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Gimme a guild

Posted in Alt with tags , on May 30, 2012 by zarigar

No, I’m not guild hopping or anything like that.

My little warrior project is still rolling along. She just hit level 30 a few days ago. It’s currently not a serious project for me. I put her below Zarigar doing archaeology, to put it into perspective.

If she was a caster she would probably be 85 by now. Err…maybe not. (see Lupeh-Winterhoof) Either way, it’s a minor miracle that she hasn’t been sent to the trash bin.

As she is neither on Drak or Winterhoof, she currently sits guildless. And I am fine with that. The guild perks are nice, but I don’t need them. It’s nice to have a quiet toon on a random server who isn’t racing to get to 85 and raid.

If I want to go talk to people I can log onto Shadow Ris—

I mean, Crits and Gig—

I can sit in trade chat.

Anyway, while I don’t need a guild right now, other people don’t agree. Wandering through WoW guildless is considered an affront to some. Or an opportunity.

If you let it, you can be besieged by countless pop-up invitations. You can turn that off, but some people attach whispers to those, which still get through.

If I wanted I could have my choice of FRIENDLY guilds who are HELPFUL and will GEAR YOU with stuff from their MANY BANK TABS because they will be RAIDING SOON. So many potential raiding guild to choose from. And no pesky things like application or interviews or getting to know each other to slow us down!

I can understand the freshly formed guilds sending out the wide net. I can also get why a midlevel guild might want more people. It only benefits them to have as many people in their guild working their way towards level 25.

What I don’t understand is why so many level 25 guilds also use this blind recruiting. What’s in it for them? What does a level 30 character have to offer them now that they are maxed out? Often they come with messages saying “be part of a level 25 guild with lots of perks” and I get all suspicious.

Why? Maybe it’s awful to be so suspicious. Maybe they are just generous people who want to share the wealth.

But why? Nice people confuse me.

Transmog kills me

Posted in Random with tags , , , on May 29, 2012 by zarigar

Transmog was supposed to be for other people. People who like to play dress-up or make their toons pretty. I still giggle when Lyss accuses Slice of only going on raids to pick up “more Barbie clothes.”

The idea of transmog didn’t bother me but it didn’t really interest me, either. And then my priest went shopping for a white cape to match the rest of her clothes. And from there the hell began.

I will say that I haven’t gotten to the point where I scour websites looking for matching clothes and directions on how to get them. But I know they are out there, so I suppose it’s only a matter of time.

I started to notice an issue when I sent Zarigar out to Outland to work on some old school rep. This involved lots of running old BC instances so I picked up a lot of loot. Before I would just vendor it all and not think anything of it. But then I started noticing how interesting some of the drops were.

Remembering back to BC days, a lot of that gear was ridiculous. A lot. But now, looking back, a lot of the stuff has a really unique look to it. The problem was how awful a lot of the pieces looked while wearing them together. They all fought each other for attention and looked like the poor toon had been dressed by a 3 year old.

But individually, things like weapons and shields really stand out on their own. So I saved those. Pretty much all the armor pieces I vendored.

It’s too late, though, I think the obsession is spreading. Even quest rewards I look at with a different eye. Before if there wasn’t anything that was an upgrade then I picked the thing that would sell for the most and that was that. Now I have to see what some of the stuff looks like before I make my choice.

“Hmm…how would this agility cloak look on my caster?”

I knew I was doomed when I was hanging out near a mailbox in SW and another priest came around with a nifty looking staff. I had to inspect, look it up to see where it came from and see if it was something I could get, too.  So then I was making plans to go to the Argent Tournament to get more badges to buy the staff so I could have one, too.


Slice may be having more competition when it comes to Barbie clothes.

Slow toon

Posted in Alt with tags , , , , , on May 24, 2012 by zarigar

My druid is stuck.

Usually when I want to work on a toon, I can level them fairly quickly. When I decide on an alt, it becomes a fairly involved project. I think about how I want to level them and what they will do when they are max level and what kind of role I’m interested in for them.

Sure, my account is littered with 85s I had good intentions for but are not played regularly. Tenderloyne. Sabryel. Torvell. But even those toons had times during leveling when I was obsessed with them and had lots of greats plans for them.

But not my alliance druid.

Her name is Lupeh and she is a worgen. (Get it? Har har.) She was created because I wanted to see the worgen starting zone and because I wanted an alliance equivalent for Jendora. My troll druid is awesome and I wanted to recreate that experience on an alliance toon.

