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I should probably write a positive post

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But those are boring and not as fun to write. I mock warlocks all the time and last time it was shadow priests so today it will be mages.

Failmages I know who you are and I see you.

I see you when you snipe all the cloth gear and other upgrades that have spirit on them. What does spirit do for you? Slight out of combat mana regen? And?

Do you want me to have shitty gear so that healing is harder and makes me hate it and, by extension, hate you?

“But the other stats are upgrades for me…” Fuck you. I don’t take your junky hit gear. Why not? Because it does as much for me as spirit gear does for you…not a whole lot.

When I was leveling Sarinde up I used to specifically queue for Stonecore so I could get the healing trinket off the last boss. Every time I got grouped with a mage or a warlock I would eye them suspiciously. Are you going to be the little bitch that Needs on it and takes it from me? Are you going to see the +Int on it, squeal “ooh upgrade” and not even notice the spirit effect?

It never dropped for me so that is something else to bitch about. But they wanted that trinket. I know they did. And of course it’s off the last boss so I can’t do my passive-aggressive move of not healing them after they take it. “You have spirit, heal yourself!”

I also hate when mages get cursed and don’t even bother to take it off themselves. I’ve ranted about this before so won’t go into it again, but it amused me much on the boss in Throne who throws out the curse that slows casting time. The mage sat with it on him the whole time.

If you’re going to be a dick and not use utility to help others, whatever, but how can you not notice that on yourself? “ spells seem to be much slower than usual. Maybe my internet is acting up.”

Finally please don’t act like I asked you to kill your mom when I ask for some mage food. I don’t even care if you drop a table or not, one stack is more than enough. (Though if you drop a table you are awesome and I will fill up with as many stacks as I’m allowed.)

You make food out of nothing. If there is a lull and I’m sitting and eating and you are standing around with not full health or mana, you can eat, too. It’s your own food! You can always make more. (And you other people that sit around waiting for heals when there was a table dropped can go fuck yourselves, too.)

Happy Monday!


Dear shadow priest

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Hi, random shadow priest who was in my Vortex Pinnacle pug last night. You were talkative and engaging. It was obvious you had been there before but just needed some refreshers on stuff. It was great that you asked questions when you didn’t know. You weren’t a bad person to play with.

But gosh do you need to learn your class a little more.

I don’t mean your dps. Lorethos 1’s dps as shadow has sucked lately so I am the last one to call someone else out on that. Once you get geared you’ll probably be better at it than I am.

I am talking about the constant mana breaks. Like every other pull. And then saying in a middle of a fight that you were OOM. I’m guessing you don’t realize that you have a couple of tricks at your disposal.

One is Dispersion. It’s not just a trick to save yourself when you are getting beat on or something you do to amuse your guildies and make them pet you. It restores mana. It has a short cooldown that you can reduce even further by glyphing it. It doesn’t have to be a “use in case of emergencies” only spell.

That you didn’t know about this spell was worrisome, then was annoying when you only used it once. No, it’s not a lifetap or an evocate, but used regularly it will keep you up for quite a while.

Another is your shadowfiend. You did use it once on a boss, so you know it exists. You have the talents put in to reduce its cooldown (yes, I checked when I checked for Dispersion). Why you again only used it once the whole time I don’t know.

I did say I wasn’t going to talk about your rotation but Vampiric Touch + Mind Blast = Replenishment. This is good. I will cut some slack here because we were getting Replenishment elsewhere (you’re welcome) and I don’t know if multiple ones stack.

If you are desperate you can use Hymn of Hope. Not the most ideal spell for you, but it would have been better that just standing there OOM. At least you weren’t wanding…

Just one more random thing to throw out there. If, on the last boss, you are going to refuse to jump for static cling–or claim that you jumped but the game “unfairly” gave you the debuff–you have this handy tool called Dispel. It will *gasp* dispel bad things off you. If you want to be super nice you could even *doublegasp* Mass Dispel the rest of the group who refused to jump.

