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Derp, derp…adventures in Brewfest

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Since my “achievement main” Zarigar has all the achievements for Brewfest done already, there isn’t a pressure to get everything done in the 2 weeks or so that this holiday is out. Instead, I’ve been doing more sharing of the wealth among my toons.

I’ve been working on a routine to get as much done for each toon. Basically they do those quests at the festival area and the ones who are high enough do the boss each day. Thanks to the holiday, I’ve been playing toons that were abandoned for months. As such, some derpiness can be expected.

Derp the First

My horde mage took a backburner because she was stuck in the hell that was Northrend. A couple of dungeons and she’s over the midpoint hump and can kind of see the finish line towards Cata. I *might* be able to get her up high enough to be able to queue for the boss, but I won’t be too disappointed if I just miss it.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on another mage on the alliance side. I don’t know if I’ve talked about him here yet. He’s a little level 40-ish dwarf and I made his as old looking as possible with an old face and a scraggly gray beard. It’s kind of creepy when he and Repgrind’s druid flirt with each other.

The awesome thing about doing the holiday quests as a low level is you get pretty good experience for it, so I decided to do some of the quests with him. I caught my wolpertinger and threw mugs at a robot and went around the world zapping pink eleks.

In between working on the quests I queued for instances. Apparently multi-tasking is not my thing, because I had gone around the world when I realized I was on a boat and on my way to a flight point. I had traveled Amazing Race style on a boat, a griffon and my own mount…

…instead of porting myself around.

What was even more shameful was once I realized how dumb I was I noticed that I didn’t even have any reagants so I couldn’t have teleported even if I wanted to.


Derp the Second

When I mentioned that toons I don’t play often got to come out for the holiday, I was mostly thinking about my DK. Still stuck at 84, she was once known for hanging on to the Noblegarden bouquet in her weapon slot months after that holiday was over.

But, at 84, she can do all the quests and queue for bosses. Hey, one day she might actually level just by doing holiday crap.

Which may be her only hope because I’ve lost any enthusiasm for melee toons. Just doing that one boss is annoying to me. Having to position myself and then I get launched into the air by a mole machine thing and then I realize I am standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the tank.


I want nothing more to do with this. Hopefully all those candy buckets at Halloween will level her up because I’m not taking her out any other time for the foreseeable future.

Derp derp

Derp the Third

I’ve mentioned before but Lorethos doesn’t do anything or go anywhere anymore. He’s basically the enchant bitch and when my mage gets a few more levels up he will be her tailoring bitch.

So he was quite excited to go outside Org, even if it was only to do some holiday quests. Except that he couldn’t pick anything up.

Quest log is full.

Eh? Really?

He doesn’t do Molten Front and I don’t think I’ve bothered to take him out to Tol Barad. Usually when my log is full it’s because my ADD has kicked in while working on those daily quests and I’ve wandered away to let them sit in my log.

Well there weren’t any dailies in there.

But there were some lovely quests from Children’s Week still pending.


Derp derp derp

This is what happens when I try to play characters who aren’t druids.

Raid review

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Fire Dancer

After I cried that dodging tornadoes was SO HARD, the next night going back I wasn’t too excited about it. I read all the comments from the last post but was like “eh, fuck it..I’ll just be dead and next week they will have their regular group back and it will probably be nerfed and I won’t have to worry about it.”

When the transition came I put on my blinders, hotted myself up, and prepared to dance. I was probably going to die but I would at least try.

And then I didn’t die.

I don’t know why. I don’t know if it was because I just worried about myself and not what other people were doing. Or if I finally “got” what people were saying about the 2 tracks. Oh gosh, I got to actually live past that phase.

Unfortunately we wiped. Well, crap, there’s no way I could do that again.

Next attempt, got through 2 tornado phases before wiping and I lived through each one again. Gah, stop wiping! I don’t know how long I can keep dancing through these.

Third pitiful. I didn’t even make it TO the tornado phase. Died from some random fire.





I had to get brezzed (gawd, the shame) and when the tornadoes came up I couldn’t dodge them this time. Maybe I was thrown off by my dying so early or my luck just ran out. Of course, that is the attempt they down her. Par for the course, boss goes down and only Jendora is dead.

I did prove that I could do it pre-nerf, so I guess that will have to be my comfort. Because next week…

The Nerf

I knew the nerf was coming. If you read any blogs there was no way to miss it. But it wasn’t really a concern for me. I wasn’t raiding and had declined the invite. It was the start of Brewfest and I was going to work on that.

