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Warlockery Mockery

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , on June 24, 2011 by zarigar

I have been pretty open about my warlock hate. Stemming from leveling a holy pally and now a resto druid, any class that purposely reduces their health gets my scorn.

I understand that it’s just a class mechanic and logically it shouldn’t affect me so much. One rejuv is usually more than enough to bring back a life-tapping-happy lock back to full or keep up the crackhead running around Hellfiring things. And I will give a shout-out to the locks who know about and use their Soul Harvest.

I don’t know if I just pick on warlocks because a lot of them are bad or because I focus on each one just waiting to find something bad about them to mock. I don’t remember the last time I noticed a mage who was wanding, but if I see a warlock wanding I scream about it in guild chat.  Maybe I hate them so much I love them? Or I love them so much I hate them?

Who knows. I’ve tried to level a warlock many times and I don’t get very far with them. Maybe I should just give in and be the one who hellfires every mob, whether it’s one or a group of five. (Apparently there is some talent in the Destro tree for hellfiring–I don’t know, that would require me to play one that far.)

For now my goblin lock just hangs out in Org, doing a little alchemy. Actually, that reminds me that I can’t level up his alchemy anymore until he levels up. Whoops. It might be time to throw him out into the world. Maybe even a few instances.

He certainly can’t be any worse than the lock my druid was healing the other night. Let’s review.

When you get into an instance, of course you want to make sure you have the correct minion out:

The voidwalker is an excellent minion to use in instances. And this was BRD, not some lowbie instance where like Ragefire where it’s someone’s first time. Well, I suppose someone could have waited until level 50 to start. And, no, I didn’t cover the name but that’s more out of laziness than a desire to mock them.

Another look at the VW. There’s no point to another pic except this one has my sunflower in it. Between the lock and myself, I had the better pet out.

And because I’m a total dick, I pulled his recount after the run:

The hellfire at #1 makes me weep, of course, but it’s the wanding (Shoot) that makes me giggle. Yes, it’s only 11 but why do it at all? Aren’t there better finishing moves available?

Ahh, sweet warlocks, I almost hope pugs keep playing you so funny so I continue to have things to mock.


A long overdue update

Posted in Alt with tags , on June 17, 2011 by zarigar

Yeah, I have no clue where I left off prior to my AT&T rant, so let’s try to bring everything back up to speed. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like my internet has been getting a bit better. I’ve been going off and doing other things during “peak” time and have been logging on later instead.

My co-mains have gotten a little abandoned. Lorethos pretty much logs on to DE stuff and make enchants for everyone else. Zarigar at least gets called out…to go kill other trolls. Sigh.

What is almost just as sad is that he finally killed the Lich King. A group of people had gone in the week before and knocked out a bunch of achievements. I went on their second run and they did a bunch of the achievements again for me. (Thanks, guys, that was really swell.) It was pretty comical how everything got steamrolled. Stupid LK fight that Zarigar did many times and LK goes down in one shot in a matter of minutes. Ah well.

My holy pally got to 85 and is still kind of chicken about doing heroics. She’s still doing random regulars and it makes me cry at how people play those and I don’t know if I want to see the heroic versions as a healer. People still standing in bad. Not killing adds. Not breaking the freaking healer out of the bubble in Halls of O!!!! Ahh, calm down, take a Xanax.

It could be worse–it could be a run with 4 DKs. o_O

Baby lock got shelved for the moment so that I could play with baby druid.  I have a non-guilded cow druid who I haven’t played in a very long time. Mid-30’s or so. I logged onto him and everything was a mess. I didn’t know where to start to clean everything up so I said eff it, I will make a new one.

I made the new one a troll so I could see that the new starter zone was like and, of course, I had to make it female so it wouldn’t look like a Zari clone. But I made them similar when I saw that the females also come with a version of mohawk.

The first version that came up was white and it reminded me of the X-Men comics where they all go to Japan for Wolverine’s wedding and Storm goes all batshit crazy and shows up to the wedding in a black, leather punk outfit with a white mohawk and Kitty Pryde is all “wtf?”

I don't shapeshift

So my druid ended up with a white mohawk. Now I haz 2 mohawk trolls! I took all the BoA caster stuff that my mage was holding (sorry, you’re not leveling anytime soon) and sent it over. At ten she got specced into Resto. Unlike my pally, I will probably use the off-spec for when I am not in instances. It was too painful otherwise.

Originally I was going to use this new druid to get familiar with the class and then switch back to my cow druid. But I kind of like this new druid better.

It must be the mohawk.

AT&T can lick my taint

Posted in Rant with tags , on June 6, 2011 by zarigar

I have no idea if this thread title is offensive to those with nanny-phones or what kind of readers this will bring me, but whatever. (And, no, I will not be google imaging pictures of “taint” to use in this post.)

The last few days I have noticed that there are times when I get super laggy and slow and can barely move around. This isn’t very usual, even with my crappy computer. Granted there are situations where I don’t have the best performance–such as raids–but for the most part it’s just something I’ve learned to work around.

