A long overdue update

Yeah, I have no clue where I left off prior to my AT&T rant, so let’s try to bring everything back up to speed. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like my internet has been getting a bit better. I’ve been going off and doing other things during “peak” time and have been logging on later instead.

My co-mains have gotten a little abandoned. Lorethos pretty much logs on to DE stuff and make enchants for everyone else. Zarigar at least gets called out…to go kill other trolls. Sigh.

What is almost just as sad is that he finally killed the Lich King. A group of people had gone in the week before and knocked out a bunch of achievements. I went on their second run and they did a bunch of the achievements again for me. (Thanks, guys, that was really swell.) It was pretty comical how everything got steamrolled. Stupid LK fight that Zarigar did many times and LK goes down in one shot in a matter of minutes. Ah well.

My holy pally got to 85 and is still kind of chicken about doing heroics. She’s still doing random regulars and it makes me cry at how people play those and I don’t know if I want to see the heroic versions as a healer. People still standing in bad. Not killing adds. Not breaking the freaking healer out of the bubble in Halls of O!!!! Ahh, calm down, take a Xanax.

It could be worse–it could be a run with 4 DKs. o_O

Baby lock got shelved for the moment so that I could play with baby druid.  I have a non-guilded cow druid who I haven’t played in a very long time. Mid-30’s or so. I logged onto him and everything was a mess. I didn’t know where to start to clean everything up so I said eff it, I will make a new one.

I made the new one a troll so I could see that the new starter zone was like and, of course, I had to make it female so it wouldn’t look like a Zari clone. But I made them similar when I saw that the females also come with a version of mohawk.

The first version that came up was white and it reminded me of the X-Men comics where they all go to Japan for Wolverine’s wedding and Storm goes all batshit crazy and shows up to the wedding in a black, leather punk outfit with a white mohawk and Kitty Pryde is all “wtf?”

I don't shapeshift

So my druid ended up with a white mohawk. Now I haz 2 mohawk trolls! I took all the BoA caster stuff that my mage was holding (sorry, you’re not leveling anytime soon) and sent it over. At ten she got specced into Resto. Unlike my pally, I will probably use the off-spec for when I am not in instances. It was too painful otherwise.

Originally I was going to use this new druid to get familiar with the class and then switch back to my cow druid. But I kind of like this new druid better.

It must be the mohawk.

5 Responses to “A long overdue update”

  1. It is _always_ about the mohawk

  2. Resto. Really. Hmmm. Mine went kitty. For now.

  3. Get some heirlooms for that bad girl so you can run with the “All the single ladies, all the single ladies…now put your hands up!” crew.

  4. Troll druid! for shame! Grats on your shiny new drake Zari…who is your main? Or is the priest the main? I is confused.

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