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I’ll bet I won’t be able to skin pandas, either

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I’m just saying. I can’t skin worgen and I can’t skin cat people. Is it so wrong to want to make gear made from the skins of my fallen enemies? Even mangy, ratty worgen hides?

Why can’t I have a pretty gear set made from pretty red panda?

Or is that just crossing a line and too gruesome for Blizzard? Let me eat my soup made from murloc eyes and think it over.


Taking my baby warrior into instances is just reminding me how much I hate melee. It’s all kinds of fun when I’m out by myself bashing things in the face. But then I have to switch over to some kind of positioning and not getting in the mob’s way. Gah!

She went into Shadowfang Keep to work on that quest that each class gets to go in there. It was a pally tank and…healer. Gah again! I can’t remember what kind of healer. Oh well, there was also a mage and a warlock.

The mage and warlock were from the same guild and they came into the group apparently carrying on whatever conversation they had been having before the formation. They did bother to acknowledge the group with their “gogogo” and “pull faster/more”.

The healer dropped before the first boss (possibly got tired of their chattering in the 4 minutes we had been there) and they wanted to pull before the next one got there. (Hmm..let’s pretend it was a priest healer, even though what kind of healer it was isn’t actually relevant here.)

For the most part I was tuning them out. I was more worried on %$&^# melee positioning and what I was doing. I didn’t care about what toon they were going to roll next and how many Alliance 85s they had.

Then the annoying but harmless “gogogo” turned into outright mocking of the group and laughing when people died. They started Needing everything that came up with a pair of dice and then started pulling for the tank.

Oh children, can’t we all just play nice? I was kind of amused that the tank continued on his normal pace, picking up the extra mobs that they pulled when he could, though there were times the mage and lock had to kite their mobs around the room.

It would have been difficult to decide which of the two was more obnoxious, until the mage said “this is boring, I’m going to go tank on pally. bye” And then he logged out. Not dropped group. Just logged out, leaving us with having to “kick” his slot to replace him.

The lock was still there. Whether it was because he wanted to continue or because he wanted to see what kind of kick message his friend got, I don’t know. And he didn’t get to see either, because I was in a dick mood by then.

First kick initiated on the lock. See you in Org. Then we got rid of the mage’s spot. Bye.

It was petty but satisfying.



I’m sexy and I know it

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AKA Even Moar Alliance!

So my mission to get Sarinde the fail disc priest through a heroic continued to fail last night. Instead of getting trollroics, she graduated to getting End Time even when she wasn’t queueing for those instances. I guess those are the ones everyone wants to do and my ilevel is getting me sucked into them, too.

The first time I said eff this. Especially when I got the crappy boss. My lore-challenged brain is not working so well this morning; it’s the one with the annoying escort type quest in the beginning where you hop between puddles of moonlight. I took one look, said “fcuk this” and left.

Since I now had 30 minutes to do with as I pleased, I switched over to Khiaren and continued herb farming for the alchemy that I was way behind on.

A half hour later I tried again.

End Time.


Fine. I’ll fcuking do it.

First boss: Baine. First wipe: 20 seconds in when I saw that people can’t dodge trash for shit. *cry* I don’t want to farm herbs anymore!

Second boss: that damned moonlight one whose name I still can’t remember. Is it Tyrande? That would be embarassing if that’s it. That should be easy to remember.

I can dps this boss for days and not get tagged by anything, but healing on this one is awful for me. I spend the whole fight flailing around like a noob. And then I died. So the DK rezzed me. That put me in melee and I was like “WHAT THE FCUK IS THIS??!!?! AAAAAA?!?!!?! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!” And then I died again.

Thankfully she died, too. And she dropped a chest piece that was an upgrade so I took it.

Last fight that I hate with the intesity of 1000 suns. Like Rep said in the comments yesterday, the trash is awful and hits so hard. CC wut? And then we have to sit there and play the “who has hourglass?” game. Well, we have 1 mage so should probably be him.

(Note to ranged: if I am healing and end up doing the hourglass because you “don’t know how to do it” you will purposely be withheld from heals. It’s not pretty and it’s not nice but it’s how I roll. You click the fcuking gear on it every once in a while. The End.)

Thankfully the mage chose to do it (thank you, you now get heals) and we started the fight. About halfway through I d/c’ed. Hooray! I’m not sure what damage that did since when I finally got back in everyone was still alive. Oddly, though it was now showing 5 available hourglasses for me even though we had used 2 before I d/c’ed.

Once the fight went down, I noticed I had a satchel in my bag even though CtA wasn’t up when I queued. (Maybe it had been up for the new instances.) Blizzard trying to win back my love?

I also saw that I now had enough JP to buy one thing and enough VP to buy another. I bought a ring and a cloak and, with the new chest I had just won, saw that I just now was eligible for LFR. Hmm, so I’m not comfortable healing the new instances on this toon, so let’s go raid? I think that makes perfect sense.

On the first part I won a necklace and all was going great until the slime boss when I d/c’ed. And then when I tried to log back in it kicked me out of the server 3 times in a row. By the time it finally let me in I was standing in Stormwind. I was still in the raid so I just teleported back in. I was just in time to watch everyone roll on the gear.

