Derp, derp…adventures in Brewfest

Since my “achievement main” Zarigar has all the achievements for Brewfest done already, there isn’t a pressure to get everything done in the 2 weeks or so that this holiday is out. Instead, I’ve been doing more sharing of the wealth among my toons.

I’ve been working on a routine to get as much done for each toon. Basically they do those quests at the festival area and the ones who are high enough do the boss each day. Thanks to the holiday, I’ve been playing toons that were abandoned for months. As such, some derpiness can be expected.

Derp the First

My horde mage took a backburner because she was stuck in the hell that was Northrend. A couple of dungeons and she’s over the midpoint hump and can kind of see the finish line towards Cata. I *might* be able to get her up high enough to be able to queue for the boss, but I won’t be too disappointed if I just miss it.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on another mage on the alliance side. I don’t know if I’ve talked about him here yet. He’s a little level 40-ish dwarf and I made his as old looking as possible with an old face and a scraggly gray beard. It’s kind of creepy when he and Repgrind’s druid flirt with each other.

The awesome thing about doing the holiday quests as a low level is you get pretty good experience for it, so I decided to do some of the quests with him. I caught my wolpertinger and threw mugs at a robot and went around the world zapping pink eleks.

In between working on the quests I queued for instances. Apparently multi-tasking is not my thing, because I had gone around the world when I realized I was on a boat and on my way to a flight point. I had traveled Amazing Race style on a boat, a griffon and my own mount…

…instead of porting myself around.

What was even more shameful was once I realized how dumb I was I noticed that I didn’t even have any reagants so I couldn’t have teleported even if I wanted to.


Derp the Second

When I mentioned that toons I don’t play often got to come out for the holiday, I was mostly thinking about my DK. Still stuck at 84, she was once known for hanging on to the Noblegarden bouquet in her weapon slot months after that holiday was over.

But, at 84, she can do all the quests and queue for bosses. Hey, one day she might actually level just by doing holiday crap.

Which may be her only hope because I’ve lost any enthusiasm for melee toons. Just doing that one boss is annoying to me. Having to position myself and then I get launched into the air by a mole machine thing and then I realize I am standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the tank.


I want nothing more to do with this. Hopefully all those candy buckets at Halloween will level her up because I’m not taking her out any other time for the foreseeable future.

Derp derp

Derp the Third

I’ve mentioned before but Lorethos doesn’t do anything or go anywhere anymore. He’s basically the enchant bitch and when my mage gets a few more levels up he will be her tailoring bitch.

So he was quite excited to go outside Org, even if it was only to do some holiday quests. Except that he couldn’t pick anything up.

Quest log is full.

Eh? Really?

He doesn’t do Molten Front and I don’t think I’ve bothered to take him out to Tol Barad. Usually when my log is full it’s because my ADD has kicked in while working on those daily quests and I’ve wandered away to let them sit in my log.

Well there weren’t any dailies in there.

But there were some lovely quests from Children’s Week still pending.


Derp derp derp

This is what happens when I try to play characters who aren’t druids.


3 Responses to “Derp, derp…adventures in Brewfest”

  1. But wouldn’t you still derp on the druid?

    See Rep’s post if you have any doubts

  2. LOL

    I have lots of toons like that, that haven’t done anything since the last holiday and I’ve forgotten how to play them. Pretty much every toon that’s not a paladin, in fact. I’ve kept the recount turned off for some of them. I don’t need to know how crappy my warrior is. Although, with those adds on Direbrew … maybe I should turn it on once. Rend+Thunderclap combined with Sweeping Strikes+Bladestorm probably inflates his damage done quite nicely.

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