When 4 people get that debuff and I, as a druid, have to individually dispel each one, that is 4 CDs where I am not throwing out any healing. So when I ask you to dispel yourself and you claim it “doesn’t work”, were you really that surprised when you didn’t make it to the triangle in time and “accidentally” died?




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Thanks to the big kid raiding I did and the random heroics I dutifully do each day, it looks like Jendora will actually hit VP cap for the week for the first time. Whatever I do next will only net me 30 more VP so I’ll probably save that last run for later on this weekend.

Halfway through a Halls of Orig I realized I was maxed out on JP. >.< It’s weird to think I’m not in a dungeon for anything. Can’t pick up JP. Rep is maxed out (unless I actually bother to unlock Therazane). The only thing I was going for was VP and that was if the group didn’t fall apart.

So I went and bought some JP shoes for my DK and my mage and sent them off. Maybe having those things in their mailbox will inspire them to level up.

(Who are we kidding? In 30 days I’m going to open my mailbox and be all “Why are there shoes in here?”)

Once I saw I could only get 30 more VP this week, I switched over to the Alliance side. (Filthy whore!) Was high enough level to get to Uldum so I started the quests to get there and then queued up while I did so. For some reason it took a long time to get an instance. Almost a half hour.

But finally it popped and I got Blackrock Caverns, which I think is becoming my favorite instance. (Grim Batol can eat my poop..I hate that one so much and will cry when I am eligible for it.)

BC is a “beginner instance” in the sense that it’s one of the first to come up and the questline for it starts very early in Mt Hyjal. I’m sure everyone reading this knows that. I don’t think it occurs often that someone zones in, sees what instance it is, and immediately drops. *Totally looking at you, Heroic Deadmines.*

So when I zone into BC and see that all 4 people besides me have the funny questline helmet on, I don’t think: “oh god, new people who’ve never been before.” I just assume that, like me the previous week, it was their first time there on that specific toon and they knew the instance already.

How wrong I was.

That should have been my first hint. The second was when one of the DPS pulled the first boss while we were still fighting trash. Awesome. Then we get Chains of Woe and it’s broken and I run and he smashed. BOOM! And all 3 DPS are dead. Double awesome. So while they lay there dead, it’s just the tank and me fighting him. Good thing I have smiting. Triple awesome.

At this point I should disclose that one of the DPS was a warlock and I swear I heard the wanding zing noise. So I was already on edge with these people.

We get to Corla and it sounds like the tank kind of knows what’s going on because he asks who will do the beams. The warlock and hunter sit there picking their butts so I start to type that I will do one and explain how it works. But the rogue just runs in then and the tank and everyone else follow.

I should drop and let them die, but I just grabbed one of the beams and started healing. Of course, the non-blocked beam spawns a guardian but the tank manages to grab it and hold it and she dies. So that’s great. Why bother with any kind of strategy?

At the fire boss, the tank pulls the fire elementals first and it’s kind of a mess to heal. When they are dead he asks ready. Before I can type “no, I am getting mana and you have the fire debuff on you still” the rogue has once again ran in and the tank follows. Ok, apparently I need to learn to type faster.

The tank dies and I assume it’s a wipe. I don’t know for sure because I have since dropped. Give me a deserter debuff, give me another 30 minute queue time. I don’t care.

So this part of the rant is ironic since I just posted about joining a raid that I had no prior knowledge or experience of, but do people really just join instances they know nothing about? Maybe it was just bad luck that Blizzard gave me 4 people from 4 different servers who had never done that before.

Is the thought that BC can just be zerged? I can just chalk that run up to bad luck, but for some reason it bugs me that they aren’t/weren’t learning the strategy. That’s going to suck for the next group when they don’t learn to get away from the first boss’s smash or if they never learn how to work the beams. These are the same people who will show up for heroics the minute the game lets them and will have to be carried through.

