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I’m in your raid, bitchez, now rez me

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , , on November 30, 2011 by zarigar

Sorry for the nanny phones and people at work.

As everyone knows, the new patch dropped last night. I knew it would have the new raid and new instances and the dress-up feature that everyone wanted.

I also knew it had a new tier of gear, but I was still confused when I logged onto Zarigar and got 4000+ JP. Then repgrind nicely reminded me that JP would now buy the stuff you used to need VP for and my impending stroke stopped. By nicely, I mean she was nice enough not to call me a noob or dumbass.

So I was standing at the vendor, mulling over what to buy for Zarigar when slice asks if I wanted to raid. Well, of course I wanted to. SR has a very stable roster of raiders so it’s very difficult to get into one as a sub (where is my alt night, bitchez?!?!?!) Plus it was a rare chance to see a raid for the first time with everybody else.

But, since I don’t raid regularly I also hadn’t done one speck of research. In the spirit of fairness, I told slice this and he still said I could go. I mean, hello, not 5 minutes prior I was freaking out about JP…that should have been a clue right there.

I should also mention that I have spent the last couple of weeks leveling my dwarf shaman so I hadn’t even logged in to most of my Horde characters in a while. The most action they’d seen lately was cooking cranberry chutney.

Repgrind has a really good breakdown of the raid on her site. I was surprised how easy it was, but I’m not taking any credit for it. Hats off to people like slice and adoe who take the time to study the fights and then explain it so we can understand.

I was busy with my own issues. Apparently there was a nerf to Wild Growth but it wasn’t something I could see or notice. Other people who raid more regularly probably did, though. One big problem I had was with my addon that tracks cooldowns. The patch broke it or one of the other addons broke it or something, but it felt like I was healing blind.

It’s weird because I didn’t really take notice of it until it was gone. I don’t like that little shadow thing or whatever the default cooldown timer is. I need actual numbers. I need to know when things are back up. I need to know to time my other spells to work with cooldowns. I’m sorry, cooldown addon, that I didn’t appreciate you more when I had you!!!

If you read repgrind’s post, you’ll see she notes how there were no deaths on the 1st 3 bosses. But that on boss #4 there was one death. Well, technically, it was one person who died twice. Can you guess who that loser is?

FML. I died to the most stupid shit. AKA not healing myself. Gah. One of the times it was when we were making the lightning line. I was so focused on getting into position in line that I stopped healing entirely. Then I looked up and went “oh low health bars” and healed everyone but myself. I forget what the second death was on, but I know it was because I didn’t even notice my own health bar until it was too late.

It made me feel only slightly better that some people died after the boss did because they didn’t get broken out of the ice tombs. What a sweet gesture to let other people die so I wouldn’t be the only one dead. (Shut up, bitchez, that’s how I’m choosing to remember it.)

Anyway, it was still fun and now that I’ve seen some of the fights, it’s kind of confirmed for me that I will want to play in the LFR for something different.

Edited: I played around with some stuff and Whee I have my cooldown timers again. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!


Round and round: Groundhog’s Day

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It’s been a while since I posted, and from that you could assume that means I haven’t been doing anything. Oh, I’ve been doing stuff; it just means I’ve been doing the same stuff over and over and over…

Blame the holidays! I got into a rhythm of logging into each toon who could do the holiday boss, then taking some time with each one to collect as many candy buckets as I could.

Then, when the holiday was over, I found myself with nothing to do. My monotonous pattern was broken and I had to keep doing something. Well, I had pretty much abandoned running randoms during the holiday stuff so back into that I went.

So now I’m like a robot, doing the same thing over and over:

Notari logs on and does her JC daily. Get insulted by Cayle. Run a heroic.

Switch over to Jendora. Get insulted by Cayle. Run a heroic.

Switch over to Zarigar. Thank Mrs Cayle for pulling Cayle offline so I don’t get insulted. See what the fishing/cooking dailies are in each city and try to get one done that he hasn’t done before. Head out to Outland. Run Sethek Halls. Cry when Anzu is a little bitch. Possibly run a heroic if there is time.

If I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll switch over to Winterhoof. Log onto Sarinde. Get insulted by fatass Kisara because Cayle has just switched servers and hasn’t been pulled offline to wash dishes. Run a heroic.

Now just imagine how much more fun I would be having if I decided to incorporate Molten Front dailies into that nonsense. Party time!

Doing all that does get a little monotonous but it’s kind of also a necessary evil. I do like the process of gearing maxed characters and the grind is just part of it. Even stuff that isn’t necessarily a gear upgrade–like Anzu’s mount–are things that require a certain amount of time and patience. (Unless you are Sousa and you get it your first time out.)

But I think that’s why I make a new alt every month. I need something to break up the grind every once in a while. Grampa Mage and New Druid over on Winterhoof may not get a lot of time right now, but they are basically ready to go whenever I want to work on something new.

Really, all of Winterhoof is kind of a blank canvas right now. If I resist the urge to try to powerlevel them through dungeons, they will hopefully be able to see more actual quests than most of my other toons do. (Because 8000 times through Wailing Caverns and I would still probably get lost if I had to navigate it myself.)

In the meantime I will carry on with my continuous loop of running heroics and getting insulted by Cayle.