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Bad head

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Big weekend for Jendora. Finally took the leap from regulars to heroics but it was a little messy along the way.

I mentioned before that I was having trouble finding a decent helm for my resto druid. I could barely find any and those I did find were sorely lacking, so I was wearing that BoA one forever. I started to get excited when one dropped in Blackrock Caverns, but all the stats on it were worse than the BoA and it was missing spirit. Wtf?

I even almost gave in and got the PvP craftable, but again the no spirit made me sad. The one I could buy with JP looked good, but some of the stat increases were so low that I kept skipping over it to buy other things that looked like bigger upgrades.

But I am so dumb. I was only comparing stat to stat. Once I finally bought it, and gemmed it up, and added the Hyjal enchant…it was a HUGE upgrade. So dumb to have waited so long to get it.

Especially since holding onto that BoA was killing my average gear level. I noticed Friday night that I was eligible for heroics, but when I checked later I was not. Oh, um, yeah must have been that agility quest reward helmet I picked up that gave me a temporary boost before I sold it. The next quest reward I picked up I held onto so that I could queue into heroics when I felt ready.

Just to make things fun, my first heroic was a guild run. The day before I got called out by Sorak for only healing pugs and not healing guildies.  I said it was because it was easier to drop a pug run if things went bad. It’s half-smartass, half true. In a pug I could just drop and go onto the next one. (I suppose I could drop a guild run, but I don’t want to end up as the MotD.)

So with Sorak’s chastising words in my ear (I think pretend-Sorak even called me a bitch) I volunteered my druid up when we formed up a guild run and realized there were no healers. We got Stonecore and it was not pretty.

Why are people dying? Where is all my mana? Why can’t I keep people up? Why won’t Arv hide when the dragon starts shooting spikes?


I was scrunched in my office chair, dying of embarrassment every time I had to rez someone and wishing I could just drop. Or that my internet would act up and kick me.

[Sidenote: I’ve had fantastic latency ever since bitching about AT&T. Thanks for my $10 off, bitches.]

So after that run was finally over I said “fuck this”. Obviously I wasn’t ready for heroics so back to the regular grind for me. My broken pride queued up back into regulars.

A couple of upgrades later, I decided to try again, without guildies. In fact, I had a plan. I decided to specifically queue for Blackrock Caverns and do just that first boss on heroic. He drops a decent mace and is right by the entrance with minimal trash. He’s pretty straighforward as long as people break chains and get out of range.

And then if I got my mace I could drop. Hell yes, bitches, you read correctly. I was planning to ninja and run.

Because karma laughs at me the mace didn’t drop. But nobody else did, either, so I slowly decided to continue on and not drop. Everyone fails at the beams on the next boss so the group will probably fall apart then and I don’t have to be the dickhead who dropped first.

So sadly we did fail at the beams and the group disbanded. But now I’m ready to keep trying so into another heroic I went. Then another and another. The JP was racking up. I could buy so much stuff and my mana pool went up and up. I even did my first Call to Arms, though all I got was a stupid agility flask.

So then last night when Cayle wanted to do a guild run I threw myself back in. 2 DKS? I’m surprised Slice didn’t dig his out, too. Throne of the Tides, bitches, with bonus side hall of death. Too bad nobody died this time.

Yay, nooby healer is finally moving up.

Now I’m impatiently waiting for Tuesday and the random rewards to reset. I need moar veepee!!!


This is sad because it’s true.

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I found this blog post with a youtube video and…omg…just watch the video. It’s pug horror come to life.

What is even more sad is I can’t wait to jump back into pugs. All the instances get reset so I can start getting the bonus JP again. Back to the grind and getting some new gear.

Plus it gives Lorethos a purpose again since he’s just sitting on enchanting mats and gets to enchant all my gear. I know it’s kind of silly to enchant stuff that is going to be replaced quickly, but to me it’s worth it. Just adding a little bit of spirit to green bracers made a world of difference.

Somewhere my pally is going “WTF?!?! You never got excited farming instances for my gear!!!!!!”

Another 85 for me

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Early last night my druid finally hit max level, becoming now my 4th 85. I’m going to have as many as slice pretty soon. Especially if that means that it’s time to now abandon Jendora and get working on my next toon.

(Yes, I made that joke already in guild chat when I dinged. Shut up.)

So I like leveling with the BoAs but in a weird way I think they might have held me back. Actually it may just be the few caster leather pieces I came across. Whatever it was, I could not reach the minimum levels for instances without serious farming.