In a heroic they aren’t going to zerg Corla unless they are stupid. If people don’t volunteer for the beams, they will get called out. To be forced to admit “I don’t know how to do it” by the time you are in a heroic just seems wrong to me. Especially since I’ve seen a lot of group make-ups where there really isn’t the luxury of sitting out a ranged that does not know how to do it.

I’m sure my rant is bordering on elitist or insane at this point so I will stop. I just hate having my time wasted on something that really, really is not difficult. Just admitting you don’t know and waiting for a quick explanation would make so much difference. Not just then, but for future runs.

Big kid raiding

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Monday was the T11 alt run, with an emphasis on finishing BD and getting titties…er…TITLES…for some people who were still missing them. When that was said and done, Jendora was a Defender of a Shattered World. Not Zarigar, not Lorethos.

I guess it’s just by destiny to work on a new toon for each expansion. In Wrath, Zarigar got past over for Lorethos a lot. Zarigar didn’t even get his Lich King kill until way into Cata.

Hmm…I wonder what my next toon for the next expansion will be?

I did get some bracers for Jendora, which was awesome. I had joked that I was using Zarigar to run heroics so he could buy her the VP bracers. But then it started to be less of a joke and something to consider. Even though the VP bracers would still be an upgrade, at least I don’t feel that twitch that they must be replaced now.


Then last night was their normal run into Firelands. I don’t sign up for those for reasons I’ve listed before. Even though Slice threatens to take me, I just laugh and continue pugging heroics for blog posts.

So I thought they were kidding when I log in and say they need heals for their raid. Um, you’re asking a different Zari right? One who actually knows the fights and knows what he’s doing?

Because all I know about those fights are what I read on people’s blogs and what I hear when I listen to vent sometimes. Um, there’s a spider boss and some people go up and some people go down? Fire bad? Get crystal stacks?

Apparently they decided that anybody was better than nobody so off I went. You all have repairs on so if you are trusting someone who gets to learn on the fly, I guess it’s no gold out of your pockets. 😛 The benefit was that Cayle was not going to be there so there wasn’t a way for me to accidentally heal him.

After that everything becomes a blur. Stop standing in bad. Heal. Aargh tank dead. Get him up.

What is this boss I have to collect stacks? Why does Van have 7X the stacks that I do? Oh, hots don’t work, you say? Well, FML this mechanic is anti-druid. Gah my Nourish is so slow. Where is my haste? Someone Time Warp. Fuck, I’ll take a Heroism right now.

4 bosses went down. I don’t know if that’s normal for them with their regular team or not. I think they are currently at 6/7.

I did end up making out like a freakin’ loot whore. There was a ring on the 1st boss. (Van: “ewww crit and mastery”) Then later I got gloves and a chest piece. I picked up the cloak for hitting Friendly with that faction whose name escapes me now.

I actually noticed that I was close to hitting my VP max if we continued to kill bosses so I snuck out at a break and bought the chest piece real quickly. Then, after a chest piece dropped off the last boss, I had to refund it and get something else.

I knew I would break 4-pc T11 if I equipped the pieces I won, but I think I got confused with the round robin of moving stuff around because once I equipped all the new stuff I got I had broken both the 4-pc and 2-pc. Whoops.

I did run a few heroics afterward to test it out and I didn’t notice any major deficiencies. The only thing I felt was the loss of haste. I’ll have to run some more stuff to see how everything feels and play mix-and-match if I have to.

The saddest thing from the new gear is losing the mangown for pants. Haha Zari likes to wear a dress. Hell, yes. Have you seen a troll in pants with their stupid skinny little chicken legs? They look awful. The awesomeness of the mohawk up top can’t erase the failness of those scrawny stick legs.

Maybe I can do some GTL with Tyrone and bulk those legs up.

Downs and ups

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Once I got Sarinde/Helaena/draenei priest situated over in Winterhoof, there was nothing left to do but bite the bullet and get into a dungeon. The only ones I was eligible for were Throne and Blackrock Caverns. Both with trouble spots but both relatively easy.