But now when I slow to a crawl, I have only to look in the corner. Yay, red latency. I’m used to the occasional red latency but lately it seems like I’ve been getting it more and more.

What’s especially annoying is I seem to get it now that I’m leveling my healer. It’s one thing to have a terrible connection when I am DPS; it’s pretty impossible to deal with when you’re trying to keep everyone alive.

I was debating getting back into raiding now that Glee is over for the season. Go ahead and mock me if you want, bitchez. Unlike Sorak and his hidden Oprah obsession, I own my ridiculous television watching habits.

So with my Tuesday now free and that being raid night I accepted as Tentative. I’ll go if they need me/have room but I won’t push myself in. If I go it would only be my 2nd time in a Cata raid.

As it turns out I did end up going and it isn’t so bad at first. The troubles don’t start until Magmaw. I figured it would be slow thanks to all the mechanics going on and all the parasite adds. But that’s when the latency decided to go haywire. It would be fine, then red, fine, then red. I never knew when I would be able to move or when I would be frozen. I’m sure I missed the timing on pretty much every flame pillar.

By Maloriak I was on constant red. I wasn’t even paying that much attention to the boss or the raid at that point so I whispered that I would need to leave if there was a replacement online. Anyone else would have been an upgrade, even someone’s level 6 bank alt.

It’s a good think I was a little pissed off because a part of me thought it might be silly to call. “Excuse me, my game is slow.” I wondered if they rolled their eyes whenever someone complained of slowness. I felt I had a legitimate complaint; I just didn’t know how seriously they would take it.

So I called and soon I got “Michael” on the line. Why is “Michael” in quotes? Hmm…how do I be…culturally sensitive here? I suppose “Michael” can be a traditional Indian name…but I very much doubt it. I’m guessing Indian due to the thick accent that was, at times, very difficult to understand. It reminded me of the Discover card commercials and their customer service help:

"hello my name Peggy"

When I told him my internet was being slow, I got the standard “oh I’m so sorry to hear that” only this time accompanied by a “Mr James”. Every time he addressed me it was as Mr James. Awesome.

We started off by doing a speed test. “Michael” confidently tells me “you should be between 2 and 3, Mr James.” He seemed shocked when I tell him I am at .96. “That’s too slow, Mr James, you should be between 2 and 3.” I don’t really know what these units of speed are but I know I should be between 2 and 3. I was tempted to ask “Michael” but, ironically, our phone connection was not that great. Oh wait, I think I’m supposed to pretend this is not an overseas call.

After we’ve tried the time-honored-no-fail computer repair solution of deleting cookies and restarting with no increase in speed, “Michael” concedes that there is a problem and that he will put in a “rush” for a service technician. All I have to do is be home between the very specific hours of 8am and 8pm. I guess I should be grateful this timeframe wasn’t spread out among multiple days.

Thankfully, the service tech shows up at 10 am. By that time I’ve been thinking this issue over and I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to find anything. I work from home, so I am using internet during the day. Because I use a work computer, I usually have another computer on for various non-work browsing. Even with both computers running, I rarely have any issues with internet during the day.

I sometimes have issues on weekends, but it hits me that on the weekdays most of my latency problems occur at a specific time of day. Starting from about 6pm until about 11:30pm. If I am still playing that late, usually I can play pretty normally again by then.

So when the tech shows up and the door and does the speed test thing on my computer again, I am not too surprised when it comes up as 2.74. (“Michael”:  “you should be between 2 and 3, Mr James.”)

While the tech is fiddling away, I get a phone call from AT&T. Unfortunately it is not my new bestie “Michael”, but someone with a more…native…accent who has done some additional investigating. My suspicions are confirmed when he says that there is an issue in my area where the demand for services at “peak time” is exceeding what they can currently handle.

Uh-huh..interesting. For my patience they would like to offer $10 off my bill a month for 12 months. Again interesting. Without my demanding they are lowering my bill. For a year. Which tells me this is either not a priority or it’s something they don’t foresee being able to fix anytime in the immediate future.

The rep on the phone asks to speak to the tech still at my house, presumably to call him off. When he hangs up I get another explanation on the sudden increase in activity. Apparently there is more demand now that people are using Netflix and doing a lot of gaming.

Gaming? You don’t say? I try to look innocent and shift my eyes anywhere but on the World of Warcraft mousepad the tech is standing 2 feet away from.

So now I have to go through my options and see what I want to do next. The discounted price is nice, even though it comes with non-optimal service. However, that service is only poor during certain hours, the most important is that I can still work. (If this was happening during work hours it would be a whole different issue entirely.)

Those hours of low speed do coincide with potential raiding. I’m not a regular raider so it’s less of an issue if I’m not there, but it’s terrible that it happens now that I was considering getting back in. I may end up switching providers but that is something that will involve more decisions.