I could not find a leather caster helm to save my life. There were a couple, but stat wise they were all inferior to the BoA one. Which was weird because the stats on the cloth helms were so much better than the BoA. But I just couldn’t bring myself to drop back down to cloth. The cloth was better but not so much so as to make up the loss of breaking the Leather Specialization.

Thanks to all the dungeons I’ve been doing since Wrath, I had a nice stack of JP going and it only took a few more instances to be able to buy something. It’s my first 85 since a lot of stuff was consolidated into JP so it’s funny to be able to skip a lot of things and just go for the tier stuff. Huge upgrades indeed.

But maybe I won’t abandon this character yet. One telltale sign is the fact that I stayed up until 2am running instances for gear. Do you know what other losers are up that late running toons through normal dungeons? Freaking burnouts, that’s who.

The stereotype of a healer being a female and/or a pothead gets broken with me. Zoning into a Halls of O and having the rest of the group say “I’m so stoned” “me too” and not immediately bailing must mean I’m still interested in getting this toon geared up.

I guess being stoned would be the reason that the mage needed on a staff with spirit on it. Oh wait, no it’s not, that happens other times, too. I actually had my eye on the mace that drops off a later boss so I wasn’t too upset (and did end up getting). I did laugh when the warrior called him out for taking spirit and the mage had no idea what he was talking about.

(Also, I may or may not have immediately rolled Need and won a spirit ring that dropped later without even checking to see if it was an actual upgrade.)

I also did the “Save Thrall from himself” questline in Hyjal. Wtf..I do all of that work and there is only one caster cloak and it doesn’t have spirit on it? Sonofa– Someone is so getting a crappy wedding gift. Enjoy your $15 coffee maker, whores.

Healing meme thing

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So this heaing meme thing has been going around and I’ve read a few of them and they all talk about raid healing (and some of the questions seem geared toward raid healers) and I’ve barely raided in Cata much less raid healed so I figured it wouldn’t come to me but then slice thought I should do it and tagged me and now I’m sitting here creating a run-on sentence as the intro to this thing.

So technically I do have a class of each healer type. But if you look at the armory profile for Lorethos and Zarigar, you’ll see that they don’t even have healing offspecs set up. I have not done any healing with them since Cata. So out they go.

On the flip side, Tenderloyne got to 85 with only a healing spec and no dps offspec set up. I think she’s healed maybe 2 heroics and the summer holiday boss since hitting max level. The only reason she got abandoned is because I then picked up my druid healer, Jendora, and am working on leveling her up.

Since that is the one I am currently playing, that is who I’ll be answering most of the questions through.

1. What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Jendora, resto druid. The spec is crap. I already have in my head where I want to move points around but I’m being lazy and waiting until 85 to do it all at once.

2. What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

5 mans, currently working on Cata regular instances

3. What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?

I love Swiftmend. I love having Rejuv on a target then hitting Swiftmend and getting Efflorescence and seeing all the green numbers pop up. It feels like a lot of healing without a high mana cost.

4. What healing spell do you use least for your class and why?

Healing Touch. I just got it and it feels like a slow, clunky spell that doesn’t fit in with the type of healing I’ve been doing so far.

5. What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?

Having so many options to keep heals rolling on multiple people. With the pally, there was a little bit of AoE, but it usually felt like heal, heal, heal, everything is brute force. I can put heals on one person, some people, everybody and it just seems to flow.

6. What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?

I don’t know. I’m sitting here trying to thing what the pally has that the druid does not and vice-versa. They have some differences, but don’t know if I would consider any of them weaknesses. Pallys have Lay on Hands, I have a Rebirth. Different but similar mechanics (though one does not come with a repair bill.) Druids have Innervate, pallys have Divine Plea.

(I just copied the questions from slice. Why is there no #7? Ok then, moving on.)

8. What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?

I don’t know. I think each one would complement the other. But as I don’t really have experience healing with other people this is just a guess.

9. What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?

I don’t know. If hots overrode each other (and I don’t think they do) I would say druid.

10. What is your worst habit as a healer?

Not healing myself. I got spoiled with the Protector of the Innocent talent on my pally that healed me whenever I healed others. Now I’m lucky if I remember to use Barkskin to buy myself a few moments. I like to talk a big game about letting dumb DPS die but I’m really just a softie who will try to keep others up even if I end up neglecting myself.

11. What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?

Have you read my other blog posts? I’ve for the moment moved on from hellfiring warlocks to any plate wearer thinking they can tank. DKs are the worst. If a tank d/c’s fucking wait for a new one. Don’t assume you can then tank and then be all pissy when you die. It is not healer fail when you charge in with dps spec/gear. Even if the actual tank is not that geared or experienced, it sometimes feels like everyone is looking at the healer to carry them through anyway.

12. Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?

For the most part I think so. I wouldn’t mind having some kind of thread reduction, a la Fade.

13. What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?

My eyes to see that people are alive and the mobs aren’t. I could dive into the numbers, I suppose, but that seems a little hardcore for the level I’m at now.

14. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?

I don’t know (notice a pattern here?) A few times I’ve gotten a “yay druid” when I’ve zoned into an instance, especially if it was already in progress. I don’t recall ever getting that reaction on my pally, so I’m not really sure what to take away from that.

15. What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?

For me it was to learn how to handle hots. Especially coming from a pally where the healing was more brute force, I had to learn to be patient and let the hots do their work. A lot of times I wanted to supplement the hot with a direct heal when the hot by itself was more than enough to get someone back up.

16. If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?

Probably lots of overhealing, especially when I’m keeping Lifebloom on a tank. I’ve learned to scale back a lot on keeping heals on everyone all the time. Cata doesn’t like when you waste mana unnecessarily.

17. Haste or Crit and why?

I am such a haste whore. Though I know that looking ahead I will have to keep a better balance of my haste levels to get the most out of hot ticks; I will have to research that more so I don’t end up stacking haste needlessly and ignoring other stats.

18. What healing class do you feel you understand least?

Disc priests, only because that is the only one I’ve never even tried. (Lazy bastards just sit in a bubble all day??) Though at this point, even a holy priest might feel weird to me now, what with all the chakras and crap to manage.

19. What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?

I need a macro like Sorak’s that incorporates “bitches” into it in some way. Otherwise I’m ashamed to say I don’t really use too much. Or anything really. I should at least look for something to help me track my hots. Now that I’m into Cata I see that I can’t be all spammy and flings hots every which way anymore without taking some mana punishment for it.

I guess that’s it. Apparently I’m supposed to “tag” someone else to do this, but I think everyone else has done one by now and have moved on to the next meme. So I will cheat and leave this open ended: if you want to do one but haven’t done so then consider yourself tagged and get on with it.

Moar things I’ve learned while pugging as a healer

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I noticed a lot of these when leveling my holy pally and it continues on with my druid. I wonder if I would care so much about these things if I was DPS. Probably not. If I ever tried to level a tank I would probably go out of my mind.

Coordinating buffs

Blessing of Kings overwrites Mark of the Wild and vice-versa. That’s so awesome since both of these buffs are learned at fairly low levels and are basically the same thing. Blessing of Might isn’t learned much later so it’s understandable that pallys just get used to casting this.

Now when I zone in I take a second to look at the group make-up before casting MotW. Many, many tanks are pallies, this is not a shock. Some will instantly cast BoK, but a lot of them will cast nothing. Then, when I cast MotW, they take it as their cue to cast BoK.

Mother effers. Is it really that complicated? They took away a freaking blessing and it’s still apparently too hard to get the 2 remaining ones up at the same time.

The highest DPS always wants Recount posted


It’s usually someone decked out in heirlooms and other BoA who is 2 levels higher than everybody else. They are doing 30-40% of the total damage and their DPS is way higher than the next person’s. And the only thing they’ll say in group is:

anyone got meter?

Well, I do but I virtually never use it in a pug. Unfortunately there is usually someone else who will spam it and the person on top will act so surprised to be the highest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had Recount of their own and they just want someone to announce their leetness for them.

Though I was amused in a DTK pug the other night where it was the lowest DPS who wanted the numbers. It was a rogue who was bragging about how “easy” the class was and how he just needed to “equip a weapon and tear shit up”. A quick glance at my Recount showed that he was doing half the DPS of the person above him and doing something like 8% of total damage.

It would have been easy to call him out at that point but my policy of not spamming meters in a pug held firm. The moment you spam it once then they will ask for it several times. No one else said anything, either, so we continued on.

After the stair boss (the 2nd one, I don’t know his name even after doing DTK 50,000 times) the little rogue finally asked for meters. And someone else posted them. But, awesomely, instead of thanking him or even noticing how far behind everyone else he was, he insulted the formatting of the meter.

The person posted it in the Total Damage Done (DPS) % of Damage format. Apparently the rogue only wanted the (DPS) portion of it and couldn’t care less about the rest. When pointed out that the DPS *was* included in that format, the rogue just called the person a noob and did the /facepalm emote at the person who supplied it for him.

