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I’m in love with a sunflower

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I’m not really a pet person. I’m not anti-pet, I just don’t love them as much as some people. I don’t really go out of my way to get them. I mentioned before that I’m only on my 2nd pet of the Veteran Nanny achievement and pets pretty much fall out of the sky with all the orphan stuff.

When I do get a pet they almost never get summoned. I don’t see the point. I even used to inwardly curse the people who had them out in raids, blaming those tiny 8 pixels or whatever as the reason I had so much lag.

Some pets are cute, like the tiny sapling summoned by a druid in tree form. Some are creepy, like the little orc squire you get from the Tournament. I expect “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” to show up and ask that the child be released from the pokeball of pets he is crammed into.

oh crap

So it was a surprise to me to find one that made me go squee. I think it was in a Blackrock Caverns group when I first saw one. I’m sure my first thought was “omg a stupid little flower pet”. It made me think of the racist sunflower on Family Guy who was mean to poor Cleveland:

"you're ignorant!"

Then it opened its mouth and sang:



singing sunflower…I must haves you! Where could I get this magnificent creature?

Apparently they threw in a mini-game based on Plants vs Zombies sometime before Cata. I think I played 1 or 2 levels of PvZ on a trial version somewhere but nothing where I thought I could just go in and see what happened.

So I went out and researched. My builds are pretty much thrown together and I can’t be bothered to read up on anything relating to raiding, but for a singing sunflower I was taking notes and watching videos.


After grabbing some tips, I took the character I was on at the time–the holy pally–out to the mini-game to test my newfound skillz. Those poor zombies never had a chance. I was on a mission–gimme my sunflower!

Soon I had the pet on my pally. Sing for me! Now I was hooked on killing zombies with flowers, so I had to play again on Lorethos and again on Zarigar. Moar flowers!

zari and friend

I’m a little addicted now. (To both the mini-game and the pet.) Don’t be surprised if my bank alts end up getting themselves a sunflower, too.



Pulling a Slice

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Leaving a pug group that is doomed to fail is now to be known as “pulling a Slice“. Named in honor of Orangeslice, who sadly had to drop his underperforming group for his own sanity.

good slice

My holy pally ended up having to pull a Slice shortly afterwards in a Halls of Lightning run that was going nowhere fast. It had the markings of fail: tank with the lowest health of anyone in the party and me having to dip fairly deep into my mana to keep him up.

I will stay with most groups to the bitter end. I won’t automatically drop after the first wipe. But there are some groups that you just know aren’t going to make it.

I looked the tank up on armory after I left. He was a DK with a frost spec and an unholy PvP spec. I don’t know which one he was using to “tank” with.

The trash was kind of rough but the first boss pull was a mess. I had to pop all kinds of cooldowns and still he was yo-yoing between 100% health to 10% until he died. I went in to give it another try since the first pull was kind of messy.

tank: r heals?

me: yes

tank: u got this

me: it’s not me I’m worried about

Ok, so kind of mean, but I suspected the tank was the issue and he was getting one more shot until I pulled a Slice. Pulled again, same issue: health fluctuating way too much and dead seconds later. I dropped mid-fight to save myself another repair bill.

There is a part of me that feels bad even when I know logically that that run had little chance for success. Even if we had gotten past that boss, I was envisioning all the awful mobs and other bosses still to come. I thought of all the dps that would rotate in as the smarter ones dropped and got replaced. I imagined myself getting frustrated at the thought of people thinking it was because of me.

Like I said before, you just kind of know when a run is not going to happen. There is a difference between a run that is challenging and one that is going to make you consider chewing off your own fingers so you have an excuse to not play.

You can’t spell orphan without Oprah

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Another holiday gone by; another chance for progressing the meta gone by. Maybe sometime around 2035 one of my toons will get the Long Strange Trip achievement.

This has to be Zarigar’s 4th or even 5th Children’s Week, but this year he only just got the second pet needed for Veteran Nanny. Whoops. I’m still not sure if Lorethos has ever rented out of those children.

Matron: “Here you go, Little Zuglet, this nice zombie will be your guardian for the week.”

Orphan: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” *wets himself*

I’m still not sure what kind of reckless Orphan Matron lets a troll take charge of one of her children for the week. She is lucky she got the kid back with all of its limbs intact.┬áThankfully Zarigar’s shoddy parenting and child neglect overrode his desire to BBQ a small child’s tasty arm and make a bracelet out of its teeth.

My holy pally did a few of the orphan quests only because they gave out some good XP and they were a change from instance grinding. Even the old world ones aren’t so bad now that you can fly everywhere.

