be fine little tanks and dps. (Though if my unofficial research is any indication, all pug groups will end up with a minimum of 2 hunters.)

What really sucks so far is the lack of any appropriate gear for me. I can’t even take advantage of Plate Specialization yet since there isn’t a whole lot of spellpower gear yet. For the most part I’m not even bothering with using the random instance finder. It’s too sad to open your bag, see plate, and then cry because it has dodge on it.

So I’m doing most of my leveling by specifically queuing for the instances I want to do and skipping the ones I don’t really like once I get the achievement for them. As soon as a new instance shows up as available I go for it. I really enjoy doing the ones that are orange for me; it’s a little more challenging and the dungeon quests at that level give boatloads of XP.

Also, I like how quickly it is to pick up faction rep in the instances. I think the only time I’ve bothered going to Eastern Kingdoms on this toon was to pick up the tabards for Silvermoon and Undercity. I decided to work on Bilgewater first and finally got exalted. Yay, Somebody Likes Me!


How much did you have to pay them?


I was just excited I could replace my kodo with the little trike. It’s a much smoother ride than the whomp-whomp-whomp of the kodo. I should have 3, maybe 4 home cities at exalted before I hit Outlands and their instances that have specific rep built in. (And the spell plate that all the new DKs will steal from me.)

Doing instance after instance and ignoring most of the “outside” world quests means I’m missing a lot of the new story and questlines. I’m ok with that since I still have a low level lock waiting in the wings and he will probably doing his leveling the old fashioned way.

The downfall is my professions–both gathering–kind of fall by the wayside. Every so often, I have to stop running instances and actually go out into the zones to work on my herbalism and skinning. It’s so big and bright out there! With flight points as far as the eye can see!

Oh yeah, there is also world PvP out there. I kind of forgot about that as I was riding through Southern Barrens one day. I was just innocently clomping along on my ginormous kodo when I realized I was being attacked.

Hmm? Oh, I’m getting shot at by an Alliance hunter. What the heck, let’s go for it.

I dismounted, ignored the pet, and went straight for the hunter. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize was I was right by one of those stupid little Alliance camps so 2 guards also jumped in. So now I had the hunter, his pet and the 2 guards.

This hunter wasn’t all that bright, as well, because he stayed in melee with me the whole time. I did have to use Lay on Hands once before I could take the guards out, but eventually I wore them all down and everything died and I got a snazzy Honorable Kill achievement.

Which, of course, prompted another snarky comment from Sorak:

Did you heal them to death?


Well, technically, kind of. I just kept healing myself and keeping myself up and I won. Maybe I wouldn’t have won if the hunter had been able to actually kite me around at range. Or I would have gotten bored and wandered away. Either way, holy is OP for PVP. Nerf us! 😛

So you all want to annoy me?

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Well, gather around then and I will let you in on how you can make that happen. This is all stuff you’ve probably seen before. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s all stuff I’ve written about before.

This is all stuff that my new cow pally has seen lately. I don’t know what it is about queuing healer; the minute I put that check mark beside the giant cross I get all angry and judgmental. Maybe because when I see it as dps I don’t feel that I have to fix it or deal with it.

For starters, when I zone into an instance, one of the first things I take note of is which character is the tank. I normally do this by seeing which of the other 4 people with me has a little shield by their picture. So it gets kind of confusing when someone who does not have the shield becomes the one who is setting the pace. Or starts taking all the damage.

I will admit that, for the most part, a controlled run is pretty boring. Take on a pack of mobs, kill them in some semblance of an order, then move on to the next pack. Done this way, very little damage is taken, not a lot of healing is necessary, and I can alt-tab out for a second to skip that boring song on Pandora.

Let me just say that lately I haven’t been very bored. While much more exciting, it’s also annoying when someone “accidentally” tabs a mob at range and “accidentally” pulled them. I swear most hunters have a macro that says “sorry tab pull lol”. A lot of times it’s just chaos and aggro is everywhere. I now have 5 tanks to keep up.

I get that Cata made us all feel stronger than we were in Wrath. And a lot of us have BoA gear and guild perks that make us feel invincible. We can solo elites now. Why bother playing in any sort of structured way when we are grouped up then?