Design-wise, I absolutely love her. In addition to wanting to see the worgen beginning, I knew I wouldn’t like it if I made her a night elf. (Sorry Ana!) Too many runs through Well of Eternity have shown me how annoying night elf animation is. Constantly bouncing on their feet and that annoying way they rotate their wrists when they are casting. Ugh.

To be fair, I also found male worgen to be equally annoying. The way they wave their arms about like they are signalling a rescue plane for help. No, thanks. Female worgen animation isn’t perfect, either, but it was the least ridiculous-looking so that’s what I chose.

The problem came when I was done with the starter zone and ready to segue into “normal” WoW. I had started as balance because I thought a caster would be easiest and I would still be able to kill stuff outside of dungeons. Then I felt like I wasn’t doing very good with balance so I thought I would go back to resto.

The problem with resto as a druid is that how you heal when you first start out is different than how you heal at endgame. For me, anyway. Jendora with her purples and big, old mana pool can just throw out hots and AOE heals and green circles of love and not particularly worry about anything.

Lupeh has one hot and a couple of brute force heals. I sent her into an instance as heals and it was like I had never played before. My fingers went to Lifebloom by reflex and found that it didn’t exist. Neither did Wild Growth. When I used Swiftmend it didn’t make a pretty green circle and actually ate my Rejuv hot. I was stuck with crude versions of the spells I regularly used with Jendora and they didn’t make any sense to me anymore.

So maybe back to balance? This is where I’m stuck. It feels like my choices are learn balance or re-learn resto. (Don’t suggest feral; that is not an option.) I honestly can’t decided which one I want to do so I do nothing.

To buy myself some time, I even told myself I wouldn’t worry about it until I had picked up a few heirloom pieces. Sarinde and Khiaren have been slowly doing dungeons and spending their JP on leather caster gear and now Lupeh is pretty set. Still missing trinkets, but everything else is in place.

When I said before that I do nothing, that isn’t 100% true. I don’t leave the city, but most days I log on and make her do the cooking daily. That’s it. Since I’ve been stuck with indecision she’s gone up about 4 levels simply by doing that one daily. I could add the fishing daily to her to-do list but I’m still doing Arch on Zarigar and I don’t have time for more than 1 boring profession.

My awesome druid who was going to do awesome things now spends her days making spice bread.

The “I’m not dead” post

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Yes, you’ve seen this on every other blog nowadays. No, there is no specific reason.

Just not a lot to report these days. Both SR and Crits raids seem to have folded until MoP. Disappointing but understandable. If the desire is not there to raid then people can’t and shouldn’t be forced into it.

Which leaves me with lots of time for archaeology. I guess I could post daily updates of everything I’ve dug up, just to piss off Sorak and see if he follows through with that threatened ban. I’ve already been demoted several times; what’s one more punishment?

I will probably check out D3 when I have the time to download it. Since I work from home and downloading slows everything down, I have to wait until I’m off work to do it. But when I’m off work I’m usually playing. So I have to find time when I’m off work and not playing. Hmm..maybe when I’m asleep?

Everyone is tired of that game and has moved onto the new thing so it will be easy to log on, right?

The seal is broken

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So, yeah, that’s going to happen now. I enjoyed mocking everyone who did archaeology and staring in confusion at those who did it on multiple toons. But, like fishing, I finally gave in.

I am so ashamed.


This next part has nothing to do with arch but Arv demands posts.

I was doing some Darmoon Faire stuff on Zarigar (omg, I actually play Horde sometimes!) and there were actual people on (omg again!) and they decided to run some heroics (omg say what?!)

Since it was Slice and Arv and Van, of course they needed my help. I could carry them through a few instances. Then Arv pulled a special guest star and Van and Slice got all giggly like schoolgirls.

We kept getting End Time and Well of Eternity and bitched each time, even though we are overgeared for them and steamrolled right through them. Then we started playing round robin and swapping toons in. (Slice has a DK? Who knew…)

Lorethos got to leave the confines of Org bank and go actually do something. It’s sad that at one time he was played so often that he bumped Zari off “main” status and now just hangs out by the mailbox and disenchants things for a living.

(Maybe if he got a healing spec back. Hmmm..)

(I wonder how many random things I can put in parenthesis.)

Dear me

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When you are on Winterhoof you are Alliance. Stop trying to land at Horde towns and then wonder why everyone is shooting at you.