Well, relatively easy for my other characters. I don’t know how many times I’ve run those on my other toons combined, but the first time on a new toon is always scary. Maybe not for some people. But always for me. I worry if I am actually geared enough and how will Sarinde deal with issues differently than Jendora or Tenderloyne.

I ended up with Throne and–long story short–it was awful. Went into it as Disc for the first time. The only real experience I had were the low level instances Lorethos 2 did and the smite-smite-smiting I was doing to level up.

We zoned in and the tank said “ready?” and I looked at my bars with unfamiliar buttons and thought “NO I AM NOT READY WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING GET ME THE EFF OUT OF HERE”. But by that time some dps had typed “r” and off we went.

I panicked and it affected me big time. I’m pretty sure with all my toons (at least the healer ones) I went through the same feelings of not being ready. In fact, I’m sure I can go back and find posts for each one. But this was the first time where I just fumbled from the start and never got it back together.

It did not help that the tank and 2 of the dps had never been there at all. The other dps was an 85. What he was doing there I have no clue. He was nice enough to drop a table…which no one else was high enough level to eat from.

They didn’t know to interrupt. They stood in the green. I panicked and flailed. Why? Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you know I’m new????? (Yes, they were new, too, but they can bitch about me on their own blogs.)

This poor warrior dps kept dying. He was a good sport about it but he kept on running off and doing his own thing and I didn’t have the mental ability to watch 2 tanks right then. He died to a geyser on the first boss. Then died to the shadow crash dark fissure thing on the second boss. Stop that. Stop dying to things that are completely avoidable. You are already slated to die due to my ineptness.

We get to the path where you go left to finish the dungeon or right to do the optional boss. Guess which was chosen. “It’s moar XP!” Fuck me, it’s more antacid I have to chew.

That hallway finally broke me. Everyone got flung up in the air and then just stood where they were dropped and ate all the ground pounds and made no attempt to move at all. I just stood there. I didn’t try to cast anything or save any of them. I looked at my keyboard and thought “I don’t know how to fix this.” If I had been on my druid when they did that I would have just spammed the hell out of hots and done all the AOE healing I could. It was weird that I just looked at my spells and thought “I don’t know what to do.”

So I turned and ran. I literally left them to die and ran for the entrance of the instance.

My original plan was to go back in after I dropped aggro and mass rez them, but for once I got the group that didn’t stay dead and wait for a rez. They came back in as I was still running with them at my heals. So I double killed them.

And then I dropped. And I was sooo pissed at myself. I had spent actual money to transfer that character over and re-learn priest healing and I couldn’t even heal the effing beginner instance in Cata. I didn’t want to try again. I was done.

When I read other people’s posts that have a similar issue, I always think “ok, that sucked but go back in and try again. Don’t stop at one bad experience.” I knew that I had to get back in there, but I was too beaten to try again that night.

The next night, I did some questing, got a couple upgrades and decided to try again. I wasn’t going to random. I was going to specifically try for Blackrock Caverns and see how that went. I had done a little research earlier that day and moved some spells around. I also decided I wasn’t going to worry about smiting just now.

Now I don’t know if it was the different dungeon, or the research I’d done, or the button change-ups, or the new group, but the experience was 180-degrees different that the night before. I realized that bubbling is good, and not the emergency “OMG I NEEDS TO BUY MYSELF MOAR TIME” that it is in holy.

I kind of started to see the flow in how Disc worked. There were even times when I was standing there with nothing to do and I would think “oh, I could be smiting here.” You guys want to do Beauty? Let’s go.

I think there was one death where the hunter ate a meteor full on or something, otherwise it was such a good run. Thank jeebus. I didn’t feel like the worst priest ever. When it was over I queued up for a random.

Blackrock Caverns again. Same instance, new group, same result. Another smooth run. It was like all the nonsense of the first night never happened.

The only bad thing was the bitch warlock who tried to ninja the spirit shoulders at the end of the run. He waited forever to roll on them, too. I was sitting there waiting to see how the roll went and the warlock hadn’t selected. Everyone else eventually dropped until it was just me and him. At what was probably the last second he rolled Need but I won them. Little bitch. I already hate most warlocks and you’re not helping their cause.