So I couldn’t roll on the loot and I watched tier pants elude my grasp. What was messed-up was that it considered me in on that kill, meaning I couldn’t go back for that one boss. But when we finished Hagara it didn’t give me the achievement and is slowing slime boss as the one I’m missing. Fcukers. (And, no, I won’t be petitioning a GM for it or anything. I’ll just pick it up next week when I go back.)

Second half of the raid I managed to stay on the entire time. Yay! All the nonsense of the first half was erased when I picked up a trinket then snagged Maw of the Dragonlord on my very first attempt. I was going to say that Sarinde is the first toon to get it like it was a big deal, but then I realized that the only other healer I take to LFR is Jendora.

So with my raid upgrades I may consider doing instances now. With everything equipped my vanity took over and I noticed how terrible my VP cloak looked with the rest of her gear. Most of her stuff was white and brown, she was even wearing the brown tabard for Earthen Ring. But on her back, what I saw every time I looked at her, was a purple cape with orange detailing.

I don’t notice it on my other toons. Shadowform covers mismatched gear nicely and my shamans and paladins usually have a shield that covers it up. But it bugged me enough that I had to mog it out.

Freaking vanity took over. I basically just went to the AH and grabbed the first white cloak I could find. It isn’t perfect, but it was good enough to stop the hives from breaking out.

front view


back view *waggle*

 Now that I’m looking at her again the belt is starting to annoy me. Oh God, I’m going to be one of those transmog people!

Moar alliance

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It’s sad to say but the druid has been thrown to the side for now. I’m not a fan of how they heal at such a low level and who knows if I’ll want to dps with her. So I’ll save the gold and temporarily abandon her. It’s not worth it to keep switching specs every time I play her when she gets logged into once every six months.

At least there was a pretty good turn-out for LFR last night. It looked like we had 3 full groups and supplied both tanks for the second half. There are a couple of things here and there that Khiaren could use, but mostly it was a VP run for her.

Another upgrade or two for my priest and I could start to throw her into LFR, too. I’ve had some disastrous Hour of Twilight runs so I’ve been shying away from them and trying to stick to the normal heroics. Which would be a great plan except I keep getting those $%#@ trollroics.

I %$^&# hate them. No one–including me–knows where to go in them. I purposely stayed out of them when they were the ones to run for maximum VP capping. I would only reluctantly go if it was a full guild group. Now I can’t even get into queue without that damn green loading screen popping up.

I’ve tried to just get over it and do them, but it takes so long when you have to stop and explain every boss. Or you stand around because no one knows where to go. I hope Blizzard is keeping track of how many deserter buffs I am racking up thanks to those $%^^&# instances.

I just flip them off and switch toons. My mage is super close to Outlands so at least I have that to work on while I wait for the shame of Deserter to disappear.

Weekend of alliance

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This is what happens when everyone is gone to play Star Wars. There are only tumbleweeds and the occasional Arvash on Drak, so off to Winterhoof I go to play with actual people. At least it was productive.

Khiaren (shammy)

Nothing major happened here, just picked up her first normal Deathwing kill is all. The Friday night raid stopped when we got to him, with the intent of throwing ourselves against him all Saturday.

It started off with looking to fill in some missing people and pulling in a mage from trade. Repgrind was all grouchy because she had just recieved a text that she had to work the next day. I hate the DW fight because it’s repetitive and annoying and has 50-bajillion target swaps.

And then he goes down on the first pull. Um, ok. The pug mage turned out to be awesome. I, on the other hand, didn’t even flask beforehand and noticed it sitting in my bag after the fight. >.<

Sarinde (priest)

I actually pulled this one out once my shammy started earning enough excess JP & VP to buy her things. I still refuse to relearn holy with their chakras so disc I stay.

Queued into a regular just to get reacquainted with everything but it was kind of a waste. She overgeared normal Cata dungeons so much that there wasn’t a whole lot to do besides smite. Even if I had gone in as holy I might have been so bored I would have smited (smote? smoted?) all the things.

The next step then is regualar heroics. FML. Something is broken here because I kept getting those damned “trollroics”. And each one had brand new tanks.

One attempt I zoned into one already in instance. It was the one with boss who makes the little posion maze on the ground.

(Yes, I know there are only 2 troll dungeons but I hate them so much I never bothered to learn their names. And, also yes, I know I am supposed to love all things troll. But I don’t. These places suck. These are the only times I approve Cayle’s super speed death run through instances just so we get out of there quicker.)

So I zoned into poison maze boss and the first thing they ask me is if I know the fight.

Me: yes

I assume they are asking because their other healer had trouble and they want to make sure I know before they run it.

Them: can you explain it for us?


Lupeh (druid)

Who? Yeah, that’s right, who?

*I* don’t even know what’s going on with this toon. Apparently this was going to be the toon I learned Balance on and not another resto druid. (Despite what the guild note said…)

But then I logged in I saw that she was resto. Heh? I looked over to Recount and it still had numbers in there from the last run I did which was Balance.

Um, ok, so apparently I switched specs.

Well let’s see what happens when I queue as heals. Holy shitballs.

