You can’t spell orphan without Oprah

Another holiday gone by; another chance for progressing the meta gone by. Maybe sometime around 2035 one of my toons will get the Long Strange Trip achievement.

This has to be Zarigar’s 4th or even 5th Children’s Week, but this year he only just got the second pet needed for Veteran Nanny. Whoops. I’m still not sure if Lorethos has ever rented out of those children.

Matron: “Here you go, Little Zuglet, this nice zombie will be your guardian for the week.”

Orphan: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” *wets himself*

I’m still not sure what kind of reckless Orphan Matron lets a troll take charge of one of her children for the week. She is lucky she got the kid back with all of its limbs intact. Thankfully Zarigar’s shoddy parenting and child neglect overrode his desire to BBQ a small child’s tasty arm and make a bracelet out of its teeth.

My holy pally did a few of the orphan quests only because they gave out some good XP and they were a change from instance grinding. Even the old world ones aren’t so bad now that you can fly everywhere.

I would make my annual complaint that I don’t like Children’s Week coming right after Noblegarden, but when you mostly ignore both holidays, it’s hard to complain about being overwhelmed by them. What is the next one, the summer flame one? That’s another one I tend to ignore but–again, thanks to old world flying–it might not feel so tedious to do now and I might actually work on that one.

Or not. We’ll see which alt I’m working on at the time.


And just to tie my thread title in, I have to say that I’m so glad that Sorak can check up on everything WoW remotely. It also means he can keep an eye on his auctions while not missing his favorite talk show. I might even watch if it had more shows like this:

Happy Monday bitchez!


3 Responses to “You can’t spell orphan without Oprah”

  1. The hidden filth is usually the worst.

  2. SUCH a dirty Ho

  3. Good thing we keep the filth right out in the open in SR.

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