One more random before I called it a night and it was my old nemesis Throne. Except this time I kicked its ass. I still have a way to go before I really “get” Disc, but I feel 1000x better than I did on that first night and don’t feel like I wasted my money on nothing.

Now to get all smitey and start pewpewing things.

It’s all about the waggle

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I pretty much figured that I was going to transfer one of my higher level toons over to Winterhoof, but I hadn’t yet decided who it would be. I thought it would be my mage or DK or even my pally…one of my horde kids that had been neglected for a while.

In the end I went all the way back to the RP realm and pulled the draenei priest over. I kept going back and forth if that was the toon I wanted to move. Lorethos 2 was being built from the ground up to do disc priesting, so no need for another priest.

But then the last time I was playing him, he dinged level 32 or so and I thought “I don’t really want to do this for 50 more levels.” I could continue the grind of leveling and learning to be a little disc-priest-in-training or I could just transfer my 80 over and throw her to the wolves.

It was kind of sad to move her over. Even though no one else had logged in for over a year, it was still My First Guild. But there was no activity and I need people around me who I can mock, so she was pretty much deserted. Moving her over to where other people were playing made so much more sense.

And, purely from a shallow point of view, moving Alliance to Alliance meant I wouldn’t have to deal with race changing. Even though I don’t create little backstories for my toons, it would have been weird still so see someone as a new race. I get to keep the waggle.

So Helaena said goodbye to the old guild, moved over to Winterhoof and–after a forced name change–became Sarinde. Super bonus points if that sounds at all familiar: Sarinde is the name of the only other high-ish level toon over on the RP server. Plus the abbreviation is similar enough to Zarigar’s–Zari/Sari–to maybe help the people who can’t remember all the different alts people play.

I was actually on Winterhoof for a day or so before I got into Crits. All the people whose alts I knew were always in Firelands when I logged on and I didn’t want to interrupt their raid and say “hai…can I joins?” And then when I would remember to check later they would be logged off. Doh! I know every once in a while Shadow Rising gets random messages from people wanting to join who claim they are friends of someone in the guild (and aren’t), so I didn’t want to just whisper someone who wouldn’t know me.

Finally I did manage to snag Kerick (he’s not fat, just big boned!) and get in. Yay! There are people around me now. And Sorak is there too so I can mock on both factions now.

Kerick's childhood photo

And apparently mock Repgrind, too. ❤

Disc annoys me

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Slice talks about some of what’s lacking in holy priests and it’s funny because I’ve been thinking about holy priesting a bit lately. Troutwort even recently talked about some troubles with disc.

I am on the fence with it.

I don’t think disc is stupid. I just think I am stupid with disc.

Oh it’s awesome when I’m out questing and things are getting smited (smote?) and my little wings pop up and I am a glorious smiting (smoting?) angel of death. But I can’t really transfer that over very effectively to instances when I need to be watching people’s health.

It doesn’t help that at the low level Lorethos 2 is at (32) I really don’t have to do a whole lot besides bubble and renew. I know that renew is not meant to be a big part of Disc healing but at that level it tops off most people. It’s hard not to use it. And then if I get bored I won’t cast renew but will let their health get low on purpose so I can cast a shiny Penance.

Seriously, that’s how I Disc, y’all.

In my healery mindset I am to be watching health bars and making sure everything stays green. It’s odd to think that I have to watch that and also contribute to dps, which in turn makes my healing better. It makes my head hurt.

I purposely didn’t buy an offspec so that I wouldn’t be tempted to just go shadow and leave priest healing in the dust. Then I was considering getting it so I could play around with Holy again. Now Slice sez that Holy are the poor kids on the playground whom everyone else spits on.

I’ll continue on with Disc for a while. When I can’t just keep everyone up with renews then we will see if I can still keep up. Otherwise I have no shame in using the DELETE option and going with the druid.