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I break the chain

Posted in Random on February 22, 2012 by zarigar

Six silly screenshots stored and saved down by the seashore? Eh, I was going for a tongue twister, didn’t quite work.

So I would totally play this game, except that I don’t really take screenshots. Pretty much all that I do SS ends up here anyway, so it would just be something that was seen before.

But then I found this. Um, yeah. I don’t really remember the backstory as to why this shot happened. Maybe it was inspiration for slash fic that never got written.

Anyway, enjoy.

"please do not use me as fap fodder"

If you are that one blog left who hasn’t done this and still wants to, then carry on.



I will not give you head

Posted in Rant with tags , , , , on February 9, 2012 by zarigar

I’m starting to get sick. Not mentally sick, we’ve passed that exit long ago. Actual physical sick with a scratchy throat and nose blowing. So that is my excuse for being mean.

After a Firelands run last night, I decided to throw Jendora in to the 2nd half of LFR. I had done the first part earlier, so wanted to get that done for her.

It started off well. The trash before Ultraxion was already done and I managed to snag one of the crystals. The lootship was a bit trickier. It’s LFR, so I wasn’t really in danger of dying, but OMG apparently I cannot avoid the charges. I mean, there is a bright red line that I am in the path of, but apparently that doesn’t trigger anything in my brain that says “MOVE!” until I have been run down.

The upside is there isn’t really any competition for tier and I win the head token. Yay. It’s only my 3rd tier piece, so no bonus, but it will be a little upgrade over my 378 helm.

And then a cute little DK whispers and asks if he could have it.

LOL…um, no.

He says that he will trade me something for it.

Um, again, no. The only other tier that dropped was pants and I already have those.

Then he goes to full on begging and links the green helm he is apparently wearing. He REALLY NEEDS a new helm, won’t I please help him out?

No. I need it and I won it. Actually what I need by then is to crawl into bed so I drop raid like a ninja and take my loot and log out.

And so this morning I am curious if he really went into LFR with a green helm so I decide to look him up on armory. I had to log into the game to get his name off Recount and for a moment I couldn’t find it. Then I see it way at the bottom.

DPS 6581

Oh, dear. I also notice he is from my server. So that’s a great representative of Drak.

But, yes, according to armory he is currently wearing a green helm. And his equipped ilevel is about 6 points lower than his average. I can’t really judge there because I’ve done the same thing.

What I also notice is that the rest of his gear does not contain either a gem or an enchant. The only “enchant” he has is the DK rune on his weapon. This is where I have to shake my head and wonder what is wrong with people.

And because I warned you that I was in a mean mood today, here is the armory page so you can see for yourself.

So, no, you cannot have my helm. I will at least gem and enchant it.

Trolls just want to have fun

Posted in Zarigar with tags , , , , on February 8, 2012 by zarigar

Finally, it’s all about Zarigar. The evening started with him collecting Elder coins and ended with a first-time kill of the endgame boss. (Non-LFR!)

So let’s start with the part you’re most dying to hear about. I was in Twilight Highlands, flying to the elder in the middle of the dwarf ruins… Oh, you don’t care about that…

Fine, into the raid. It was already going to be a good night because the raid make-up was 4 belfs, 3 goblins, and 3 trolls. 3!!! Trolls!!! This is a long way from the times when I was the sole troll representative. Back when a 10-man had no fewer than 7 belfs in it.

It was a bit disappointing that they all didn’t have the giant mohawks and Adoe didn’t even know at first what kind of hairstyle he had under his helm. It obviously wan’t a full mohawk, no way would that gloriousness be covered by a tacky helm. The higher the hair, the closer to God!

Most of the run was pretty smooth. Arv brought in his little goblin warrior to tank (The Tank!) and we learned what happens when you pull with rockets. (It doesn’t go so well.)

On Hagara, everyone looked to the trolls to see who would be the one to die during frost phase. Stunnah edged out Zarigar on the prediction of whose corpse everyone would be trampling on. But, haha, bitches…no one died. Take your haterade elsewhere.

Spine was noteworthy for Vanicus getting a worm in her hole. It’s exactly as dirty as it sounds.

I don’t like the Deathwing fight. I hate it on LFR, too. I hate moving and I hate switching targets and I hate trying to figure out if I’m standing in a bad spot that’s going to get someone killed and I hate leaping across platforms ever since I heard about people glitching and falling to their death.

So after a couple of attempts when some people brought up calling it there and trying again the next day, I didn’t care. I think I even cursed when Sorak said give it one more try. In Shadow Rising “one more try” actually means “ok, now it clicks and he dies”. And then, oh hai, I haz a new achievement.

Yes, it was a little bit anti-climactic because I’ve seen Deathwing die several times in LFR. But it was still exciting to get a “real” kill in, even if it was on “my alt”. Jendora has done everything else in Cata, so having it be Zarigar get this first was a nice bit of the circle coming back around.

Oh yes, and I also got Elders of Cataclysm, so it was a successful evening all around.

That magic moment

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , on February 3, 2012 by zarigar

You know you love it in LFR. That special little moment between when the boss goes down and the loot flashes. The waiting and anticipation.

C’mon, big money, big money, no whammy, stop!

waah waah!

Isn’t it annoying when nothing comes up for you? Don’t lie to yourself, if you’re using LFR it means you want some upgrades. “But, Zari, you get VP.” Bitch, please, you can get VP faster running dungeons, especially if you get in an awful LFR.

(What is one of the scariest things to hear in LFR? When the tank says: “How does this fight go?”)

Even worse than seeing nothing for you are the tease loots. At least when there is nothing to roll on you can just shrug and go on to the next boss. What qualifies as a tease loot? Basically something you can’t really use or something you already have but those pretty Need dice show up on them.

Ooh, tier gloves. Since it’s the token you have to open up your character sheet and see what you currently have and– oh, nevermind, I have these already. Pass.

Ooh, a new trinket….hmm, that procs off heals. My ele sham does not want. Pass.

But then comes the cruelest part of all. When something drops that you want and is an upgrade and would turn your life into rainbows and bunnies. MY PRECIOUS I MUST HAVES!!! Unfortunately you have to roll against other people who also wants their preciouseses.

When you do win, it’s so satisfying to hear that little clunk or tink sound as it drops into your bag. The clouds part and you hear a choir of angels. But when you don’t win…oh the sadness. Oh well, you can try again next week and at least you got some VP for your trouble.

But then some stranger–someone from another server whom you will probably never again meet–opens up a trade window and passes you the tier shoulders you just lost. Why? What is this? Is this a mistake? Is it some random good deed? Did he just like my hot pink mohawk?

*tear* I love you, random hunter.