But then someone got Soraked and they didn’t have a 10th. I was on the fence about it. I didn’t plan or want to be on for 4 hours but I was curious about the nerf. Looking back they probably could have done it with only 9, but oh well.

Um, yeah, nerfed it has been. Not so nerfed that anyone can just pull what they want and tanks can chain pull, but now we know that. Even for me who has only been in there a handful of times, it was obvious how much faster things died.

Lootwise it was nice. I initially ended up with some shoulders and was so excited. Yay I could finally replace my 346 blue shoulders. But someone else wanted them, too, so I ended up with a staff consolation prize. The epic pieces keep getting replaced but blue shoulders I shall haz until the next expansion. (Oh somehow I also ended up with shoes. I think I got them when my vent was being a little bitch and I was messing with it.)

And the tornadoes I was whining about before? Hahaha totally nerfed. People were wondering if the slower speed would throw off their timing, but they were so ridiculous now. I would deserve any mocking if I died to them now.

So Ragnaros. Yeah, I never watched any video for this one. The first time I didn’t think we would get to him and this time I wasn’t planning on going so didn’t do any research on it.

Um, yeah, so dodge fire and stuff, eh? Bah. You could make a blooper reel of how many fire walls I ate. One even knocked me all the way off the ledge and into the lava. Oops.

I think that I need to trust more that the other healers can handle it when I need to stop and dodge crap. Not that Van and Slice can’t or I think that they can’t or I think that I am so awesome that I must be healing all the time. It’s just a mindset of “healer=healing all the time” that I have to break. I see a tank get low on health and I think I must heal it and don’t notice the wall of flame in my face. I don’t heal anything when I’m dead.

Anyway, no Rag down but I’m sure they will get it next time. It’s funny that there was also talk of 2-versus-3-healing when this nerf came out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them 2-healing most of this raid now. It was nice to see Firelands pre-and post-nerf but that’s probably it for me.

Now to get all my toons good and plastered for Brewfest.

Fire tornadoes are going to be my undoing

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They really are.

Apparently Arv decided to go on vacation and actually go somewhere and do something. Why you would take time off and not spend it playing WoW I just don’t know.

Since I was being called in, like a good little soldier I went and watched the videos of the fight I hadn’t seen. They were confusing as hell, which is not surprising because I have to actually be in there doing it before I understand what is going on. I even went and watched the videos for ones I had already done and even those confused me.

I think the problems I have with the videos is they need to explain all the different mechanics that are going on during the fight. And I tend to compartmentalize out the parts that I don’t specifically need to deal with. The videos are just a–necessary–overload of information. Ok, so Shannox throws spears at his dogs…yeah I just need to not be standing in flame traps.

I have a lot of respect for people who can watch multiple things going on at one time and still be able to call them out. You people are beasts and I mean that in a good way.

So I am in there for only the 2nd time ever, trying to remember the ones I’ve done before as well as the videos for the ones that are new to me. The only other time I was there 4 bosses went down and I got some loot. The same 4 bosses go down and there’s still loot for me.

Greedy troll whore!

It was actually kind of embarassing. I told Lyssi that I felt ghetto that all of this stuff that was dropping were upgrades for me. This same gear that everyone else was quickly passing over or mulling as a sidegrade. I was not even asking for it..I was waiting to see if anyone else needed it and they all laughed at it and passed and I was then raising my hand “um I can take it.”

After that we go to Alys….Alyz…the bird one. omg. What psycho invented this? There are worms and feathers and molting and tornadoes and fire and flying. In the video I noticed the tornado dodging part but didn’t give it a lot of thought. I can dodge the tornadoes in Vortex Pinnacle. That’s the same, right? Right?

Every attempt ended up with me dead. It was pathetic. I could not get the timing down. Before the first pull there was a warning to not try to heal during the tornadoes because I would most likely end up dead. I didn’t and I still died.

It sucks. I’m having Haigen safety dance flashbacks. 90% of the time I died on that fight. It’s the same feeling watching everyone trample over your corpse, but it’s worse now because of the healing role.

To die so early means it has to be done with 9 people and all the healing has to be done with 2. Even of the other fights where I’m not pulling the numbers as others, I can point and say I was there and I helped. To not even be a factor is just awful.

I don’t know how many times they’ve done that fight or killed that boss or what problems they might previously have had. I just compare myself to them now and I don’t want to be the reason for holding everyone back. Maybe that’s unfair to me but I think it’s also unfair that they have to take a step back. 

They need a simulator where I can practice dodging tornadoes all day. Maybe the upcoming nerf will change it up enough so I can live through that phase. It’s sad how relieved that would make me.


