Warlockery Mockery

I have been pretty open about my warlock hate. Stemming from leveling a holy pally and now a resto druid, any class that purposely reduces their health gets my scorn.

I understand that it’s just a class mechanic and logically it shouldn’t affect me so much. One rejuv is usually more than enough to bring back a life-tapping-happy lock back to full or keep up the crackhead running around Hellfiring things. And I will give a shout-out to the locks who know about and use their Soul Harvest.

I don’t know if I just pick on warlocks because a lot of them are bad or because I focus on each one just waiting to find something bad about them to mock. I don’t remember the last time I noticed a mage who was wanding, but if I see a warlock wanding I scream about it in guild chat.  Maybe I hate them so much I love them? Or I love them so much I hate them?

Who knows. I’ve tried to level a warlock many times and I don’t get very far with them. Maybe I should just give in and be the one who hellfires every mob, whether it’s one or a group of five. (Apparently there is some talent in the Destro tree for hellfiring–I don’t know, that would require me to play one that far.)

For now my goblin lock just hangs out in Org, doing a little alchemy. Actually, that reminds me that I can’t level up his alchemy anymore until he levels up. Whoops. It might be time to throw him out into the world. Maybe even a few instances.

He certainly can’t be any worse than the lock my druid was healing the other night. Let’s review.

When you get into an instance, of course you want to make sure you have the correct minion out:

The voidwalker is an excellent minion to use in instances. And this was BRD, not some lowbie instance where like Ragefire where it’s someone’s first time. Well, I suppose someone could have waited until level 50 to start. And, no, I didn’t cover the name but that’s more out of laziness than a desire to mock them.

Another look at the VW. There’s no point to another pic except this one has my sunflower in it. Between the lock and myself, I had the better pet out.

And because I’m a total dick, I pulled his recount after the run:

The hellfire at #1 makes me weep, of course, but it’s the wanding (Shoot) that makes me giggle. Yes, it’s only 11 but why do it at all? Aren’t there better finishing moves available?

Ahh, sweet warlocks, I almost hope pugs keep playing you so funny so I continue to have things to mock.

9 Responses to “Warlockery Mockery”

  1. /sigh

    Fail warlocks ruining it for the rest of us

  2. Waitwaitwait … they used Hand of Gul’dan. Doesn’t that mean they are Demo? As in .. they could have out a freaking FELGUARD instead?

    Zari, 3 manning BRD with Arv and me is fun but it doesn’t give you things to blog about like this does. lmao

    You know, I’ve never leveled a lock past like 22 or 23. I still have a character slot available … want to level one with me? We can queue together … one of us as wand spec and the other as hellfire spec! It will be awesome!!

    • This was the first thing I noticed, I saw Hand of Gul’dan and just about freaked out. Felguard. Always the Felguard. This hurts me on more levels than just the hellfiring. And yes, it allows you to move while casting it. And I love abusing Hellfire, but this idiot is hopeless.

      As a demonology lock, my #1 damage spell is Immolate (DoT).

  3. telanarra Says:

    I’m confused as to why wanding is so low on the list

  4. Ahhh makes sense now. Hellfiring for 4.1 and on > wanding.

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