Sometimes I see 4 people on 4 different targets. Everyone just pick a mob and do whatever. I feel bad for the tanks who have to try to pick up this mess. I assume for a lot of people this is toon #72 and they have run this instance 809 times so they don’t really care what happens.

But there are people who still need to learn to play. And people who may be getting used to new roles. You might been an uber 1334 player who is just using the LFG for fast XP, but it’s not fair to diminish the other people in the group. The “pull bigger” and “gogogogo” is annoying as dps. (Ok, it can be annoying when the tank does it, too; especially when they are terribly geared.)

When you mock the tank or the other people in the group for being “noob” and not going fast enough for you, what do you think happens? Do you think the tank goes “hmm, that dps is right…I should pull eleventy-billion mobs?” (Yes, sometimes.) Or do you think they might go “hmm, that dps is right…maybe I’m not a very good tank.”

Hey, why is there a tank shortage? What do you mean that person got tired of that role and switched to dps? (I would hope this never happened, but now apparently tanks are going to be bribed just to get into queue, so who knows.)

My favorite though, now and forever, continues to be the warlock with a deathwish. Yes, they still lifetap themselves down when everyone else is eating and then stand there. (You get that soul harvest at like level 12. Use that at least!) Or they decide in the middle of a fight that they must be at 100% mana and so lifetap themselves several times from full to about 35%.

Warlocks…let me say…that is a very risky maneuver. I’m not going to lie, I have sometimes let you die when you do that. (One time I purposely let the warlock die and the freakin’ tank apologized for it. Ugh, no.) The thing is, I don’t have to try very hard to let that happen. With your health that low, you are basically at the one-shot stage.

Even when I’m not trying to let you die, it can be difficult to allocate heals to a non-tank character. Especially in the situations I mentioned before where 3 packs of mobs get pulled at once. Does all that mana you gained do you any good when you are lying on the floor and your minion has disappeared back into the ether?

And because warlocks are nothing but trouble, I now also have to watch for the ones that try to Hellfire themselves to death. Since Rain of Fire got moved to the later levels, apparently Hellfire is the AoE spell to use. Oh awesome, a spell that damages you the longer you cast it. One warlock jumped into a pack of mobs in the Scarlet Monastery cathedral, used Hellfire, then wondered why he was dead 2 seconds later.

Why does this spell exist? Other than to annoy me, I mean. Hear that people, you want to annoy me…all of you roll warlocks and come join me in a random.


This one isn’t necessarily an annoyance, but I’ve seen it several times now so I have to ask. When did disc priest become a dps spec? I didn’t even notice it at first–since low level priests don’t have shadowform–but then I see wings getting popped and Penance going out. Wut? lolsmite for the win?

Strangers have the best candy

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It was a big weekend for my cow pally. Tenderloyne finally joined Shadow Rising, all but ensuring that she now gets to live.

I could say that I was feeling lonely and wanted company. I could say that I felt like contributing 1 and 2 copper to the guild every time I looted something. I could even say that I wanted access to all those nommy guild rewards.

But, really, I just wanted all the guild invite spam to stop.

Running around unguilded is its own annoyance post-Cata. Before you might get the occasional whispers or pleas to sign a charter for a gold. Then, once formed, there would usually be a mass exodus as people dropped or were kicked, and moved on to the next charter that needed signing for cash.

Now, it seems that having no guild is some kind of mark of shame that must be corrected immediately. Each person running around with no guild is a person that must be recruited now! Not that there is any actual “recruiting”…simply a pop-up with a guild invite.

There was only one time where I got any kind of message before a guild invite appeared and I’m 99% sure it was some kind of automated message. Guild recruiters are the new gold sellers! I would get invite pop-ups everywhere. I would even get them when I was in instances.

Each time I got one, I dutifully clicked decline. (Though I might have accepted one if I knew people were giving out free guilds.) Is the assumption that people are so desperate to be in a guild now with the reward system that they will jump at the chance to accept the first invite that gets thrown their way?

It just seems so impersonal now. The guild doesn’t want you, they want a warm body. My other unguilded alt, my goblin warlock, got 3 invites for the same guild from 3 different toons in the span of an hour. That’s a little bit obsessive and just makes that guild look desperate.

If I wanted to play with strangers I would have accepted the first invite I got, I wouldn’t have waited until level 30. “Thank you, random guild, for taking a chance on me. I was getting ever so lonely.” That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t put a toon into a non-SR guild, but I need some kind of offer or incentive greater than a random pop-up invite.