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I think for the first time in my WoW career I am regularly playing 2 different healers at the same time. The poor dps toons have been shuffled off to the side for now, but will one day be revived.

The difference between playing the 2 is funny. Not just in how they heal, but also in how I play them.

Jendora is much better geared and I have been playing her longer. Healing with hots is second nature and I can kind of space out and sometimes watch TV while I’m healing. I am a lot less lenient of bad play and notice I can be much more bitchy. “What the hell do you mean I have to throw a Swiftmend on you? Move your ass out of the poison.”

I almost never have mana issues with Jendora and get pissed off when the dps is so low that a fight takes a long time and I start to run low. “I have to Innervate now, you damn noobs!” A lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m only running dungeons now for VP. I have no need of the drops or the JP. I just want to get in, get my VP and get out..and anything that slows that down is unacceptable to me.

Sarinde, on the other hand, is still a work in progress and needs all the help she can get. I’m actually doing dailies with her since I don’t have to constantly worry about getting ganked. I probably wouldn’t even run that many instances, except I see Call to Arms all the time on the Alliance side and I just can’t pass them up. No, I haven’t gotten anything good, but we’re here to gamble!

Playing Sarinde, I do feel a little more patient. I think some of it is because she’s still has a lot that needs to be upgraded and hasn’t “earned” the right to complain about other players. I’m a noob myself flailing around with my bubbles and penancing and smites.

There are times when I wish I had my druid and priesting is so stupid and who cares if it’s a huge mana suck I’m going to cast Renew and it will feel like a sweet druid hot. For all the times I see other people fail, I catch myself failing and I wonder if this will be the time someone calls me out.

But, no, because people don’t really talk in instances. Just maybe the “hey” at the beginning and a “ready?” at each boss, but often times not a whole lot more than that. People drop without saying a word. I do the same thing, sometimes. (Pulling a Slice, bitches!)

It doesn’t really bother me, but like I’ve posted before, it annoys me when people try to hide their not knowing by not saying anything. If the tank asks “ready?” at each boss, I respond back even though in my head I’m usually thinking “yes, dammit, let’s get on with it.”

I’ve actually grown to like Deadmines, but the make-or-break moment for a run usually seems to come down to the reaper boss. Sometimes, someone will just jump in without saying anything. Good, great. Other times it’s like pulling teeth.

Who’s doing the reaper?

Can anyone do the reaper?

*tap*tap*…Beuller….Beuller…is this thing on?

I’m not annoyed that no one can do the reaper. I’m annoyed that no one will say so. So we just sit there in silence. Seriously?

One run we just sat up there on the platform while the tank kept asking who is doing the reaper and no one responded. My hand started to slowly move my mouse over to Leave Group when finally a hunter said “I’ve never done it before but I can try.”

Hallelujah. That’s all that we needed. The tank knew how to do the reaper and was able to give him some pointers. The first attempt was a wipe but on the second attempt he went down and they got the achievement for him.

Now sure, we could have gotten a dickhead tank that called us all noobs for not knowing the reaper and dropped right there. But there was someone there with patience and knowledge to help out. All someone had to do was say they didn’t know. Not just sit there in silence waiting for someone else to step up.

Yeah, the reaper is a lot of responsibility. Do it wrong and your group wipes. It’s similar to the last boss in Blackrock Caverns when someone is asked to kite adds.

It’s another time when people forget how to respond.

Who can kite adds?

Can anyone kite adds?

I’ve been in groups with hunters where they’ve said nothing. And when asked directly they say they don’t know how to kite. I…just….wow.

One Call to Arms dropped Sarinde off at the final boss, where they had obviously wiped there before. The “who is kiting” question was met with silence. OFFS. I realize it’s different in that basically anybody can hop into the reaper, but with kiting some classes will be better than others.

The options were kitty, arcane mage and warlock; so maybe not the best choices available for kiting. Somehow the kitty ended up being chosen and it was pretty awful. A melee toon with 50 bajillion stacks of that debuff that blocks healing made me cry.

That and the mage that decided to dps the adds. I guess the reason people don’t respond to questions is that they don’t read chat. It took about 3 rounds of “MAGE GET ON THE BOSS” for the mage to stop attacking the adds.

/cry I was almost OOM after Shadowfiend, a pot and even Hymn of Hope. Gah. I was making my decision on who would end up not getting heals and probably die (wasn’t looking good for the mage) when they finally downed him.

Hmm..maybe Sarinde is on her way to being a little bitch after all.