I would make my annual complaint that I don’t like Children’s Week coming right after Noblegarden, but when you mostly ignore both holidays, it’s hard to complain about being overwhelmed by them. What is the next one, the summer flame one? That’s another one I tend to ignore but–again, thanks to old world flying–it might not feel so tedious to do now and I might actually work on that one.

Or not. We’ll see which alt I’m working on at the time.


And just to tie my thread title in, I have to say that I’m so glad that Sorak can check up on everything WoW remotely. It also means he can keep an eye on his auctions while not missing his favorite talk show. I might even watch if it had more shows like this:

Happy Monday bitchez!

But I’m a healer!

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My pally just flew through Outland without completing any of the zones all the way through and is now hanging out in Northrend. I thought Outland was pretty dead; I haven’t seen another player-horde or alliance–yet.

This may explain why it’s taking a little bit longer than I’m used to to get into LFG instances. I’ve wasted a lot of time in between waits dragging my orphan around to whatever place the greedy little bastage wants to go to next. But with the orphan quests mostly done, I’ve had to resort to…shudder…questing.

Questing in Northrend might not be so bad if I actually had a ret spec to use. But I’ve stubbornly refused to build one, even though I bought the offspec when it was available.

It probably makes to sense to rational people, but this is my healer character. She was created from the ground up to heal. Unlike Zarigar or Lorethos, I think of her as a healing toon. I don’t have the “I’m just pretending to heal so I have a shorter wait time for instances” feel that I often had with those two.

So, I trot my little holy self out and do quests in that spec. I’m never in danger of dying, even when I pull multiple mobs. I rarely even dip deep into my mana pool. The probably is it takes fifty billion years to kill something.

I’m sure someone could pull out the math and show me that I would be using my time more efficiently if I switched between specs. But sadly I’m way too stubborn for things like logic and reason to persuade me from doing things my way.

And I swear playing a healer has made me more stubborn and mouthy than usual. I suspect it’s a symptom of healer rage.

When you hit level 68 you can queue up for UK. You can queue up for Nexus shortly after that, but it doesn’t turn yellow until 71. So if you are not specifically queuing for certain instances you will see a lot of UK.

There is a noticeable difference between the players at 68 and the ones at 70. The 68 players can be annoying difficult to keep up. I think it’s because you can pretty much steamroll a lot of the old world and Outland content even if you are not geared up to the max. In Northrend rogues start to learn that maybe it’s not a great idea to stand in front of a cleaving boss.

There is still a lot of go-go mentality, but a lot of tanks are starting to take their time and do pulls that don’t involve an entire room. That gives me hope for the future that I won’t end up hating them.

Some of the dps, though, are still assholes. The other night I was in a group where they kept pushing at the tank. He wasn’t going super slow, but he wasn’t pulling every mob in sight and apparently that was not good enough. The dps were a rogue, a kitty druid and a hunter. Rogue and kitty were 68. The kitty was doing a couple of hundred dps–everyone else was over 1000.

He probably could have gone a little faster; I would have been ok if he had. I just hate when others try to push the tank, though, so I was happy when he ignored them and carried on at his pace. He never responded to their mocking and finally just dropped group.

Nice work, people.

I was on some long flight when the instance popped up so I teleported out and continued my flight while we waited for a new tank. (Why that stupid orphan needs to go the Cavern of Time each year I’ll never know.)

I guess the rest of the group decided they weren’t going to let something so trivial as not having a tank stop them from going on so onward they went.

Hunter: “let’s keep can tank”

Rogue: “no healer”

Hunter: “where’s heals?”

Me: “outside while we wait for tank”

Kitty: “kick?”

When I saw “kick” I wondered for a second why he was talking about the rogue ability and what needed to get interrupting. Then I saw:

You have been removed from the group.

Hahahaha. Awesome. So because I didn’t feel like healing 3 non-tanks through an instance I was decided as not worthy of continuing? Um, ok. I hope they enjoyed now having to wait for both a new healer and a tank.

So, even though I was ok with not continuing with that group, I still had a bit of leftover healer rage to get rid of. So what I did wasn’t very proud and I’m sure The Light is very disappointed in me.

I whispered the low dps kitty who suggested the kick and told him:

I’m surprised they kept you with your shitty dps.

Pleased with myself, I continued on with buying more toys for my greedy orphan while I waited for my next instance to pop.

Never get between a GM and his idol

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Sorak = Ryli

Less than 2 minute from joining to banning.