Resto healing at level 17 is nothing like at 85. The tools are all different and those that are the same do not do the same things. 1 measly hot that disappears when I Swiftmend and doesn’t even make pretty green on the floor? Just brute forcing Nourish? I do not like.

Back to city bank with you, awful toon!

Torvell (mage)

Ah, my dirty old grandpa dwarf. His weekend was spent leveling up his enchanting. His other profession is skinning. Enchanting and skinning? Zari, have you lost your freaking mind?

Possibly, but the reason he had skinning was so that he could supplement my druid’s LW profession. But I got way past what he could skin. My mage was level 50 and has 22 skill points in skinning. this is what happens when you do mostly dungeons. And since I’m about 99% sure I will never go back to work on that I should probably drop it and look for a new profession.

But the enchanting is coming along and he is at around the appropriate skill for his level. It was good, too, because his bank was almost full of nothing but crap he was holding for DE. It’s great fun to DE all that stuff and get all that bank space back. Moar stuff!

Grandpa mage also reached the same level as Rep’s shaman so we did some instances together. We got Sunken Temple, which was nice since I was expecting a BRD that would take 2 hours.

The healer was some pug paladin. What happens when you get 2 people who normally play healing toons in a group with a pug healer?

Why, we become big bitches, of course.

Between Rep and myself we’ve played 36 different paladins (2 of them mine). Repgrind can chime in and correct me, but my strategy has been to beacon the tank. Rarely a dps if the tank is insanely overgeared and not taking damage. I have yet to put Beacon on myself.

The healer beyond that wasn’t bad. I don’t think anybody died and having the Beacon on herself didn’t cause us to wipe or anything. It just confused us. Was this some weird new strategy? Had this person gotten to level 50 beaconing herself? Has no one told her? Are we going to tell her?

In the end we didn’t tell her. Then we spent several minutes after the run debating if we were terrible people for not telling her. And then trying to reason why we weren’t. Maybe someone else in every other run has told her and she doesn’t care; she does it her way. She’s gangsta like that.

I just hope I don’t come across a blog where a pally writes how she decided to try healing for the first time at level 53 and got Sunken Temple…

A warrior’s mentality

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So anyone in a guild with me or who has kind of followed this blog can tell you that there are some classes I gravitate towards and some I cannot get past level 10. I have druids and shaman and priests with the occasional mage or pally or DK thrown in, but where is the representation from the other classes? Where are the warlocks and the rogues and the hunters and the warriors?

I could probably write a post about each class explaining why I don’t have any high level versions of each, but the short version is that there is something in each class that doesn’t click with me. So, like repgrind and her 23 paladins, I tend to stick with classes I know and don’t really venture out to the unfamiliar ones.

One thing that was on my WoW bucket list to one day create was a warrior tank. I have zero warriors and zero tanks so why not? I couldn’t tell you how many I created, only to delete it days or even hours later, but by God I was determined to have one.

With no one on Drak and my alliance shaman maxed out on VP, I had some free time with nothing really to fill it. I made warrior #35 who was going to be prot and going to learn to tank.

(Confession: it’s a female belf. Yes, I know I mock their stick arms all the time. No, I don’t know what I was thinking. Yes, I’m pretty much asking for her to be deleted ASAP.)

One of the early quest rewards is a shield. Remembering Arioch’s woe of how her prot warrior had no shield, I made sure to grab it. A shield! I need it for tanking!

So there she was, pre-level 10, no defined spec, running around bashing things with her sword and shield. And I thought “God, this is boring.” Soon she will be level 10 and she will pick prot and become a tank and we’ll see what happens next.

Finally DING! Level 10! You get a talent point, and with it, set yourself on the path with whatever you choose.

That’s when I finally admitted that I didn’t want to be a tank.

I’ve leveled a lot of my hybrids as the healer version of themselves. Even with dual spec I often never filled out the dps side or learned it very well. So I’ve leveled holy pallies without ever learning ret or resto druids without knowing how to boomkin. It worked fine when I was running instances, but all those time I would just quest I was lost or severely underpowered.

Assuming I didn’t get bored or frustrated and delete her, I was looking at 75 more levels of that, just from the tanking side. And maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad, but I decided to try something different and pick one of the dps specs insteads.

Here I could lie and say I did copious amount of research to decide whether Arms or Fury would be the better choice for me. But I basically just did Eeny-Meany-Miney-Mo and ended up on Fury. Dual wielding it is.

(Insert gasps from readers: “He’s going to level as Fury? What a noob.”)

So what happened after I gave up on Prot and settled on Fury? Oddly enough, I started to have fun. I know, weird, playing a game and having fun with it? How novel.

I love hacking things with my swords and Charging to the next target before Victory Rush wears off. I’ve been so intent on hacking and killing all the things, that I sometimes miss that I am done with my quests and have no need to continue hacking and killing. I can’t stop!

I don’t know how long this will continue to be fun or if she will one day make it to 85. I’m not even going to worry if I’m playing it right. I’m going to hopefully enjoy the warrior as she is and not look at her as a potential raiding investment.

For now, though she’s probably just happy she isn’t destined for the delete bin.