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You are so dumb

Posted in Alliance, Alt with tags , , on December 12, 2011 by zarigar

My little Alliance shaman is going into Cata dungeons now, so all the real winners are coming out. Not 10 minutes ago I was in a Throne of the Tides. The healer wanted to skip the optional boss but the mage wanted to do it for the XP so off we went. (Apparently mages control all now.)

We kill the mindbender boss and the tanking trinket drops. The tank rolls Need on it and wins it. Nice work, all is right in the world.

Until the mage asks if he can have it.


He links his low level intellect trinks and says that the one that just dropped will be an upgrade for him.


The tank has probably put him on ignore but the rogue points out that it’s a tanking trinket.

Mage: “I know but it’s better than what I have.”


The rogue continues to point out that melee and dodge and such are useless to him and he should be looking for things with int. I’m not saying anything because I’m guessing the mage knows this but just wants it for the ilevel.

Mage: “I need better stuff to get into more dungeons.”

Um…yeah. So I don’t know if he’s oblivious to the fact that the tank — who rightfully won it– NEEDED it for his actual spec or if he is just being a dick. Either way the rogue is still playing along and tells him if he wants to boost his ilevel then he should just go to the AH and pick up some PvP pieces.

Mage: “No. PvP is no good for PvE.”

Everyone else: “…”

Rogue: “You don’t have to equip it, you can just keep it in your bags.”

Mage: “No, I’d rather have the trinket.”


Little gnome mage has some big balls.


#$!% this

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , , on December 5, 2011 by zarigar

How many updates have we had since 4.3 and they still won’t fix the mature language nonsense? I can’t have it be resetting every time I log out. Fuck that, I need my damn swear words, bitches!

Without swear words, how will I know what’s going on in trade? (Ok, that one might be good.) But we also have many potty mouths in our guild and I can’t look at a guild chat full of random characters.

Fix this shit!


In less psycho news, I pretty much spent most of my time online grinding through the new instances. I was trying to work on Zarigar first but then Notari went on several guild runs and picked up a lot of upgrades. Ok, yes, a lot of the quest rewards had spirit on them, but the other stats blew away what she had before. So some of her gear is totally inappropriate for her but hopefully that can be replaced soon.

Thanks to doing a few Firelands raids, Jendora was actually ready for LFR from the start but I wanted to see how it was with a dps toon first. Plus, she had already did Dragon Soul as part of the guild raid so I basically left her alone this weekend. Zarigar was ready next, thanks to an offhand that he won on a greed roll that pushed his item level up to 372.

For some reason I didn’t realize that LFR was set up as a 25 man. 25 strange kittens to wrangle. Awesome. Even with the bosses nerfed, having to coordinate all those people seemed like it had potential to be so bad.

But, like the guild run I had done earlier, it went so smoothly because someone stepped up to lead. They gave a quick rundown to anyone new, gave out assignments, and directed the flow of kittens. It went by pretty quickly and Zari ended up with some tier gloves.

Well, that was easy. A couple of points later, Notari was eligible so let’s throw her in, too.

Ha! The experience couldn’t have been more different.They had downed the first boss and were on the slime boss. The 15 or so ghosts in the raid told me they were recovering from a wipe.

There was some heated discussion of which slimes were priority for killing. By heated, I mean there were some words being flung out that made me consider logging out and back in to get my mature filter turned back on. It sounded like there were at least 3 different people with different ideas of which slimes should be killed first.

When the slimes came out, 2 different people called out 2 different slimes. So half the raid ran to the black slime and half ran to the blue slime. Um. Fail. Neither slime died and it was a mess.

Invisibility + drop group for the win. It was already close to midnight and I was tired and didn’t want to deal with that. I had been spoiled by groups that work together!  

Oh well, I’ll try again tonight and see if I get something better.