I have absolutely no idea how no one else even called him out at that point, but I must have found the most mature 3 other pugs ever. Or else they realized there was no point in getting involved any further. Either way, clap it up for the rogue with the tiny DPS and the big cojones.

Tanks are not gods

For a short period of time, I was running with Arvash’s little warrior alt and Repgrind’s little priest alt. Sadly, they decided that doing things like Firelands was more important so the alts got shelved a bit. Sadly that little window where we were all running together spoiled me for future instances.

However one feels about Arvash and his immense toy collection or his ability to recite all the words to “Single Ladies”, no one can deny that the boy can tank. Even at lower levels, he knows how to keep aggro on mobs and not let them eat the healer. He can pull whole rooms and merge packs of mobs into another pack and keep up aggro the whole time. I suspect that the few times he has let a mob loose to eat on an overzealous DPS is had been on purpose.

So many tanks want to be Arv. So few are.

I don’t care if you want to pull the whole room. Or chain pull groups of mobs. But if you can’t hold aggro on them and I pull off you from a single hot, then you are doing something wrong. I will even bring the mob back to you and not run screaming in the opposite direction because that’s the kind of nice guy I am.

But if you don’t get the mob off me and then continue on to the next set, do not be surprised when you look up and you are missing a healer. I do not like DPS that tank, but if a hunter pulls a mob off me because you can’t be bothered, then they will be the ones getting healed.

I don’t claim to know much about tanking and aggro since I’m too chicken to try it still, but I will not care if a new tank goes a little slower. It doesn’t have to be gogogo if someone is not comfortable with that. Just don’t let me die.

Hmm…I think I may have inadvertently compared Arvash to a god. Oh well, he’s pretty humble, I’m sure nothing bad could come of this…

Jendora the Explorer

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Yes, I like to stay several steps behind everybody else. While everyone is now working on Firelands and doing the new dailies, I am continuing leveling my resto druid.

Like my holy pally, I am doing most of my leveling in dungeons. My holy pally actually went out and did quests occasionally but I pretty much stopped questing Jendora once she was able to queue for instances. I’ve done a few here and there for ones that I knew opened up some dungeon quests but that’s about it. (And of course I did the set to get my sunflower. Whoo hoo!)

My druid just recently got the achievement for 250 quests sometime after level 70. The only reason she had even that much was thanks to all the bonfire stuff that racked that number up. Thanks to old world flying, those achievements were too easy. The hardest part about those were the bonfires that got moved to some of the new towns.

Like my old druid (RIP) I made Jendora a scribe. (What? I don’t want to have to do the Therazane grind again if I can avoid it.) Which means I have to leave instances every once in a while to go out and farm herbs.

Why does that sound familiar?, you might ask. Um yeah. I had also made my holy pally an herbalist. So yes, I could have just send the pally out collecting herbs for my druid, but I really love collecting with my druid. I can swoop in on an herb, pick it, and fly away all without leaving bat form. Really high level mob close to the herb I want? I’ll make an attempt but if I get aggro I’ll just fly away.

The little bit of Inscription I did on my old druid seemed tedious and annoying. But now I’ll go out farming for a bit, take my stockpile over by the trainer, and work on it pretty steadily. My Herbalism and Inscription are now stuck at the point where I need to level up to 75 to be able to continue on.

And since I was flying all over anyway to collect herbs and pee on Alliance bonfires, I might as well get some exploring out of the way. I finally finished exploring all of Northrend last night while pointedly ignoring all the quest exclamation points that were begging for my attention.

Ay, dios mio!


My druid is right at the point where I got my mage and then got bored with doing all the NR instances. It is pretty boring to get UK and Nexus 80 billion times in a row, but you can make a game out of it.

In Nexus, for example, I like to see how many times a dps will die on Keristrasza due to not moving. Sometimes I’ll warn them beforehand to jump or move but sometimes I’ll just sit back and watch. Don’t get me wrong, they will get heals and I will try to keep them up, but if they don’t move the debuff will eventually overwhelm them and down they go.

Then they get the lecture while they are getting rezzed. I don’t want them thinking it’s a healer error and not their own fault they died. The saddest thing is when the boss is dead and they just sit there with their health ticking down. Especially if they are a hybrid class with the ability to throw a heal on themselves. But they don’t. And they die.

If you can’t see the debuff on you, or see that you are bright blue, or notice that your health is steadily going down… Sigh.

Yes, I know I’m a horrible person. I’m almost disappointed when I get a group where nobody dies. I admit it; I’m not right.