Rambling Thoughts: Weekend Update

Moar ramming….and kodos, too

I’ve been doing the Brewfest boss shuffle on everyone eligible and it’s finally over. Mounts are just falling out of the sky for some of them. It started off with my “alt” Zarigar getting a kodo. Sarinde got a ram. Freaking abandoned Tenderloyne got both. Then Jendora got both. Glad to see my shapeshifting druid now has mount options…

Beyond the Brewfest boss, I haven’t done a whole lot. I’ve totally ignored the daily where you beat the ram through Orgrimmar and yell about beer or something. So that’s a huge loss of potential tokens. I think by the time this is over everyone will pick themselves up a new pink elek pet and that will be it. Anyone else who needed Brewfest clothes or a beer membership will have to wait until next year. Or the year after that.

As long as Zarigar is all done with Brewfest achieves I don’t really care what the rest of them do. 😛

Bringing up the rear

Notari, conceived as a joke and close to becoming a bank alt, is actually close to max level. This is me stunned. Getting over the mid-Northrend hump was huge and it’s been fairly smooth since then.

It’s funny because I don’t really care if this toon gets achievements and the Brewfest trinket is nice but not earth-shattering, but somehow making the goal of her reaching 84 and going for the boss has been a huge motivator. For all I know I’ll get bored with her again as soon as she gets to 84 and picks up the trinket, but who knows?

She might actually pass Sabryel and actually level up. Nice work, joke toon, nice work.

ICC for me!

Working on my Brewfest rotations I logged onto Sarinde and was met with “come to ICC”. I responded back that Sarinde does not have a dps spec, thinking that will be the end of that. But, no, there is my invite and repgrind will suffer as ret for me. Sweet, sweet repgrind.

I probably should have told them that Sarinde’s raiding experience was non-existant and I had no idea how she would fare healing a raid. Whatevs, it’s ICC.

It was very funny to see the Alliance side of ICC. Where haz the Saurfang RP gone? And, as Sorak innocently pointed out, their gunship cannons did look particularly penis-y.

I did have trouble on Blood Princes when my stupid toon decided to get stuck walking backwards. Gah. I panicked and did a “/reload ui” and came back to find myself in a corner, nearly dead. Some people did die. Whoops.

The fight with the green-dragon-you-have-to-heal-whose-name-escapes-me-right-now was interesting since I’ve never done the inside part. Since they were going for the portal achievement that was what I was focusing on mostly—not missing the portal. Anything else that I managed to get right during that fight was just icing on the cake.

On LK, the other healer was a druid, so by default I was on diseases. Sorak claims that I am an expert on diseases. It’s to CnG’s innocence that they think Sorak is saying I am good with the disease mechanic of the fight when he is actually calling me a disease-riddled-whore.

We try a couple of attempts on heroic, the switch to normal to just get him down. This is only the 3rd time I’ve seen the LK go down and, an entire expansion later, it’s still pretty awesome.


13 Responses to “Rambling Thoughts: Weekend Update”

  1. Grats on all of the mounts! I’ve gotten 2 this year so far. The kodo on Lyssi and the ram on the roguelette

  2. Sorak and innocent should never be placed in the same sentence.

  3. I am sad I was running over bears and missed ICC. ICC was good times. I’m sure Crits will do another though. Next week when I’m not so busy I’ll have classic raids up again. Also need to find some people to run ICC 5-mans on heroic, my mage needs transmogrification gear.

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