Oh well, my pally is in SR now. At least there I can be annoyed by the people I already know.

Big, sexy heals

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Continuing my new holy pally’s journey into dungeon healing:

My first random last night was the Stockades. Pretty non-eventful start. After a few pulls warrior tank asks how he’s doing. Since he actually has a shield equipped and seems to be prot specced he gets a big thumbs-up from me.

Then I get a “nice heals”. Yay my first compliment. The rogue chimes in with “I wish my shammy could heal as well.” Yay, double complimented!

I don’t complain even when we get to the end and the tank runs off into one of the side rooms while one of the dps pulls Hogger. Aack. How no one dies is a miracle from Jeebus but it’s my first experience with going OOM. I haz no mana!

Because I am a sucker for compliments I queue up with the tank and rogue again. This time we get Blackfathom Deeps.

Oddly, the tank and rogue then start chatting with each other. They were mostly quiet in Stockades but now they are just chirping along. I get the feeling they are younger players when they start talking about their mains who, at level 75, have almost 350g. Um, total? You can make that much from dailies. I kind of laugh because they are so excited about it and one of them offers to loan the other some gold if he needs it. Aww.

Then they start talking about the awesome netherweave bags their tailor alts make for them and I mentally smack my forehead for not having Lorethos make my pally some bags. But I think that’s one of the signs that I’m going to keep a character, when they get official Lorethos-quality bags for their stuff.

I get another compliment for my heals. Aww, ty. Then the tank comes down off his medication or something:



We get to the lady naga boss and he goes to town:




Ok then. I don’t know that I’ve had such passion for or against a bunch of pixels. And maybe that’s my own loss.

Still…creepy. Can we be done now?

Thankfully the mini-Mr Hyde reverts back to Dr Jekyll and we get to the room where you have to fight the cultist people, then a boss, then activate the braziers to make mobs come out so the final door open. Yeah, well someone decided it would be a fantastic idea to hit all the braziers while we were still fighting the cult boss…

…I hate people.

I give myself 2 hooves up for keeping everyone alive again. Even the people who just decided to attack whatever target they wanted. Tank aggo…what’s that?

The hydra boss was almost boring in comparison. I quickly turned my quests in and dropped group before they could suggest we do another.

God, I hope I am not on their Friends list.

Those old hateful feelings

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While I’m still working on the goals I set for my “main” characters, lately I’ve been dabbling around with newer toons for a change of pace. (That reminds me, it’s been over a month since I posted The Plan back in February. I guess I should see how far along I’ve come with that.)

One of my new toons is a cow pally that I made when they became available right before the actual release of Cata. Warstomp, bitchez! Paladin is one of those classes that I keep making, but then they get deleted before they get too far. I have a *gasp* human paladin on another server but I think it only got to 20-something as ret.

I got this pally to level 9, then specifically stopped before it got to level 10. With Cata coming out, I knew she would be abandoned for a while and I wanted to leave her right before I had to choose a specialization. So she’s been pretty much abandoned for the last 4 months or so.

Now that my higher level toons are more or less on a set schedule–lol that makes them sound like toddlers–it was time to dust off the pally and see if it was still something I wanted to work on. A few more levels and, ding!, level 10.

Ok, time to choose a specialization. I still don’t see myself as a tank so Prot was out. I had done a little bit of Ret and that might have been the “easiest” choice, but I went for the crazy and chose Holy.


That’s right, bitchez, I have a healing cow. I’ve never taken a healing character from the ground up before. Lorethos and Zarigar were already leveled up when they got their healing dual specs. Even my Alliance priest who shall not be named leveled and collected gear as shadow before getting her heal on.

So I chose Holy, dutifully placed my one talent point, and continued questing. I couldn’t get into a dungeon until 15, so there was plenty of time to get used to how my spells worked. As I unlocked spells, I would look at them and see how useful they would be to me. A rez spell? Ah, wonderful. Righteous Fury? Um, no thanks.

What wasn’t so awesome is the limited amount of gear at that level that was useful for me. About 99.9% of the mail has strength on it. I ended up having to dip into leather for some gear with INT and spirit on it. I debated getting some BoA, but there isn’t any spell plate available (what?) and I didn’t really want to pick up the mail version. Have you seen those shoulders?

