Pulling a Slice

Leaving a pug group that is doomed to fail is now to be known as “pulling a Slice“. Named in honor of Orangeslice, who sadly had to drop his underperforming group for his own sanity.

good slice

My holy pally ended up having to pull a Slice shortly afterwards in a Halls of Lightning run that was going nowhere fast. It had the markings of fail: tank with the lowest health of anyone in the party and me having to dip fairly deep into my mana to keep him up.

I will stay with most groups to the bitter end. I won’t automatically drop after the first wipe. But there are some groups that you just know aren’t going to make it.

I looked the tank up on armory after I left. He was a DK with a frost spec and an unholy PvP spec. I don’t know which one he was using to “tank” with.

The trash was kind of rough but the first boss pull was a mess. I had to pop all kinds of cooldowns and still he was yo-yoing between 100% health to 10% until he died. I went in to give it another try since the first pull was kind of messy.

tank: r heals?

me: yes

tank: u got this

me: it’s not me I’m worried about

Ok, so kind of mean, but I suspected the tank was the issue and he was getting one more shot until I pulled a Slice. Pulled again, same issue: health fluctuating way too much and dead seconds later. I dropped mid-fight to save myself another repair bill.

There is a part of me that feels bad even when I know logically that that run had little chance for success. Even if we had gotten past that boss, I was envisioning all the awful mobs and other bosses still to come. I thought of all the dps that would rotate in as the smarter ones dropped and got replaced. I imagined myself getting frustrated at the thought of people thinking it was because of me.

Like I said before, you just kind of know when a run is not going to happen. There is a difference between a run that is challenging and one that is going to make you consider chewing off your own fingers so you have an excuse to not play.


6 Responses to “Pulling a Slice”

  1. I did that last night….I hate to admit it, but I find myself pulling a slice more and more often……

  2. I am so happy to see this put into the guild vernacular.

  3. […] happen….Call to arms….there are poeple in there who should not be tanking…see Pulling a slice! also there are people in there hoping with the increase in healers and tanks in Heroics…hey […]

  4. What IS it about HoL? I’ve run it twice now on Van, and the second time was, well, not long before your run. I zoned in to four dead players and a lightning-infused Bjarngrim charging at me. Apparently this tank, like the one the first time I had been here, had pulled him while he was charged … along with some not-yet-cleared trash … and the healer dropped mid-pull. Unlike yours, this one at least was in a tank spec. He was light on the health but not dreadfully so. Fortunately there was a fury warrior along who had 27k health and more or less off-tanked parts of the instance but man … that dude was squishy.

    Tanks … don’t effing pull Bjarngrim when he’s charged up! Unless it’s heroic and you are going for the achievement, there is zero reason to bite off that much of a challenge. I might just kick the next tank that does it.

    Also, if you fly up and engage Eregos in Oculus without killing any of the whelps, and I tell you after we wipe “you really should kill the whelps before you pull” … you bet your damn ass I’m going to kick you when your reply to me is to ‘put on your big girl panties.’ Thank you DPS for backing me on that one, apparently the dude’s mad full-speed rush through the instance annoyed them as well. Stupid tauren pallys. Geesh.
    (Zari excepted from the previous statement)

    • Remember how I used to complain on Elgar about HoL? Those complaints were not unwarranted! I told you that place is evil! But NOOOoooOooOooo, no one believes the dude with the creepy moustache.


  5. Ah HoL…. I miss running places where I could pull multiple packs along with the boss. Good times!

    Too bad there are so few placs were you can pull more than one boss at a time 😦

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