I did end up stealing the trinkets from Notari and passing them along. I even had her make some ghetto low-level jewelry. By the time I was done I had doubled my mana pool and was feeling better about my pally. She wasn’t twinked, but some effort had been put into her and I was curious to see how it would work in an instance.

Finally she hit level 15 and the dungeon finder was unlocked. I even had quests for Ragefire Chasm. And then I started thinking “what the hell am I doing?” I always get anxious when I put someone into the instance queue for the first time. But this time I was going to stroll in for the first time and say “Hey, how’s it going? I will be your healer today. I have never done this before so I have absolutely no experience to back me up if anything goes wrong. Enjoy your repair bills. Have a nice day.”

Even though I know that the first instances are really quite simple and the mechanics are pretty low, I was still worried. I did remind myself that if things went terribly wrong I could run away, delete the toon and no one would ever know. My pally is not even guilded, so it would be like she never happened.

I did stall a bit longer by looking at what spells were coming up and seeing that, at level 16, I would learn Flash of Light and Lay on Hands. Both of those spells would come in handy, especially the “oh shit” heal of LoH. After I learned those spells and talked myself down from the ledge some more, it was time to queue up.

As heals.

It wasn’t the insta-queue of a tank, but it also wasn’t the marathon wait of dps. My first instance was Ragefire Chasm….which was already in progess.

AACK. Talk about literally being thrown in. The first few minutes were a blur. They were a few groups before the end boss–who appears in the middle of the instance, wtf–so that instance was over pretty quickly. Inside my satchel was a wonderful healer cloak. The tank asked people not to drop so the last 2 bosses could be done, but the warlock went afk and never came back and the hunter dropped.

The pally tank and the warrior dps continued on. This actually turned out to be perfect for me. Having less people to heal left me a bit more freedom to play around with spells and see what kind of numbers I could get with each different heal.

After that I queued up again and got Deadmines. Nothing too noteworthy happened, but I started to get into a rhythm of which spells to use and what time.

Feeling a little more sure, next time I got Wailing Caverns. Sigh. I really, really dislike this place. Even with the new maps I don’t ever really know where I’m going. We did most of the bosses and went back to the beginning to turn in the quests that got done. Then everyone started dropping! WTF? We are not done. You have to escort the guy..and…sigh.

By this time I am level 18. Do my training then into the next one.

Shadowfang Keep. Ok. Here we go. Uh…tank is taking lots of damage. I start to get all panicky and pressing buttons as fast as I can. It’s my first non-pally that why he’s dropping so fast? Um, wait, warriors can shields, too, right?

We do the first boss and everything now feels like a struggle. Keeping up that tiny health bar is killing me. Uh…why does the mage have as much health as the tank? Why does the druid have more?

Mage then asks “warrior, why are you fury? Are you trying to jump the dungeon line?”

Eff me.

The warrior doesn’t answer but instead charges on. I am going through my mana like nothing. This is not going to happen. Now that I know that it isn’t all on me I don’t feel so bad. And I know I am not going to stick around to keep up someone pretending to be a tank. So when the mage and I are sitting there drinking and the warrior charges ahead into the next group, I apologize to the mage then promptly drop.

After my cooldown wears off, I decide to specifically re-queue for Ragefire Chasm so I can do the quests I couldn’t do the first time. The I get Wailing Caverns as my next random, but it is already in progress, so I pretty much finish up the escort quest and am done.

Last random for the night is Shadowfang Keep again. With an actual tank, it goes much more smoothly. (And thanks to the pally quest, I get an actual healer mace.) By this time I am now level 21 and have gotten actual spellpower mail to replace some of the leather pieces.

After a handful of instances, I’m tentatively thinking that this might work. Starting healing this early cut down on the feeling overwhelmed by everything all at once.

As to the blog title, those old hateful feelings of healing did come up. It wasn’t so much: “why are you all taking so much damage? Move out of the fire?” It was more: “hunter you are not a tank…warlock you are not a tank…rogue you are not a tank. Stop that right now!” I wonder if takes a demented mind-set to be a healer.

(I did see someone wanding but I don’t remember if it was a pro warlock or not.)

But healing wasn’t so bad. I guess the pally gets to live a little while longer.